Audioengine P4 Review – Bookshelf Speaker

Audioengine P4 best bookshelf speakers

Audioengine P4 best bookshelf speakersAudioengine is no stranger to manufacturing high-quality loudspeakers capable of producing clear sounds and good beats that are music to anyone’s ears (you see what we did there?).

The P4 bookshelf speakers are on the cheap side of the company’s product spectrum, and from what we’ve seen, that doesn’t make them any less capable. Of course, you’ll have to sacrifice a thing or two when going with a product in the sub-200 price range, but the overall experience is quite satisfying.

Audioengine P4 Bookshelf Speaker: Pros and Cons


Review Pros
  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Compact, stylish design
  • Perfectly-articulate midrange


Review Cons
  • Hard to pick a con…
  • Somehow inflexible at the low-end

Exterior Design and Build Quality

The AP4 speakers come in three different finishes to meet the tastes (and room décors) of different audiophiles, something that’s hard to find in audio devices within this price range. The P4 bookshelf speaker from Audioengine measures 5.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep, making them true compact devices capable of fitting nicely on any shelf.

The cabinet is made of MDF, with a rubberized plastic outer texture that hides fingerprints to preserve a sharp look all the time. The woofer, driver, and tweeter look equally appealing, which adds to the overall beauty of these speakers.

To sum it up, when it comes to the design and measurements, the AP4 speakers do excel, but how do they perform in terms of sound quality?

Audioengine P4 Sound Quality


The P4 bookshelf speakers, despite their size and price, excel when it comes to music delivering, especially vocals, as they offer a crisp sound with plenty of detail without being too loud. The drivers provide exceptional clarity and excellent resolution. Overall, the speakers can feel as if you were listening to a large powered amplifier system. You may feel that the sound is fractionally bright sometimes, but that doesn’t stop these devices from offering some of the best beats on high frequencies.


To be totally fair, it’s pretty hard to find compact budget speakers capable of producing captivating bass, and the same goes for the AP4 bookshelf speakers. Although they’re excellent when it comes to vocals and clarity, they’re not as impressive when trying low frequencies. Because of their size, these speakers seem lacking when it comes to the depth with a lack of detail and eloquence every now and then. Mind you, the sound isn’t muddy by any mean, but the lower you go, the worse the articulation of the mix.


The midrange communication of the AP4 speakers is what you’d expect from audio devices in this price range, with a smooth transition from the tweeter to the driver. In this department, the AP4 bookshelf speakers get our thumbs up thanks to its sweetly articulate midrange.


Due to how well they handle vocals, the P4 bookshelf speakers are an excellent companion for any home theater, either on their own or as part of a whole system. We can confidently say that the P4 are among the best and clearest budget bookshelf speakers you can get whether you’re trying to enjoy Blu-ray movies with the fellas or listen to vinyl records whole enjoying the detail of the musical masterpieces.

Packaging and Accessories

Audioengine cares about the packaging as much as they care about the aesthetics and visual aspect of the actual speakers. The AP4 speakers are delivered in synthetic velvet bags with drawstrings. Overkill much? Maybe, but it’s definitely a nice touch if you’re getting these speakers as a gift for an audiophile relative or friend.


The Audioengine P4 bookshelf speakers are cheap audio devices, there’s no denying that, which explains why they come with a few compromises. Nevertheless, the price, dimensions, and materials of these speakers make them worth a shot, especially considering the sound quality they offer.

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Polk TSi200 Review – Is This Budget Friendly Speaker Worth It?

Polk TSi200 Bookshelf Speakers review

Polk TSi200 Bookshelf Speakers reviewLoudspeakers aren’t hard, but making great budget-friendly bookshelf speakers is a science that Polk has perfected. The TSi200 has a sweet spot in Polk’s bookshelf lineup, offering many of the company’s unique technologies and features without the high price tag of higher-end models.

So, how good is the TSi200 bookshelf speaker compared to other products within this price range and to the company’s older, more known models?

