KEF Q950 Review (2021)

KEF Q950 Black and White

Are you looking for the best speakers that require little space and provide incredible sound? The perfect product for you is the kef q950 floorstanding speaker. This KEF Q950 review will answer all your questions and tell you why this is the best product for you.

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speakers

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker White

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It brings you a wide range of premium features, including incredible sound and a perfect finish. You will enjoy your music like never before as it livens up your house.  The KEF Q950 floorstanding speaker is a fantastic and marvelous speaker that you can place anywhere in your room or on the floor near your audio playing system. You do not have to think about the availability of space.

This is a refreshing break from bookshelf speakers because the floorstanding speaker is designed to be placed on the floor. It is by far the best product in this series! It is the 3rd product in the q series of floorstanding speakers and appears to have some major changes in this iteration with better aesthetics and music setup.    

Being the most recent and best addition to the famous q series, the kef q950 floorstanding speakerbrings several of kef’s qualities at a very affordable price.

KEF – The Company

The company provides an amazing line-up of speakers for all music or home theatre fans. The q series lineup includes three fantastic floorstanding speakers, the kef q950, q750, and q550. In addition to these excellent loudspeakers, kef offers the q150 and q350, both being the best bookshelf speakers, the center speaker Q650c, and the Dolby Atmos module, the q50a.

The q950 floorstanding speakerstands prominent with some fantastic technologies including kef’s high-quality audio components, the uni q driver array, and a meticulously designed cabinet, all reflective of the premium standards of the manufacturer.

Audio company kef requires no introduction particularly if you are a music lover who is familiar with HiFi equipment. The company is famous globally for creating several exceptionally amazing speakers. Their previous speaker in the same series was the kef q750 floorstanding speaker, another fantastic product that was very successful and very popular.

In today’s Kef q950 review, we will look closely at the biggest, most recent floorstanding model by kef in the q series.


  • Amazing three-dimensional sound
  • Elegant, well-built cabinet
  • Two 8” auxiliary bass radiators
  • Kef’s uni q driver array


  • It may be unsuitable for a small room
  • Just two color options
  • You have to buy the grilles separately
  • A bit on the heavier side

Things to Consider Before Buying the Kef Q950 Floorstanding Speaker

If you are a music or movie lover, adding HiFi speakers to your studio or living room will enhance your experience in an unbelievable way. Among the various kinds of HiFi speakers, floorstanding speakersare the best kinds for you if you want to enjoy your high-quality music on the best equipment.

This is because these loudspeakers are designed to generate sound with more impact than all other kinds of speakers. Their dedicated driver array can produce high, mid-range, and low frequencies. As a result, you will get the same qualities that a HiFi speaker has but without having to spend a fortune.

As someone who is an audio enthusiast and music lover, looking for a powerful device, you need to ask yourself what you really expect from your speakers. You can choose between floorstanding speakers or other kinds of loudspeakers, but which one really meets your requirements? Make a list of the features that are high on your priority list. Take a few minutes to narrow down your category by answering these five questions:

How much can you spend?

If you are looking for speakers that are a good bargain, bookshelf speakers would be the right choice. This is because it is very difficult to buy high-performance speakers at a lower price. Your problem can be solved by finding something that fits within your budget. 

Do you have enough space?

The second question is the space you have for your new speakers. Floorstanding speakers will definitely need more space than other kinds. While you can place them with their back next to the wall, to enjoy their high-quality sound, you have to place them a little into the room.

How loud can you play your music?

If your living room is huge, you surely need the larger sound-producing floorstanding speakers. The smaller ones will surely not do. Simply turning the volume to the highest point will simply overwork your smaller speakers. You need more powerful speakers.

Are you a movie or music lover?

If you plan to use your speakers with your amazing home cinema, it is definitely good to go big. The sound effects do come alive with the right sound system. Floorstanding speakers will give you a powerful performance and a memorable experience each time you watch a movie in your living room or home theatre.

How do your speakers look?

While audio quality is the primary concern, the aesthetics of your choice of speakers is something that is equally important. Because of aspects like lack of features or poor build, you may ignore the outstanding sound quality. There are of course many speakers that look just fabulous and produce equally amazing sound quality, and that is what you need.

Features and Benefits

To find out all the incredible features and benefits that the kef q950 floorstanding speaker has to offer, let us go through a detailed kef q950 review of this amazing product.

In addition to the several advantages, these speakers also bring amazing quality features, including a stylish outlook, upgraded features, and the latest manufacturing techniques. You will get natural high-quality sound with the uni q driver array, and be entertained with some heart-pounding action. 

Speaker size

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker White

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The KEF Q950 floorstanding speakers are good-sized speakers with their dimensions being 30 x 17 x 14 inches. Among all the speaker products by the kef q series, these are the most prominent among the floorstanding speakers. They are of course the biggest speakers in this series!

Due to their large size, these speakers need suitable space in your room so they can produce good-quality sound without any distortion. Wherever you decide to place your kef q950 floorstanding speakers, they will provide balanced, equal sound in every corner. 

These speakers do require some breathing space for peak performance. They are designed for large spaces such as large living rooms and home theatres. However, as they come in a sealed cabinet design, the placement does not affect their performance even if they are placed close to a wall.

Outrigger feet

These kef q950 floorstanding speakers have special outrigger feet that are quite like the ones used in other products in the Q series. Sturdy, good quality materials have been used to make the feet and they fit very well with the minimalistic design of the speakers.

Although the framework is fantastic, it does make the speakers’ footprint quite big. Make sure you have sufficient space in your selected room to place your new q950s.

They can be placed on soft surfaces such as carpets or on hard floors with no effect on their performance or sound quality. The spikes on the speakers’ lower surfaces help with their placement on carpets or matting. 


The slim grilles featured on the Kef q950 floorstanding speakers add to the elegance of their design. They are attached magnetically to the speaker’s front baffle. The speakers have a beautiful look with these grilles.

In addition to adding to the looks of the speakers, the grilles also have the advantages that the holes are not revealed, which would otherwise make the design unappealing to the eyes. The way they are at present is perfect, a highly sophisticated and incredibly nice look.

The grilles can be attached to cover the front face completely. This is one of the very few situations where the speakers are preferable without the grilles because the uni q driver array looks much nicer when exposed.

