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Hyperaudio is a term that was coined by Henrik Moltke.

Hypertranscripts are a new form of text and spoken word that is easy to navigate. Hypertranscribing a conversation or lecture means the person transcribing it can easily find what they’re looking for, just by using words in the transcript.

The best part about hypertranscripts is that media associated with the transcript will be preserved, meaning if you want to copy and paste or drag and drop content from one document to another, all media will be intact.

The transcript is the word-based representation of an audio or video file that offers more clarity than simply watching it in its original form on YouTube, for example. Hypertext aids readers by breaking down long passages into short sentences with descriptive headings.

The idea behind Boas’ Hyperaudio Pad is to let people piece together a story by supplying the meta-data like captions. The program would compile audio or video based on what you type – as long as it’s in the same document. It could help journalists create stories instantly with little more than text and an internet connection!

The mission behind and the Hyperaudio Pad fits perfectly info the Audio Philez mantra. Our love of all things audio, from speakers, amps, headphones, to podcasts motivated us to merge these two projects together. is the leading website that provides expert reviews on speakers, headphones, audio recording, and more. We are super excited to bring under our umbrella.

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