Impatient? Here’s our quick list of pros and cons…

Polk TSi200 Bookshelf Speaker: Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent build quality
  • Clear, high-quality sounds
  • Can be matched to other speakers of the same family



Exterior Design and Build Quality

The design of the Polk TSi200 Bookshelf Speakers isn’t ground-breaking, but it does the job right and would look nice as part of any home theater system. The cabinets are made of washed-wood black MDF, and they feature a sheen finish on the top. The drivers on the front can be either exposed or covered. The design is interesting, aesthetically speaking, but as we said, nothing that screams “luxury” here.

In terms of the size and weight, the TSi200 are a bit bulky for a couple of 2-way bookshelf speakers. Each of the units measures 11.8 x 8 x 15.4 inches and weighs a whopping 17 pounds. A bit heavy? Maybe, but it’s probably because of the second driver that Polk added to these speakers.

Polk-tsi-200 bookshelf speakers - cherry
The Polk-tsi-200 speakers also come in beautiful cherry finish for the same price.

Polk TSi200 Review: Sound Quality


Thanks to the silk tweeter, the TSi200 speakers can produce sparkling highs that are clear and natural sounding. They may seem too sharp with a bit of an early decay sometimes due to narrow dispersion of the tweeter, but the sound is captivating with great clarity most of the time.


For a bookshelf speaker, the TSi200 offers realistic and punchy bass with good extension. It does not strike by depth and scale, that’s for sure considering the size and price of the cabinets, but it’s more than what you’d expect from a pair of speakers in the sub-200 price range.


The smooth and detailed top end offered by the TSi200 bookshelf speakers blends nicely into the midrange frequencies. The deep tones and rich mids are incredible for a compact-sized speaker, making this model an ideal choice for those looking for a balanced sound spectrum without breaking the bank. To be fair, the tonal balance of Polk’s TSi200 bookshelf speaker is not perfect as there’s clear tendency to lightness along with a slight decrease of images, which leads to the effect of “rejuvenation” of singers. Nevertheless, these loudspeakers are still the musical time machines as they can get you in the beats for real.

For watching movies

The vocals coming from the TSi200 bookshelf speakers are pretty clear and immersive, which makes watching movies while listening to these loudspeakers quite the superb experience.

Packaging and Accessories

In the package, you’ll find all the essentials for quick installations, including the Cherry bookshelf speakers, a detachable cloth grille, eight feet of Self-adhesive rubber, a user manual, an online registration sheet, and the Polk Audio product brochure. Nothing fancy, but that’s all you need to start listening to your beats in a quick manner.


It’s hard to go wrong with a Polk loudspeaker, that’s a fact, but is the TSi200 bookshelf speaker the best option within this price range? We wouldn’t be fair if we said that that’s the case. Although this model is quite good, with decent, punchy bass and clear sounds all the way from the top end to the bottom frequencies, there are better options out there, such as the Audioengine P4 and the Fluance Signature Series Bookshelf. It’s a matter of personal preference, of course, so make sure to determine your needs and set your expectations right when making your choice.

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Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speaker Review (Active Speaker – Best Under 200)

Edifier R1280T active Bookshelf Speaker review

Edifier R1280T active Bookshelf Speaker reviewWhen you’re on a budget, getting an audio device that offers good performance for your PC or home stereo may seem impossible, but that couldn’t farther from the truth.

Don’t believe us? Check Edifier’s R1280T active bookshelf speakers. The beautiful stereo pair is affordable, compact, and offers a bright, vibrant, balanced sound signature with an adjustable equalizer. It does check all the boxes, doesn’t it?

If you’re interested in knowing more about these powered bookshelf speakers, here’s our detailed review.

Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speaker: Pros and Cons


Review Pros
  • It’s active; no need for an amplifier
  • The sound is warm, balanced, and loud
  • Separate bass & treble controls
  • Excellent build quality for the price
  • Easy to hook up & comes with remote


Review Cons
  • At this price point it’s hard to find any cons!
  • The highs are lacking in terms of clarity
  • The bass is lacking in terms of depth

Exterior Design and Build Quality

For a pair of bookshelf speakers in the 100-buck price range, the Edifier R1280T boasts a pretty nice design that would allow it to fit nicely in any home or office décor. Each cabinet boasts a matte metallic finish on the top with wood veneer paneling on the sides. On the front panel, you’ll find a detachable grille that’s gray cloth with a four-inch woofer and 13mm silk dome tweeter and a back panel with a number of connectivity options.