It is important to note that the speakers do not come with grilles when you buy them. In the case that you prefer your floorstanding speakers to have grilles, you will have to purchase them separately. You will feel the need to buy the grilles only if you do not like the uni q driver exposed, and that is quite unlikely.

Cabinet design

The speaker cabinet has a very important role to play in maintaining high-quality sound. The cabinet is the box that the speakers are fixed in. In certain ordinary speakers, the cabinets are somewhat very inert. Because of this, the cabinet’s movements disturb the sound waves, resulting in a poor sound effect.

The kef Q950 floorstanding speakers feature a redesigned, highly advanced cabinet. Because it is more inert, the speakers focus on sound textures and quality, avoiding possible disturbance that may be created by undesirable vibrations of the cabinet. The cabinet is positioned below the front-facing grille.

The sharp corners and straight lines of the kef q950 floorstanding speakers give it a very distinctive boxy look. A similar look has been applied to several designs by kef and q950 is similar in this respect. Your sound system will surely be something anyone who enters your room will notice.

When you see the speakers initially, you may get the feeling of looking at a dark pillar, and the redesigned cabinet is really one of the most attractive visual features of this kef product series. All three floorstanders in this series have a similar design and layout, with the differences being only in the cabinet sizes, driver sizes, and driver improvements.

Additionally, the beautifully designed speaker cabinet is flashy and elegant, adding to the stylish look of the kef q950 floorstanders. This look makes this product more popular with music lovers who find the appearance of their products to be an important deciding factor for their purchases.

Uni q driver array

Ordinary or usual speakers have a tweeter and a woofer. The tweeter is a small drive that produces the high notes, while the woofer is a large drive unit that provides the low notes. The tweeter is often at the upper end of the speakers.

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker White

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One of the best features of the KEF Q950 floorstanding speakers is its advanced uni q driver array. The array places the tweeter precisely in the acoustic center of the mid-range woofer. With this placement, there is an effect of the frequencies all coming from a single point in time and space. The sound is more appealing and real.

Another advantage of the uni q driver array is that it spreads the sound even and wide. So wherever you are in your room and irrespective of the room size, you get to hear an amazing stereo sound.

The kef q950 speakers have a sealed cabinet which is where the Uni Q driver is installed. The driver decreases the cones’ load and helps in increasing the clarity, quality, and performance of the sound. The presence of the enhanced driver improves sound clarity in the mid-range.

8 inch bass drivers

Loudspeakers have woofers that have the bass driver producing the bass or the low-frequency sound. These loudspeakers have built-in bass drivers to bring an additional tinge into the sound and music. 

The 8 Inch bass driver in the kef q950 floorstanding speaker produces the perfect bass response at the lowest ever frequencies. This feature adds immense quality to your theater parties due to the clear-sounding bass and excellent sound quality.

Two 8 inch auxiliary bass radiators

You would want to play the best music for your parties. And if the party is outdoors, you need an excellent sound system to play some amazing music. This is only possible with auxiliary bass radiators that will ensure sound dispersion in the open-air environment for the party to rock.  

The sound performance of the kef q950 shows enhanced sound performance. It increases the lower treble performance dramatically. This is one of the times that you will be glad you chose the kef q950 floorstanding speaker.

Its two 8” auxiliary bass radiators or ABRs add a spin to its amazing sound quality. These sealed ABRs make their sound even better in the outdoors.

The auxiliary bass radiators have a structure similar to a piston that moves to and fro, with air movement inside. This outstanding technology performs very well and plays a fantastic low-frequency bass response that will liven up your home or party with some great music.

Gold plated terminals

The newly designed gold plated terminals on the kef q950 floorstanding speakers provide superior quality contact that allows for terminations of banana plug and wire spade. The bi-wire terminals are very useful and an excellent feature in these speakers.

The rear of the speaker cabinet is beautifully designed in a simplistic and clean manner. According to KEF, the introduction of the new low-distortion inductors makes the need to use bi-wire connectors pointless. The floorstanding speakers come with just one pair of speaker connectors as is the case with lower-tier designs.  

KEF Q Series Woofers

The larger roll surround of the low-frequency driver and the new spider suspension work together to produce clean bass at higher volumes. The new con structure enhances the midrange clarity. The bass is more impressive and better controlled with the enhanced auxiliary bass radiator, new rear suspension, and surround.

Stylish music

While buying your HiFi speakers, you are sure to look at different products in your search for the one that is perfect for your sound system. You would want it to have all the required features and an attractive look that will add elegance to your home.

If you are a music lover, floorstanding speakers are an important component of your music paraphernalia and they will also be prominent due to their size. Because of this, you want to choose a product that produces excellent sound and also attracts the attention of your friends.

The Kef q950 review for the floorstanding speaker describes this excellent product that offers the best of both worlds, amazing sound quality, and a stylish look.

Kef q950 floorstanding speaker wins great popularity in this regard as it has an extremely well-built and stylish outlook that adds to the elegance of your room. These amazing speakers serve to furnish your room with its classy appearance and well-designed structure.

Three-dimensional sound image

As a music enthusiast, you must have enjoyed various sound systems and observed that sound image is three-dimensional.

The KEF Q950 floorstanding speaker has an amazing three-dimensional sound image. You can sense the sound image from three dimensions; below, above, and behind. This is one of the best features of this speaker. Listeners can hear the sound with clarity and enjoy the sound image even when they move around.

This features stamps the worth of this incredible speaker as it makes the sound image more clear and audible despite the position of the listener. The kef q950 floorstanding speaker has two 8” auxiliary bass radiators that make the sound image even better outdoors due to sound dispersion.

Colour options

The kef q950 floorstanding speakers are available in two beautiful finishes; satin white and satin black. Among these options, you are sure to find the one that either blends into your living room or stands out prominently.

You can also opt for the color finish that coordinates with other components in your sound system. Both the finish variations are extremely elegant, though a few more color options to choose from would be good. You may have a problem if neither color option works for you.

Social Proof

A product review cannot be complete without finding out what other users have to say about their experiences with the floorstanding speakers. I scoured the internet for kef q950 reviews and found some very interesting and useful ones.

Not only did several people have positive things to say about the floorstanders, but some also provided additional information that I found very useful.

