How to Connect Bluetooth Soundbar to Roku TV

Your television image may be clear and bright, but poor audio can ruin your viewing experience. It is possible for most modern sets, regardless of type, to have subpar speakers. Fortunately, adding a Bluetooth soundbar changes your watching or listening experience.

bluetooth soundbar connected to roku tv
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Personally, I like to add the volume of my music without getting off my couch. Or even better still binge-watch my favorite movie from the comfort of my go-to spot. Trust me, so do you! But first, you need the right system for this.

The best Bluetooth soundbars provide you with quality sound. They are easy to connect and set up. They are sleek and do not crowd your TV area. In addition, no sneaky cables that may result in tripping. Therefore, on top of having a quality sound experience you have an impressive set-up.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Bluetooth Soundbar

bluetooth soundbar for roku
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The market is full of Bluetooth soundbars. So, yes there are a variety of options to choose from. However, some are worth your money and some are not. Therefore, shopping for just the right Bluetooth soundbar can be quite difficult. The good thing is, we can help you pick the right Bluetooth soundbar. We have a made list below of what to look for when choosing your ideal Bluetooth soundbar.

Power output and range:

The power range and output vary from one soundbar to another. This difference has a direct effect on sound performance. Soundbars with maximum power output and range provide clear audio sounds, deeper and more bass. Moreover, a Bluetooth soundbar with a larger power range is more versatile. Therefore, you are able to get quality sounds with high power definitions. As a result, our best choice entails a Bluetooth soundbar with a high speaker power output and larger range.


Bluetooth soundbars are available at a variety of prices. Soundbars that are relatively cheap have fewer features and power. In that case, they may not be the best option for large spaces. However, if you are looking for a theater-like experience, you may consider paying more.  Therefore, considering the cost of Bluetooth soundbars, we chose one worth your coin.


Bluetooth soundbars do not need much to connect to your Tv. You will probably need a single cable or an HDMI. However, each type of connectivity offers a varied audio quality. Therefore, when choosing the best Bluetooth soundbar we identified one that has several options. As a result, our choice offers Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and optical cable options.

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3 Steps on How to Connect Bluetooth Soundbar to Roku TV

one of the 3 steps on how to connect bluetooth soundbar to roku tv

After shopping for your ideal Bluetooth soundbar, you will soon want to connect it to your TV. Connecting your Bluetooth soundbar to your Tv should not be a hassle. You can boldly bid bye to wires that may cause falling and tripping.

1.   Bluetooth connection

Using a Bluetooth connection requires that your soundbar and Tv are Bluetooth-enabled. However, what about devices without Bluetooth? Not to worry, even without Bluetooth capabilities, there are alternative options.

With Bluetooth, the steps to connection are simple. You will begin by establishing a connection between your Roku Tv and soundbar. Firstly, turn on the Bluetooth feature on both your devices. Then, using discovery mode, your Tv will show a list of available devices. Simply search for the name or model of your soundbar and allow a connection.

Once both devices are linked, tune into your favorite music/ game/ movie.

2.   HDMI input connection

If either of your devices does not have a Bluetooth feature, there is a workaround. You can connect your Bluetooth soundbar to your Roku Tv using wireless connections; HDMI or optical. Most TVs come with more than one HDMI input. Moreover, newer Tv sets support standard or enhanced Audio Return Channel.  Some soundbars come with HDMI input, and some do not. If you do, you will simply require to connect your soundbar and Tv set. Once connected, easily choose the appropriate input and enjoy.

If your Tv does not have HDMI input, your next best bet is an optical connection.

3.   Optical connection

Optical ports also provide a way of connecting your soundbar to Roku Tv. They are a single-way digital connection between your soundbar and TV. Although limited to specific audio content, their quality is excellent. Moreover, they can handle Dolby’s digital sound of up to 5.1 channels. Like HDMI, you will use a single cable to connect your soundbar to your Tv.

Buyers Guide

Bluetooth soundbar buyers guide
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For a fun viewing experience, Bluetooth soundbars are a life-saver. They promise top-quality audio that your average TV fails to offer. With an increase in popularity, the market is full of various brands. Still, shopping for the best Bluetooth soundbar is not that easy. Therefore, the primary factors to consider when making your ideal purchase are here.


Bluetooth soundbars come in all sizes. And, because soundbars are great centerpieces, it makes sense to get one that looks and fits well. In that case, you will have to factor in the size of your room and position. For example, a soundbar with a subwoofer will come in handy if you have a large space. Therefore, as you make your purchase consider a soundbar that suits your area and TV.

Ports and Connectivity:

There is no point in owning a soundbar that does not connect to your Tv. Yet, different Bluetooth soundbars have varying ports and points of connection. When buying a soundbar, you will need to consider how you will connect it to your TV. Connectivity options vary from wire access like HDMI and optical cables to wireless access like Bluetooth sharing. Some Bluetooth soundbars feature more than one port and connection. Therefore, consider one that easily connects to your TV and offers you additional connections.


Our best choice is a product of a reputable brand. Sony is a leading producer of electronics and is well-known to its consumers. Known sellers enable you to get a manufacturer’s warranty, support, and service. Therefore, when choosing your soundbar, deal with an authorized seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Why are Bluetooth soundbars becoming so popular?

They offer more than high-quality sound. They are straight up, easy to set up, and affordable given their sizes.

2.   Are Bluetooth soundbars worth purchasing?

Yes, they are. Given the sound you are getting out of just your TV, Bluetooth soundbars are worth your coin. Televisions are growing thinner and thinner, hence little space for speakers. Therefore, spending a few coins can boost your sound quality and improve your viewing experience. Moreover, Bluetooth speakers afford you the flexibility of you not moving around to change your music.

3.   How do I choose a suitable Bluetooth soundbar?

Shopping for a Bluetooth soundbar can be tasking. However, cost should be among your top considerations. Even with as low as $100, you can score a great Bluetooth soundbar. However, if you are into more fantastic features, Sony HT – S500RF is a great catch. With a subwoofer and soundbar combo, they guarantee quality sound.

4.   How do I connect my Bluetooth soundbar to my TV?

There are several ways you can connect your Bluetooth soundbar to your TV. However, all these depend on the age and type of your TV and soundbar. In addition, soundbars have different connectivity options, such as HDMI. Therefore, before buying a Bluetooth soundbar, make sure it connects to your TV port.


Bluetooth soundbars are made to give you a pleasant sound and look to your home. The newest and latest in the market can easily connect with your Tv via Bluetooth. This feature allows you to enjoy any content from most of your devices at home. The catch is they must be Bluetooth-enabled. Nonetheless, to increase the options of enjoying high audio quality, different soundbars come with other connections such as HDMI input and optical connection. HDMI input whether ARC or eARC is versatile. Similarly, optical ports guarantee excellent quality. Either way, you are spoilt for choices to connect your Bluetooth soundbar to Roku Tv. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to