Edifier R1280T bookshelf speakers are active – no amplifier/receiver required.

Each of the units measures 9.2 inches in height by 5.7 inches in width by 7.7 inches in depth. The Edifier R1280T weighs roughly 11 pounds, making it one of the lightest, most compact bookshelf models available today.

Edifier R1280T Sound Quality


The high frequencies are where the Edifier R1280T excel. These bookshelf speakers produce well-detailed highs with an adjustable quantity. The treble on the upper end has a somehow thinner character, but it’s still well-balanced and can retain texture and avoid wood stick phenomenon.


Although the bass that these speakers isn’t the tightest, they still offer a well-balanced bass response with a slower decay. Of course, it’s not the punchiest of bass responses, but that’s expected considering the size of the cabinets, and it’s still smooth and room-filling as you’d expect from a bookshelf speaker.


Mids are also a strength of Edifier’s R1280T bookshelf speaker as they can produce a smooth, well-balanced response within the midrange frequencies for well-reproduced vocals and acoustic music, making these speakers great for jazz, indie, and similar genres.

Watching movies

The R1280T bookshelf speakers have the ability to reproduce vocals in an intimate and smooth manner, which means that you can enjoy all of your movies and TV shows without worrying about the lack of sound effects.

Packaging and Accessories

The Edifier R1280T bookshelf speakers are packed well and come with everything you need to get them hooked up and good to go in no time. Inside the package, you’ll find the stereo pair, an RCA-RCA cable, an AUX-RCA cable, the speaker interconnect wires, an infrared remote controller, and a clearly-written user manual, although you won’t need the documentation to set everything up.

The Edifier R1280T comes complete with everything you need.


The Edifier R1280T bookshelf speaker isn’t the best of the best, but for the price you’re paying, it’s hard to argue with the quality, and it’s definitely easy to turn a blind eye to the few niggles that come with this device. If you’re looking for clear sounds (amplifier-inclusive!) that cost less than many people spend on a night out at the pub, it’s really hard to find something that beats the Edifier R1280T in performance.

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Klipsch RB 61 II Review


Are you looking for a new loudspeaker to invest in? One that would give the best imaging and optimal soundstage? A pair of RB 61 may be the perfect addition to your home. A set packs a lot of power and features for low cost. What more can you ask for, right? Read on to see more of our Klipsch RB 61 II review.

Klipsch RB-61 II Reference Series Bookshelf Loudspeakers, Black (Pair)
  • A great balance of performance, size and value
  • Fills medium-sized rooms with outstanding sound reproduction

When it comes to audio, Klipsch has got to be one of the legends out there with regards to audio speakers. With some of their products coming from as far back as the old school days of hi-fi, it seems as though this brand has been through many trials.

They have developed their own horn technology, which helps to produce precise and clear audio for their loudspeaker series. Using the horn will enable less distortion. This has certainly earned them points from their customers, and made them rise above their competition and showing the power of their brand.

Klipsch RB 61 II Review
The Klipsch RB61

Another of the reasons they continue to deserve a lot of credit is for their constant attempts to improve their products and adapt to the industry, more so for always giving a fair price for their products.

One of their notable creations is the RB 61 from their Reference series. This generation of technology promises to give you the best sound quality for your music and shows.

This piece of audio speaker definitely worth investing in. It’s also important to note that this is the only brand represented twice on our best bookshelf speakers under $500 list (it could very easily have appeared 3 times!).

So, stay tuned and keep reading our review of this top of the line bookshelf loudspeaker from Klipsch!