Incredible sound

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker White

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One of the reviewers has used the kef q950 for a few months and says they are ‘simply incredible’.  What he really liked is the way everything is matched in these speakers and meshes well.

Even when he turns up the volume very, very loud, the speakers function very smoothly, with no sign of any strain or distortion at higher sound pressure levels. The reviewer says he will only buy kef q series speakers whenever he needs to next.

Good value for money

According to another customer review, although the kef q950 floorstanding speakers are a bit expensive, they are worth every penny. She goes on to say that they are the most accurate and articulate home speakers she has ever heard, and the clarity was her favorite aspect.

When the user compared the q950 to competing, leading brands, she found them competitive yet at a fraction of the cost. These speakers do not need subwoofers, EQ, or loudness control, and are simply awesome.  

Excellent for movie viewing

The most interesting and detailed Kef q950 review came from a reviewer who tested the kef q950 floorstanding speakers with movie and music testing using specific channels. To check the loudness, the reviewer chose Saving Private Ryan with their Dolby Atmos sound mix and Lord of the Rings.

While viewing selective scenes with a diverse range of rich sound quality and sound effects, the effect was outstanding without losing either power or detail. In the scene with intense machine gun firing, they could really feel from where the bullets came. The two front channels did an amazing job with channel precision and directionality.

When it came to the dialogues, the absence of a center speaker did nothing to affect the system’s overall performance. Both front floorstanders covered the dialogue so well that the sound appeared to come from the center. The dialogues were distinct and clear and the kef q950 was brilliant.

Good compatibility

One review recommended that the q950s can also be paired with any type of surround speakers or center channel speakers for a fantastic surround experience. Their sound definition and clarity are amazing.

Multi-layered sound

The powerful speakers don’t just go loud but they give you lots of details and a multi-layered sound quality that creates a very deep, high-quality performance. Their mid-range is also spot-on, providing sufficient control and good balance, while the high-end was never bothersome or over-powering. Everything is just as it should be.

Meticulous sound for music lovers

Several people wrote in their Kef q950 review that the outstanding clarity and meticulous sound provided by the kef q950 floorstanding speakers was perfect for their taste in music.

Another Kef q950 review commented on the natural tone of the bass drivers, which provided the required sound for all frequencies. The kef q950 performed so well without a subwoofer, and adding one would surely enhance the amazing overall performance.

Whether you are a movie enthusiast, a music lover, or simply a customer looking for a set of speakers that could fall in the HiFi category, the q950s are simply perfect and at this price, a must-buy.

Good customer service

Kef’s customer service was appreciated for the promptness of response particularly for follow-up on the product warranty.


In this section of the Kef q950 review, we will look at some of the best alternative floorstanding speakers available currently and see what they have to offer.

Klipsch RP-8000F Floorstanding Speaker Pair

Klipsch RP-8000F

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Klipsch offers some of the best floorstanding speakers in the market and comes with a distinctive look. The RP-8000F is one of their best products with some very interesting features.

This loudspeaker comes in a very elegant ebony color and a sophisticated design. The speaker is well-sized at 17 x 10 x 43 inches and weighs 60 pounds. The two-way design of the speaker cabinet is complemented by some outstanding features.

The two cerametallic woofers and a titanium tweeter provide detailed and accurate sound quality. The clean and crisp bass has extensive natural depth. Its Tractrix port is a Klipsch specialty that provides quick air transfer and stops any turbulence from entering the port.

The elegant speaker cabinet design with aluminum feet minimizes the contact between the speakers and the floor for reduced resonance. The grilles are magnetically attached and can be removed easily. These are very good speakers with impressive sound quality and aesthetics too.

These Klipsch speakers are priced reasonably though slightly higher than the kef q950.


  • Impressive design
  • Great sound
  • Competitive price


  • Rather large and heavy

SVS Prime Pinnacle 3-Way Tower Speaker

SVS Prime Pinnacle

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The SVS Prime Pinnacle is a floor-mounted speaker.

The separate enclosures for each of the three bass drivers are one of the interesting features of this speaker. Each enclosure has its own port too which is an unusual feature for this price range. The terminals are gold plated and you can use these for pin connectors, banana plugs, or other wires.

The internal structure has angled braces that create a solid rigidity, while the rubber feet on the speaker cabinet provide good stability. The bass driver configuration is quite interesting with a mid-range driver, a one-inch tweeter loading tube, and three 6.5 inch woofers.

The dimensions of this product are 41 x 14 x 8 inches. The Prime Pinnacle is an impressive speaker with several fantastic features. 

The only problem is that the front grilles aren’t magnetic. If you take them off, there will be some empty holes. This is a single speaker product and is reasonably priced.  


  • Excellent build
  • Innovative design elements
  • Impressive sound quality


  • Non-magnetic front grilles
  • Poor customer service

Jamo Studio Series S 807-WL Walnut Floorstanding Speakers

Jamo Studio Series S 807-WL Walnut Floorstanding Speakers

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The Jamo Studio Series floorstanding speakers are very elegant and have excellent sound quality. Its smooth and accurate high frequencies are delivered by the one-inch dome tweeter that works perfectly with its woofers.

The speakers are stable and well-built with the use of dense MDF. The protruding metal feet emphasize the design’s stability. The grilles are magnetic and your speakers will look equally good with or without them.

The speakers’ dimensions are 36.02 x 7.52 x 9.92 inches. You can place this speaker cabinet right next to a wall with no interference to the sound. However, the design of the Studio S Series is somewhat understated.

These are fantastic speakers and their superb quality and design come at an attractive price.


  • Good materials
  • Great sound
  • Attractive price


  • Understated design

Do check out these floorstanding speakers before you reach your decision about the ones that are the best fit for you. 


To end this discussion following the detailed look of the Kef q950 review and similar products by leading competitors, the kef q950 floorstanding speaker appears at the top of the list. The social footprint of this product is very positive with several people recommending it strongly.

This is because of the numerous features that it offers at a very moderate and reasonable price. Its amazing look, outstanding sound quality, its uni q driver array, all make it the best among the top performing floorstanding speakers.

Your q950s will be the best features of your living room and make your music and movie times the most memorable. Finally, your parties will stand out among all others.

So, get your kef q series q950 floorstanding speaker right away before it is too late.

