About Us

Here at Audiophilez, we aim to provide sound and audio lovers with the best in budget-friendly audiophile delights, with a few ‘stretch the budget’ options.

From bass-heavy headphones and speakers that enhance and round your sounds to studio monitors that present sound perfectly as it is, retaining clean, flat frequencies — we’ve got you covered.

While our focus is on speakers and sound, keep an eye out for related special reviews on turntables, smart devices and home cinema entertainment.

Senior Editor:

John Flemming

John is an absolute audiophile. His friends stopped wanting to listen to his rants about how awesome the newest speakers are so he joined our team as our Senior Editor  as an outlet for his passion.

As the senior editor for, he covers everything from headphones to smart speakers. He is a graduate of Music Production and Technology. Before working with Audiophilez, John began his career as a staff writer for two different magazines, where he became a skilled storyteller across different mediums. When he isn’t writing, he can be found biking, reading books, and playing the piano.

Staff Writer:

Jeff Springfield

Jeff recently joined our team as a staff writer. He is a self proclaimed tech nerd and video game enthusiast (currently Apex Legends). He is our go to IT guy for tech tips and troubleshooting related articles because he has a knack for figuring things out when everyone else hits a dead end.