Klipsch RB 61 II Summary


  • The best feature about the RB 61 II is its dynamics and overall sound “warmth”. It’s great for listening to music, whether you prefer jazz or heavy metal..
  • In addition to music, the RB 61s range means it’s great for movies and TV – just connect it to your home surround system.
  • It has a very stylish yet discreet design, it is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetics for their space. It would look at home in a shelf, on top of a cabinet or even on the floor. No kids? Take the grill off and expose those lovely cones!


  • It’s slightly larger, standing at 6.25 inches in height. This is higher than other units which offer similar performance. If you don’t have enough space for your home theater, or on your shelf-height, you might end up having trouble placing it in the best position. If you want, you can check out the RB 51, which is only 5.25 inches..

Klipsch RB 61 II Specifications

Watts RMS100 Watts
Speaker MaterialMDF, covered by black vinyl
Subwoofer Size6.5″
Frequency Response45Hz-24KHz
Crossover Frequency1500 Hz
Speaker typeBookshelf
ColorBlack Ash, Cherry
Mounting TypeBookshelf
Power100 W RMS / 400 W Peak
EnclosureBass-reflex via front-firing port
InputsDual binding posts / bi-wire / bi-amp
Dimensions15.4 x 8.5 x 12.3″ with grille (39.1 x 21.6 x 31.2 cm)
Weight35.2 lb (16 kg) per pair

General information about the Klipsch RB-61 II

One of the very first things we need to mention is the amazing and pure quality sound that these speakers produce. The RB-61 II is excellent in this department. It delivers fully defined sound, balanced in a way that makes it a pleasure for your ears to enjoy each tune.

Many owners are particularly happy with the bass sound it produces. Other speakers from their competition cannot produce much of this sound compared to the the RB 61.

This particular bookshelf loudspeaker uses a tractrix horn in order to boost the tweeter, which gives the highs a real edge. For other brands, bi amping may be required to produce a better audio.

In bi amping, you connect your speakers to an external amplifier or receiver to achieve clearer sound. That is not needed for the RB 61, as the horn technology already allows you to have a more crisp audio without any disturbance. But if you do want to try, you can easily connect the binding posts to a receiver or amplifier.

Another feature worth mentioning is the impressive audio clarity. You’ll notice that once you start to move into the mids the tone gets wider, but with no bumps in sight. We must also say that vocals sound astonishing!

One of the biggest worries of potential bookshelf speakers buyers is the low-end response. However, the RB 61 II has that covered. Using a 6.5″ woofer, the bass does its thing in a perfect manner. It makes low-end response defined, fulfilling and thick.

The RB-61 II has simple, yet stylish design. The cabinets are firm and made of the best MDF, covered by black vinyl. The front face is designed in a way that makes it seem like it’s genuinely floating, mainly due to the baffle that that makes up the entire front side of the speaker cabinet.

When building this model, the manufacturer stayed loyal to their classical black and bronze theme, which proved to be a hit with previous versions.

Klipsch RB 61 II

Most important features of the RB-61 II

If there is one more thing that stands out with the RB-61 II, that’s the amazing combination of hardware.

The woofer takes the form of a 6.5′ cone which is highly responsive. You’ll find the enhanced titanium tweeter sitting comfy in the tractrix horn. These two transducers, when combined, have the power of 100 Watts RMS.The light Cerametallic woofer cones also have aluminum in them to ensure that any audio warping is kept to a more minimal level.

Another useful feature is the front firing port, which is located under the woofer and consolidated right into the baffle. Wherever you position your speakers, you won’t have to worry any more about the distance from the walls near it, thanks to this particular feature.

Klipsch RB-61 II Alternatives

1. Moukey Passive Bookshelf Speakers

Moukey Passive Bookshelf Speakers

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Take a page from many audiophiles and take a look at what Moukey has to offer. By attaching it to a power amplifier, you can actually make your own karaoke system at home. Although it does not use an acoustic horn like the RB 61, it can still give crisp sound.

2. Polk Audio T15 100

Polk Audio T15 100

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You can still get a home theater experience for less the cost. A lot of those who bought this said that it produced some great bass and clear audio. Polk is also a company that has earned the trust of its users.

3. Edifier R1280T

Edifier R1280T

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The R1280 is a bit more affordable than the RB61. It boasts of a 4-inch bass driver and would make the perfect accessory to your turntable.