Bose Soundbar 500 Vs 700 (2021) – Which Is the Best?

bose soundbar 500 vs bose soundbar 700

When it comes to the question of which soundbar is the best there is no simple answer. After all, it all depends on what you, the customer, are looking for.

You’ve narrowed it down to a Bose soundbar (great choice!) now let us help you figure out whether the 500 or 700 model soundbar is best for you.

Bose Soundbars Overview

Bose soundbars come in a sleek design and offer a surround sound simulating experience. Purchasing these soundbars means you can easily upgrade your setup at any point which is an added plus when building a home entertainment system.

Photo by thebetterday4u from Flickr

Your best options are the Bose soundbar 500 and the Bose soundbar 700. Some of the features to note when purchasing a soundbar include the size, number of drivers, audio channels, sound range, accessories and attachments.

Overall, beginner customers appreciate the Bose 500 because it is a high-quality budget option that suits most buyers’ needs. Audiophiles prefer the Bose 700 because it is a top-of-the-line soundbar with upgraded features and the best audio range.

Product Details for the Bose Soundbar 500

Barra sonido Bose 500 Negro

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Bose Soundbar 500 Specs

Performance:Classic Bose sound
Size:31.5” x 1.75” x 4” (W x H x D)
Weight:7 lbs
Design:Matte-finish top
Microphone system:Custom 8-mic array
Multiroom:Other Bose smart speakers
Modularity:Bass, surround sound
Built-in Alexa:
HDMI-ARC connectivity:
Audio input:Optical
App control:Bose Music App
  • Comes with a smart phone app and remote control for the soundbar
  • HDMI cable comes with the soundbar but an optical audio cable does not
  • Can decode dolby digital files but not DTS

Product Details for the Bose Soundbar 700

Bose Soundbar Alexa Control Built

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Bose Soundbar 700 Specs

Performance:Loud, low, more spacious
Size:38.5” x 2.25” x 4.25” (W x H x D)
Weight:10.5 lbs
Design:Premium glass top
Microphone system:Custom 8-mic array
Multiroom:Other Bose smart speakers
Modularity:Bass, surround sound
Remote:Universal remote
Built-in Alexa:
HDMI-ARC connectivity:
Audio input:Optical
App control:Bose Music App
  • Comes with a smart phone app and universal remote control for the entire system
  • Comes with both the HDMI cable and an optical audio cable
  • Can decode both dolby digital and DTS support

Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700 at a Glance

  • Both soundbars come with an HDMI cable, however the Bose soundbar 700 offers an additional optical optical audio cable.
  • The Bose soundbar 500 is a low key matt black device while the Bose soundbar 700 comes in a fancy glass finish
  • With the soundbar 500 you get a remote control that lets you change its settings, however with the Bose soundbar 700 you get a universal remote so you can control the soundbar and other parts of your entertainment system.
  • Both soundbars can decode Dolby Digital, however the Bose Soundbar 700 also works with DTS.

Soundbar 500

Bose Soundbar Alexa Control Built

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  • It is less expense
  • Sleek and understated design
  • Matt black surface does not collect dust
  • Allows you to add external devices to improve sound quality
  • Audio cable and HDMI cable come with the soundbar


  • Smaller size with lower audio quality
  • Solid high and midrange notes, but mediocre bass

Soundbar 700

Soundbar 700

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  • More drivers and higher quality surround sound
  • Larger size makes it perfect for rooms of any size
  • Comes with dts support
  • Accessories include a universal remote that can control many devices


  • Glass top makes it harder to clean although it does come with a cleaning cloth
  • More expensive option

For a more in depth comparison of the Bose soundbar 500 vs 700 it is important to study the detailed specifications and features of each design and analyze how they compete in terms of quality and performance. This allows us to see what each product has to offer.

1.  Design

The Bose Soundbar 500 is a sleek matt black device that fits discreetly into your entertainment system. Its low key design means you can place it under your tv and forget about it. It’ll fit in with any type of interior decor or sound system. It’s easy to clean and the surface won’t collect dust or show fingerprints or dirt.

The touch buttons on top of the soundbar are discreet and hardly noticeable. So, you can feel them along the surface but they don’t draw the eye. The first control is for the 8 microphones while the second is the action button. The HDMI port and single optical audio input are on the back of the soundbar 500. You’ll also get an HDMI cable with your device.

The Bose Soundbar 700 comes in two color options, black and white. While the basic aluminum frame is the same as the Bose 500 this design comes with a tempered glass top. This makes the Soundbar 700 more visible and elegant. However, the glass surface collects dust and requires regular cleaning. Although you do get a cleaning cloth with your sound bar. The touch buttons are printed into the top glass surface.

Overall, the Bose 500 is the better option for people who want an understated soundbar that doesn’t attract a lot of attention. If you have other elements of your home theatre set up this matt black device will fit in seemlessly and become a part of the whole.

On the other hand, the Bose 700 comes in a black and a white option so if you’re looking for something less mainstream picking a white theme can help elevate your overall aesthetic. The glass top gives it a modern and cutting edge element which will make for a more high-end aesthetic.


In terms of design both the soundbar 500 and the soundbar 700 are sleek and modern. The Bose 500 is the clear winner in terms of low maintenance design, however, the Bose 700 in an elegant white body and glass top may appeal to customers looking for an upscale design.

2.  Size

The Bose soundbar 500 is a midsized device with a length of 31.5 inches and height of 1.75 inches. If you have a small to medium home setup this is perfect for you. A top choice among beginners who want to set up a quality sound system within a budget. Generally, the larger the soundbars the higher the price point will be.

If you’re building a massive home theatre or placing your setup in a large living room the Bose soundbar 500 may be a little too compact. That said this is a good starting point and you can always add extras as you continue to build and upgrade your entertainment system.

The Bose soundbar 700 is slightly larger than the Bose 500 with a length of 38.5 inches and height of 2.25 inches. This is a good solution if you have a larger setup or want an upgrade. The increase in size definitely has an impact on sound quality as well.

Size plays a huge role in the audio quality of your soundbar. If you get a larger sized device not only will it have a better bass and treble output, but it will also cost you more money. When it comes to this factor the “better option” is a relative statement. Both of the Bose soundbars provide high-quality output. In fact, if you’re a novice in the field you will not notice any differences. However, for the more particular buyers there is some variation between the two models.


