Can Bookshelf Speakers Be Placed on the Floor?

DON’T you ever put your speakers on the floor. They are meant to rest on a shelf. Placing bookshelf speakers on the floor and the bass output will be boosted. They cannot be positioned anywhere in the room. These bookshelf speakers were meant to rest on a shelf. So placing bookshelf speakers any place excluding the floor is acceptable.

Bookshelf speakers cannot be placed on the floor. In fact, this is a rule for any speaker (with the exception of maybe large sized speakers). If you want excellent sound quality, you’ll want to place them somewhere else.

This tutorial will show you exactly where to put your bookshelf speaker. For best sound results, we’ll show you how to set it up so you can get it the most out of it. Speakers were meant to be set at ear level.

It is important that you check out this tutorial so you can properly set up your speakers. You won’t get the best sound quality from sitting your speakers on the floor. It would also be pointless since your speakers are for your ears, not your feet.

Let’s dive right in and show you how to follow this tutorial step-by-step.

What to Include in This Tutorial?

can bookshelf speakers be placed on the floor tutorial
Photo by Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash

For this tutorial, you’re going to need the following:

  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Speaker stands
  • Music
  • Amplifier
  • A preferred listening position
  • Actual bookshelf

Step by Step Guide on Properly Setting Up Bookshelf Speakers

Instead of setting up your bookshelf speakers on the floor, let this tutorial show you how to set it up the right way. Let’s get started with Step 1:

1. Prepare your room for the best listening experience

prepare your room for the best listening experience
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The first step is preparing your room. You’ll want to find a place where your bookshelf speakers will be set up. Another thing to consider is how you are going to use them. Will this be part of a home theater system?

Or are you planning on setting this up to get the ultimate audio experience when you are having fun with friends during gaming or karaoke parties? Whatever the intent or purpose is, having the right setup is key.

You may consider setting up your bookshelf speakers on your desk, on speaker stands, or even an actual bookshelf. No matter what, the setup can get a little finicky. If you are using Bluetooth speakers, this can reduce this issue.

And it can make it less taxing since you won’t have to deal with any kind of wiring. You can follow the instructions to pair the speaker with the device you are trying to connect. Regardless, you’ll want to set things up to where it’s at ear level.

You should also position your speakers correctly to ensure better quality sound and frequencies. If you place the speakers too low (like on a floor), the sound will not reach your ears even if you sit on a regular chair. You will be able to hear the difference when you place the speakers on the floor for a moment before it reaches ear level.

Make sure the tweeters are positioned to where it can provide crisp sound and high frequencies. If you want excellent sound quality, you may want to refrain from placing your bookshelf speakers in certain parts of the room. For example, don’t place them up against a wall or place them in a corner.

You don’t want to sacrifice quality just because you want to save space or make your room aesthetically pleasing. Doing so will mask the frequencies produced by your speakers and it will make things hard to hear. Make sure that the bookshelf speakers are of equal distance from the side walls and about two to three feet away from the rear wall.

2. Balance the sound

finding the sweet spot for the sound
Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Audiophiles have a lingo for this. It’s known as ‘finding the sweet spot’. In order to balance the sound, you’ll want to find the best listening position in the room.

Nine times out of ten, the best place to find this is in the middle of the room. But you can find your living room couch to also be the ideal spot. You’ll want to place the bookshelf speakers on any side of the television.

Next, create an equal triangle between the speakers and the ideal listening spot. You may need to rearrange some things in order to get this to work. Check to see if the speakers are not far apart from one another. If they are too far from each other, this can affect the stereo image.

3. Check the angles

You may need to check the speakers by adjusting the angles. Make sure the speakers create a line that will intersect behind you. They should be far enough away to a point where they can be situated at a 60-degree angle.

You may need to adjust accordingly if needed.

4. Test and enjoy

Last but not least, take your seat and enjoy listening to your favorite music. You may want to listen for any issues with the sound quality. If you hear any smearing or reflections, you may need to make small adjustments.

Otherwise, if you notice any balances and can hear the instruments with ease, you should be all set. Sometimes, all it takes is small adjustments that will make the difference between clear sounds and something that may sound quite a bit out of place.


Did you enjoy this tutorial? It’s always a good idea to have your speakers positioned at ear level and not on the floor. You don’t want to do your high quality bookshelf speakers dirty, do you? Of course not.

Not only that, you don’t want to cheat yourself out of listening to excellent sound. All you need to do is set up your speakers in your favorite room and you’re guaranteed to get those heavenly sounds each time.

If you liked this tutorial and it has helped you out, let us know. Leave us a comment regarding your experience.

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