We have to end our review by stating the our obvious opinion – you cannot go wrong by choosing it.

Regardless of what your needs are or how large your room is, this model is one of the best bookshelf loudspeaker you can invest in.

Each set comes with a lot of features, from the horn tweeter and more, earning plus points from us here. We particularly love how classic jazz sounds with the RB 61.

Now that we have done our part in explaining to you about features of the RB 61, you can now decide for yourself if it is the brand that is right for you.

But all we can say is that if there’s a brand worth investing in, Klipsch is the name to remember. They not only provide quality products but the efficiency of their customer service is also commendable. They provide firmware updates and drivers for all their loudspeaker and other products.

So, don’t waste your time or money on anything else or in their competition, this product is an excellent choice, especially for a home theater combo. The RB61 will give you the best value for your money. You can be assured that with the RB 61, every bit of audio will be heard.

As it’s proven over time with the countless customer reviews, it offers tremendous sound, excellent performance and durability, and most importantly, impeccable sound.

Klipsch RB-61 II Reference Series Bookshelf Loudspeakers, Black (Pair)
  • A great balance of performance, size and value
  • Fills medium-sized rooms with outstanding sound reproduction

Why not check out the Klipsch RB 61 II on Amazon and see the reviews from other buyer

KEF Q100 Review

Are you on the quest of finding for the perfect bookshelf speaker? Well, search no more! Our KEF Q100 review will help you make that decision in no time. We do this because we, as audiophiles, understand the struggle you have to go through when you’re buying a bookshelf speaker. Luckily for all of us, products like the KEF Q100 exist, and it even made #2 on the list of our top rated bookshelf speakers under 500.

After the release of the Q series in 2011, now even people with lower budgets can enjoy high-quality speakers like the Q100. After all, they were even claimed to have set the sound benchmark for compact loudspeakers very high. Luckily for us, ever since it came out in 2011, the Q series has constantly been improving. Today, some of the most modern and best-sounding speakers are made by KEF. So, keep on reading our KEF Q100 review to see if you this beast of a speaker can satisfy your needs.

KEF q100 speaker for sale

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KEF Q100 Summary


  • The Single best thing about the KEF Q100 would be its two-bass reflex design which ensures that the device delivers a rich sound which is both clear and detailed
  • Its sensitivity is top-notch, so you can listen to any genre of music on it, and enjoy them all
  • The Uni-Q driver extends the frequency spectrum while keeping stereo balanced, making the sound have perfect clarity regardless of where you are in the room
  • It’s small size may be more suitable for some environments.


  • If there was something bad about the KEF, it would be its weight. At 13lbs, the KEF Q100 looks like it could be a rather basic, lightweight, every-day speaker. The manufacturer could’ve added some materials that make the speaker look and feel sturdier.However it should be remembered that this is one of the smaller bookshelf speakers in this under $500 price range.

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Other Important information about the KEF Q100

The KEF Q100 are the speakers that will never cease to amaze us. They have a great variety of features which simply change the speaker game. For instance, they have a Uni-Q driver array. This part was initially engineered with the purpose of producing accurate sound. As expected, it lived up to its purpose, since the sound it makes is exceptionally clean and accurate, and mimics a three-dimensional soundstage. The sound is evenly distributed to any part of the room, regardless of its size. While the Q100 are sold in pairs, one thing is sure -you will feel as if you are listening to music coming from a professional stereo sound system.

In addition to all of this, the Q100 also have a 5.25-inch Uni-Q driver array. This part also has a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter in its acoustic center. Moreover, this means that the driver has the power it needs in order to provide a clean midrange response. This is all thanks to the braced magnesium and aluminum alloy cone. Moreover, the KEF also features a Z-flex surround which smoothens up the transition to the front panel, ensuring perfectly clean sound comes out. Also, the large dome tweeter makes sure that the speaker has enough sensitivity and handles power in a manner that minimizes distortion. All of this adds to the overall impeccable performance of these amazing speakers.

Most important features of the KEF Q100