In terms of size, the Bose Soundbar 500 is the top choice for people with a small to medium living room sound system while the Bose Soundbar 700 is the clear winner for customers with a larger home entertainment system.

3.  Sound Quality

Bose Soundbar Alexa Control Built

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The Bose Soundbar 500 is a decent soundbar and a top contender among devices in its price range. It gives you high sound quality with clear and crisp audio. That said the Bose 500 doesn’t have as many sound drivers as upgraded, higher priced models. As a result you get solid high and midrange notes, but mediocre bass. It also doesn’t come with a subwoofer so you’ll have to attach a base module to bump up the sound quality. You can also get extra speakers to get a surround sound effect.

On the other hand, the Bose Soundbar 700 comes with mutiple built-in drivers that boost the audio quality and provide a surround sound experience even without other speakers. You get better bass, zero distortion, a larger sound stage, and a more engaging listening experience. Similar to the Bose 500 the Bose 700 doesn’t come with a sub-woofer however, here the sound quality is so high you won’t need to attach extras.

Additionally, while both soundbars work with Dolby Digital, the Bose Soundbar 700 can also decode DTS which lets you play older records and classic favorites. To upgrade it even further you can attach the base module 700.


The Bose Soundbar 500 provides good sound quality and a solid listening experience in small to medium size rooms. Beginners won’t notice any differences in sound. You can also add extras to boost the audio effect. The Bose Soundbar 700 comes with more drivers and provides a high-quality surround sound experience no matter the room size. You also won’t need to add extras to boost the audio quality.

While both soundbars are good options the Bose Soundbar 700 is the clear winner when it comes to sound quality.

4.  Pricing

The Bose Soundbar 700 comes with upgraded features, a larger size, more drivers, a universal remote, better audio quality, more audio formats, DTS support and more audio channels. However, all of these features mean that it is also more expensive. The Bose Soundbar 700 will cost you around $800 and while it is well worth the expense, it may not fit into your budget.

The Bose 500 is considerably less expensive, costing around $400. So, if you’re a buyer on a budget this is definitely the soundbar for you. And if you’re a beginner looking to set up your home audio cinema from scratch the 500 is a solid buy and a good place to start. You can always upgrade it later or attach speakers to improve the output.

Despite the difference in drivers and size the Bose Soundbar 500 provides high-quality audio and an impressive range of sounds. If you’re a beginner or someone with a small to medium sound system then you will hardly notice the difference. And you can always attach extras like surround speakers to boost the output.


Overall, the Bose Soundbar 500 is a solid budget option for beginners and people with a moderately sized home entertainment system. When it comes to pricing the Bose Soundbar 500 is definitely the winner.

5. Additional features

The Bose Soundbar 500 also has additional features that help improve user ease. For example, currently the voice assistants include Amazon Alexa, however, future upgrades will integrate both Google Assistant and Apply AirPlay 2. The Bose music app lets you control your sound bar from your phone and serve all of the same purposes as the soundbar remote. There are also options to add extras such as subwoofers and surround speakers. That allows you to make purchases to upgrade your set up as you see fit.

The Bose Soundbar 700 also lets you add extras like subwoofers and speakers. If there’s one advantage Bose offers over other companies it is the fact that all their products leave room for enhancements. To control your 700 you can use the Amazon Alexa app, or the Bose music app. Future upgrades will integrate both Google Assistant and Apply AirPlay 2.

This model also comes with a universal remote which lets you control not just your soundbar, but also all the other devices that are a part of your sound system. The universal remote is a definite perk of the soundbar 700 and adds a lot of value to your purchase.


While both soundbars come with an HDMI cable and optical audio cable the 700 also offers an IQ headset and a universal remote. Overall, the Bose Soundbar 700 offers more additional features than the 500 design.


Overall, each Bose soundbar comes with its pros and cons. While it would be easier to say that the 700 is the better soundbar to buy, the truth is that the decision is a lot more nuanced. You need to look at the various pros and cons of each model and decide which factors are your primary concern and what areas you are willing to compromise on because you can’t have everything. So, if you want to keep costs low you’re going to have to give up certain features and if you’re not willing to compromise on sound then it’s time to break the bank.

You should buy the Soundbar 500 if you:

  • Have a small or medium set up
  • Are a beginner who will not notice the minute differences in bass quality
  • Need to stick to a budget
  • Are willing to sacrifice some sound performance to save money
  • Do not need DTS support and only require Dolby Digital decoding
  • Want a low key design option that fits discreetly under your tv
  • Want a low maintenance sound bar that does not require regular cleaning
  • Are willing to attach external surround speakers to upgrade the sound
  • Do not require an optical audio cable

You should buy the Soundbar 700 if you:

  • Have a large entertainment system
  • Are an expert audiophile who will not notice the lower bass quality
  • Are not concerned about the higher price and are willing to spend more for expert sound
  • Need DTS support
  • Want a black or white soundbar with a glass top
  • Are not concerned about dust collecting on your soundbar
  • Do not want to attach any external subwoofers to your soundbar
  • Require both an HDMI and optical audio cable

Overall, if you want to stick to a budget and start off small the 500 is the one for you. If you want a top-of-the-line soundbar that does not compromise in any arena and are willing to spend more to get that higher quality product the 700 is the soundbar for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your soundbar now and enjoy all the benefits of a high quality audio experience.

5 Best Budget Speakers for Turntable in 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

One of the Best Budget Speakers for Turntable in red color

When it comes to the best turntable speakers there are a lot of options. Which model is best for you depends on your needs and requirements. You’ll have to consider the matter of budget and depending on how much you’re willing to spend you can get a discount, mid-priced, or high-priced speaker.

Then, you need to consider build quality, materials used, design elements, and finally features within the speaker model. Some speakers are made to maximize audio quality and give off a high-powered sound, while others focus on factors like in built amps and preamps. Consider whether bluetooth connectivity is a primary concern for you.

Speaker size and power value also play a role. You’ll need storage space for your pair. If you plan on carrying it around you’re better off buying a light-weight option. To make this decision easier for you we’ve compiled this list of the best budget speakers for turntable use. As you make your way through this list think carefully about which pros and cons apply to you.

5 Best Budget Speakers for Turntable

1. AudioEngine A2+

AudioEngine A2+

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Perfect for home office and small setups

On the list of best budget speakers for turntable the AudioEngine A2+ is a top choice. You can get these active speakers for an affordable price of under $300, putting them in the medium priced category. With wireless connectivity options, and a built in digital to analog converter these are the best speakers for vinyl.

Additionally, these bookshelf speakers use quality materials like a silk dome tweeter, Kevlar woofers, shielded wooden cabinets, high performance amps and top-of-the-line connections and wires that work well with any device. The budget speakers come with a bluetooth option, RCA cables, a USB port, and one-eighth inch input port.

The A2+ speakers have two RCA ports so you can connect the output to a bluetooth transmitter and use a bluetooth soundbar with it if you want to. You can also choose between a red, black and white color option.


  • Easy to use because you just need to plug in the USB or connect with the bluetooth
  • The DAC device results in a loud and crisp stereo sound perfect for a home cinema or for DJing
  • The active speakers work great with vinyl and come with a build in amplifier
  • Flat frequency response (65Hz-22kHz ±2.0dB) speakers give off an equal and pure audio quality, so you get an enhanced and accurate sound with little external interference
  • Superior build quality combined with a compact form of 6” x 4” x 5.25” that weighs a total of 6.7 lbs making it easy to carry
  • Accessories include optical cables, a speaker stand and a control panel with independent volume control
  • The power value for each speaker is 30W so the two speakers add up to a 60W rating
  • Auto standby mode extends battery life


  • Only one input source works at a time so you will have to turn off bluetooth to use the usb connection
  • Lack the bass response of a subwoofer, however, you can attach an external device

Why We Like It

The design for the A2+ model is meant to serve as a middle ground between home audio and desktop speakers. So you get a compact budget speaker with bluetooth connectivity, incredible performance, high sound quality, bass punch, and flat frequency response.


Overall, customers give the Audioengine A2+ Stereo speakers a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. The active speakers come with a build in amplifier and all the necessary cables to get it to work. With both bluetooth connectivity as a USB port it’s easy to use. And the flat frequency response improves the crispness of sound so you get a high quality listening experience.

2. Kanto Yu4 Speakers

Kanto Yu4 Speakers

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High-quality bookshelf speakers with maximum features

These mid-sized bookshelf speakers work well with turntables of all sizes. They measure 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 8.7 inches and weigh 6.9 pounds. The Kanto Yu4 Speakers are among the best speakers for vinyl on the market with a price range from $400 to $500 depending on the accessories and stand you choose to purchase. Despite costing higher than other budget options this pair of speakers will last you a long time. The durability combined with the build quality and sound response make it a contender on the list of best budget speakers for turntable use.

Various design features help make these high-quality speakers user friendly. The single knob control panel is placed on the front as opposed to the back. With a built-in pre amp you can connect these speakers to the turntable of your choice. You have a subwoofer output if you want to add more bass. Both the bass and treble are adjustable.

The company left nothing out, going above and beyond to perfect these bluetooth speakers. You don’t even have to worry about the battery life because the speakers automatically shift to standby mode to conserve energy. Additionally, you can pick a color and finish of your choice to customize your stereo speakers. Apart from the sleek matte black and white speakers there is even a bamboo option.


  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music from any device
  • Phono preamp makes your speakers compatible and connectable with all turntables
  • Remote control option to manage bass and treble levels
  • Two optical inputs, a 3.5mm AUX and a subwoofer output all help improve the speaker connectivity
  • The Kanto YU4 bookshelf speakers give off high quality sound
  • The speaker comes with an amplifier so you don’t need to attach any external device
  • Automatic standby mode helps preserve speaker battery life
  • The speakers come with all the needed cables and you can also use remote control
  • Parts include four inch kevlar woofers, a one inch silk dome tweeter, a class D amplifier and a subwoofer


  • More expensive than other budget speakers

Why We Like It

The AptX bluetooth speakers come with an inbuilt pre amp so you can stream music directly from your phone. With a focus on connectivity these bookshelf speakers let you set the mood. Whether you want to throw on your favorite vinyl records or stream a playlist the choice is yours. The audio quality definitely leaves nothing to be desired.


Overall, customers give the Kanto Yu4 Bluetooth Speakers a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. These high powered speakers come with built-in phono preamp and aptX tech. Additionally, high-quality parts like the 4 inch Kevlar drivers and 1 inch silk dome tweeters result in crisp high notes and steady mid-range notes that would please any audiophile.

3. Edifier R1280DB Powered Speakers

Edifier R1280DB Powered Speakers

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Best budget pair of speakers

At under $130 per pair of speakers the Edifier R1280DB is the reigning king when it comes to best budget buys. Despite the affordable price you get a range of features like RCA ports, bluetooth connectivity, optical inputs, remote and onboard controls.

The bass and treble adjustment options on the side of the speaker makes this a top choice if you want to listen to vinyl records. Since the speaker uses active monitors you don’t need to get an amplifier to boost the volume. Also, these bookshelf speakers connect to analog and digital devices which lets you access a wide range of devices and music catalog.

The speaker measures 5.75 inches by 9.5 inches by 7 inches so it is slightly larger than the previous options. With speaker size you want to think about storage and whether you’ll need to transport it a lot. If these aren’t concerns then the larger size doesn’t matter.  In terms of color options you can get this speaker in a black or wood brown design.


  • Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream music from any device
  • Control panels lets you adjust the volume, treble and bass frequencies
  • Multiple RCS input ports let you connect 2 devices simultaneously
  • Speakers for turntables with analogue or digital sources
  • Inputs work with optical and coaxial needs
  • Active speakers remove the need for external amps
  • Battery operated wireless remote to switch inputs or bluetooth devices
  • Comes with all the needed cables, including speaker cable, optical cable, RCA cable
  • Frequency response ranges from 55 Hz to 20kHz
  • Power output of 21W RMS per channel
  • Hardware includes 4 inch bass unit, 13 mm silk dome tweeter and removable grills
  • Components made using solid mdf sheets


  • No built-in phono preamp so you will have to get your own
  • Since these are budget speakers their build quality is lower than other more expensive options

Why We Like It

The audio performance, crisp sound, and connectivity options are unmatched for turntable speakers at this price point making the Edifier R1280DB the best budget vinyl speakers on the market. The pair comes with 2 port RCA input cables, bass and treble controls. Overall, you get an output of 21W RMS per channel which adds up to a 42W total.


The Edifier R1280DB comes with a 4.5 out of 5 rating making it one of the best budget bookshelf speakers. These bluetooth budget speakers come with quality features like multiple input ports and output channels, built in amplifiers, and bass controls as well as a two year warranty which will last you a long time.

4. Edifier A80 Speakers

Edifier A80 Speakers

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Powerful Bass Frequencies, Good Speakers for Vinyl

The Edifier A80 speakers are one of the best pairs for turntables, in terms of audio quality and sound clarity. These high powered speakers have a superior build quality and use the finest components, including transparent brand wiring, high-strength MDF sheets, horn-loaded ribbon tweeter, a 4.5 inch aluminum cone mid-woofer and an inbuilt digital amplifier with XMOS processor.

However, all these features, materials, and design qualities have a trickle down effect. The total cost of these money speakers adds up to around $600-$700. For many audiophiles the high price point is worth the audio quality. It all comes down to the type of speakers you’re looking for.


  • Power output of 100W RMS with audio that is loud, clear and powerful
  • Frequency response range from 52 Hz to 40kHz
  • Speakers measure 5.5 inches by 9.8 inches by 8.7 inches and weigh around 20.5 pounds.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides high resolution sound so you can stream music and get a clear and even result
  • Bass driver speakers with controls to alter the bass and treble levels
  • Foam pads provide acoustic insulation that prevents echo in the audio or external interference
  • Digital and analog setup speakers for turntables
  • Additional Sono units can further elevate the audio
  • Use the Sono app to customize the speaker sound according to your requirements
  • 3.5 mm input and RCA ports for easy attachment to a turntable
  • Multiple connectivity options include 2 RCA inputs, 1 optical input and 1 USB port, making these the best turntable speakers for vinyl
  • Materials include high-strength MDF sheets for the cabinet and foam lining for the interior soundproofing
  • Parts include a horn-loaded ribbon tweeter, a 4.5 inch aluminum cone mid-woofer and an inbuilt digital amplifier with XMOS processor


  • Expensive option that not everyone can afford

Why We Like It

The Edifier A80 high powered speakers come with an extensive list of features, high-quality audio, and expert build quality that make this speaker perfect for any turntables. Special features include acoustic insulation, built in amp, bass and treble remote controls, and an alumnium cone mid-woofer.


Customers give the Edifier A80 speakers and 4.5 out of 5 star rating, and for good reason. These are the best speakers on this list, in terms of audio and build quality, as well as, overall performance. However, while the features attract audiophiles, this quality comes at a high price point.

That said, the investment is definitely worth its while as you can use these speakers with any type of turntable or audio input. If you’re shopping in the $600 to $700 range there are no other speakers that can compete with this product in quality or design.

5. Sonos Five

Sonos Five

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Best Speakers for Vinyl

The Sonos Five high powered speakers are a mid-range option of around $500. These are the best speakers for vinyl but you can also use them for streaming and get quality audio. You can get a lot of range out of these speakers by either placing a single speaker horizontally in a stereo position or both vertically and at a distance for a mono effect and broad sound stage.

The speakers measure 8 inches by 14 inches by 6 inches and weigh around 14 pounds making them comparatively light-weight. The 3.5mm input port lets you connect the speakers to the turntable. And if you want to customize and edit the quality of the output sound you can use the Sono Trueplay app or the Apple AirPlay2 to fine tune the audio.

What makes this one of the best turntable options is the range you get thanks to the various pieces. With the 3 multi-dimensional tweeters you get a surround sound effect that you control. The 3 sealed woofers provide the bass frequencies.


  • 3 multi-directional tweeters and 3 sealed woofers so you get a quality surround sound experience
  • The Sonos Trueplay app lets you finetune the sound levels and adjust the bass
  • When attaching to the turntables you can place the speakers horizontally or vertically to get a stereo or mono effect
  • The Sonos Five comes with higher memory and faster processing power than previous models
  • Speaker is humidity resistant
  • Speaker updates are automatic and effortless
  • On-board touch panel lets you adjust the control settings although you can also use Alexa and Google Assistant for a more interactive experience
  • The speakers comes with a power plug and a set up guide that lets you know how to connect them to the turntable


  • Unsuitable for audiophiles who prefer to separate their vinyl and streaming music setups

Why We Like It

The Sonos Five takes surround sound to the next level with its 3 multi-directional tweeters and 3 sealed woofers, set in an echo reducing acoustic design. This speaker comes with the Sonos Trueplay app which lets you adjust and fine tune sound levels. Overall, this is one of the best turntable speakers for vinyl or for streaming because of the powerful and clear sound output.


The Sonos Five comes with a 4.5 out of 5 rating making it one of the best high powered speakers for vinyl. These record player speakers come with quality features like multiple input ports and output channels, treble and bass controls as well as a control panel that lets you customize sound.

Buyers’ Guide

When you’re purchasing a turntable setup there are certain things you need to know so you can make an informed decision. These include the various components, how they work with one another, and the options you have. After all, you can’t get quality products if you don’t know what to look for.

Best Budget Speakers for Turntable Buyers Guide
Image by Kanto YU4 Powered Speakers with Bluetooth and Phono Preamp, Gloss Black from Amazon

The overall setup for your sound system determines what devices you will need to purchase.

  1. Type of set up: Common turntable and amplifier

Requirements: turntable, cartridge, phono preamp, speakers, amplifier

  1. Type of set up: Simple turntable and active speakers

Requirements: turntable, cartridge, phono preamp, active speakers

  1. Type of set up: Turntable and desktop speakers

Requirements: turntable, cartridge, phono preamp, computer

  1. Type of set up: Classic stereo system

Requirements: turntable, cartridge, speakers, amplifier

1.  Phono Preamp

How it works

Your turntable puts out a Phono signal, however, audio equipment often can’t recognize it in this form. To solve this problem the device uses a phono preamp to convert the phono signal to a line level signal that the speakers can interpret.

What you need to know

Generally, most turntables will have a built-in preamp, but this is not always the case. So how do you tell? If the device comes with a USB port it will also have a preamp. Older models for stereos come with preamps so just look for the input slot with the tag marked ‘phono’. You can use a DJ mixer for the same purpose and if you are using an external preamp get RCA cables to connect and set up the entire system.

When you’re dealing with a turntable without a built in preamp remember that it will need grounding, otherwise you’ll notice outside noise that will interfere with the output quality. For this you will have to purchase a grounding cable so take that into account.

Additionally, preamps come in a range of qualities and a significant price range, starting at $50 and going all the way up till $500. So if you don’t find one that fits your budget initially keep looking because you don’t have to get an expensive option.

2.  Belt Drive vs. Direct Drive

How it works

In the belt drive system an independent motor runs the turntable platter using the rubber belt. On the other hand, the direct drive system drives the platter without mediation.

What you need to know

When it comes to the drive system the more suitable option depends on your needs. If you want to DJ then you should get a direct drive system and not the belt drive system. Overall, the belt drive system has a more clear and crisp sound. There is no outside noise or interference to disrupt the music and overall you’ll get a better listening experience.

The direct drive system is more durable, with superior build quality and sturdier hardware. Also, these turntables have stronger torque and take less time to start up. If you know what your eventual goal is you’ll find it easier to choose between the two drive types.

3.  Cartridge

How it works

The cartridge is the electro-mechanical component that produces an amplifiable signal in the record player. It is an essential part of the sound system and ensures fast frequency response, high sound quality, tracking speed of the needle across the record grooves, and the power output. If there is one part of the set up you should invest in it is the cartridge, because expensive options generally offer more impressive audio quality.

What you need to know

You can choose between a head shell mounted cartridge or one that plugs into your tonearm directly. The Ortofon 2M Red is a solid option for the first type while the Ortofon Concorde series falls into the second category. Keep in mind that these are quality options for home listening. DJing requires a special separate set of cartridges.

If you’re considering other options look into factors like cartridge weight and alignment. Generally, any device you buy will likely be MM or Moving Magnet. If an item is labelled MC or Moving Coil then it will be more expensive and have higher maintenance costs. These are advanced options not suitable for beginners.

4.  Tweeters

How it works

A tweeter also known as a treble speaker comes in a variety of forms such as dome and horn type. These speakers produce audio with high frequencies that are generally between 2kHz and 20 kHz, although some custom designs go as high as 100kHz.When you attach these to your turntable you get a superior listening experience.

Dome tweeter speakers use a circular diaphragm that comes in plastic, aluminium, or titanium. Aluminium dome tweeters give off crisp and strong high frequencies. Titanium tweeters do the same, with higher accuracy, but without the sharp edge.

Best Budget Speakers for Turntable Buyers Guide
Image by Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers from Amazon

What you need to know

Tweeters are a must have if you want your sound system to deliver a full range of sounds. They add crispness and clarity to the sound output from the speakers and are essential for a high quality listening experience. Because of their small size their output volume is low. To solve this you can attach a horn to your speakers and amplify the audio volume.

5.  Woofers

How it works

A woofer also known as a bass speaker produces sound with low frequencies that are generally between 50Hz and 1000Hz. Physically woofers are a lot bigger than tweeters, with an average diameter of more than 12 inches.

What you need to know

There are two common types of woofers in speakers, sealed enclosure and ported enclosed. The sealed enclosure woofer traps sound waves coming out of the back of the speakers. The result is crisp bass and clear audio with a low volume.

The ported enclosed woofers do not trap sound completely. The escaped audio has a 180 degree phase shift so when it travels to the front of the speakers the result is a muddier sound.

6.  Bass and Treble

What you need to know

The bass settings let you adjust the bass or low frequency sounds like bass drums and guitars. The treble settings let you fine tune the higher pitched sounds like snare drums and cymbals. You can change the settings depending on the type of music you are listening to.

7.  Turntable Mats

How it works

Keeping a specially designed turntable mat underneath your record player can help improve sound quality by reducing friction. This is a must buy for DJing but also a worthwhile buy for a home cinema. The mat will protect your records and dampen vibrations caused by the movement of the record against the platter.

What you need to know

Rubber mats are a solid dampening option and will improve the sound quality. But, if you get a felt mat you can hold the record in place as the platter beneath continues to spin. As audiophiles and listeners with expert ears will tell you, cork mats open up the range of sound frequencies, taking the listening experience to new heights.

8.  Additional Features

When you’re looking for the best budget speakers for turntables you’ll come across various brands promoting their products by highlighting specific features. Knowing these terms will let you tell the quality speakers apart from the mediocre turntable speakers.

A pair of RCA output cables channels the signals in your turntable. These should come with the device, as should a tonearm weight to direct the tracking force. This refers to the pressure on the needle. Turntables should offer high torque, especially ones designed for DJing.

Additional features of the Best Budget Speakers for Turntable
Image by Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth from Amazon

If a turntable is listed as anti-skating that means a built in control keeps the needle in the records center groove. Another factor is the pitch control which lets you adjust the platter’s spinning speed.  Usually, you can play records at 33 RPM, 45 RPM, or 78 RPM.

It is an added benefit if a turntable comes with an acrylic platter as opposed to a standard one. Not only does it boost sound quality, but it also removes the need for a mat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are active and passive speakers?

Active speakers have built in amplifiers while passive speakers require an externally attached amplifier. Generally, passive speakers are only suited to home use whereas active speakers can fulfil a wide variety of roles including DJing. The brands and products listed above are all active, high powered speakers.

Do speakers stay on all the time?

The best turntable speakers are designed to automatically turn off when they aren’t playing music. This helps conserve energy and extend their battery life. However, you should look into the power consumption of your chosen speaker when idle before you decide to purchase.

Are bigger tweeters better?

It isn’t a case of better so much as a case of what you want. Bigger tweets are easier to install and pair with a midrange. Smaller tweeters produce more accurate high frequency sounds and have superior off axis response.


Overall, there are a number of speaker options to choose from depending on your individual preferences and needs. If you’re having trouble deciding which speakers are best for you start by isolating one factor. The price range is generally a good place to start as it will considerably narrow down your options.

Once that’s done decide which factors and qualities you are not willing to compromise on. If you’re a huge audiophile and cannot consider buying a speaker with subpar sound clarity or quality then focus on the amps, preamps, tweeters, woofers, and other sound enhancing design factors.

On the other hand, if you want to stream music you’ll want a bluetooth speaker and if your goal is playing vinyl then look for the best speakers for vinyl. No matter your preference, there’s something for everyone. So happy shopping!