Where Should a Soundbar Be Placed?

Although the soundbar is a relatively new product on the market, we have witnessed music and home theater enthusiasts flock to it without hesitation. It is without a doubt a great product that gives you surround sound in a small and easy-to-carry device.

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After you’ve purchased a soundbar, the next question that comes to mind is: where should a soundbar be placed? The appropriate positioning of the soundbar is critical in enhancing the entire audio experience. So, here are some of the best soundbar positioning options to consider.

Various Soundbar Positioning Options

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In most cases, we don’t give much thought to where we put the soundbar and just put it where we can find a good spot. Think about it, the room has a massive impact on how well your music sounds!

The soundbar might also alter the sound quality depending on your room, including the walls, windows, and furniture. As a result, the location you choose is very important. Most people think that putting the soundbar right in front of the TV is a good idea, but is this really the best place for the soundbar? Let’s have a look.

1.   Mount on the wall under the TV

We believe this is the ideal location for the soundbar, and it is also the most popular. Generally, people who mount their TVs on the wall also like to put their soundbars under it. This position saves you space, and it helps with the acoustic distribution.

Here are some benefits of mounting a soundbar below the TV

Easy installation:

Some soundbars require a little wiring to connect with your TV, while others don’t. If you’ve got some wires on your hands, this position allows you to do your installation with ease. The cables are usually 10 meters long (33 feet), so you can position your sound system as far as the wires allow.  

Impressive audio quality:

It’s likely that if you put a soundbar below your TV, it will be at or near your eye level, which implies that the sound is delivered directly to you. Less echo and a better audio experience are achieved with this position since there is no scattering or reflection from the ceiling.

Pleasant to the eyes:

Many soundbars are made to be placed beneath a television. The configuration will not look good if these speakers are placed above the TV rather than below it. It may also feel like the sound is coming from above your head, especially if the device’s speakers are angled upwards.

2.   Behind a couch

Although this is not a suggested position, many people have selected it. If you don’t have enough space to mount it on the wall or display it on a table, you can use this placement option. However, if you keep the soundbar in this position, the sound may appear to come from behind you, and the sound quality may suffer as a result.

3.   On the floor

Placing the soundbar on the floor is also a common choice. You can set the soundbar anywhere on the floor, but it will produce the finest sound quality near the television. However, this is not the best position for you if you have children. If you go ahead with it, you must use considerable caution because the youngsters may injure themselves or damage the soundbar.

4.   Place it on a table

You can place the soundbar in front of the TV if the TV is on a stand. To get better connectivity, put it near your TV, and you’ll feel as if the TV itself is producing sound. Think about where you can put IR sensors on your TV so that your remote can work. The soundbar should not get in the way of this.

5.   Above the TV

In some cases, placing the soundbar on the wall above your TV will deliver better sound quality, especially if you have a high-quality soundbar with surround sound. However, one of the essential parts of soundbar placement is to be as close to ear level as possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you mount it above or below the TV. Placing the soundbar above or below the television depends on your home entertainment setup.

Here are some benefits of placing your soundbar above the TV

Protects the soundbar from kids and pets:

Placing the soundbar under the TV may be difficult if the TV stand or table is not deep enough to fit both the TV and the soundbar. Furthermore, if children are in the house, placing the soundbar on the table may make it too simple for them to reach and mess with the audio equipment. Placing the soundbar above the television saves you from all the stress.

Suitable for low-lying TV:

Installing a soundbar above the television makes both aesthetic and auditory sense if the tv is somewhat below eye level. If the seating arrangement or the couch is close to floor height, the TV could be lower than usual. In such cases, placing the soundbar above the TV is a much better option.

Placing the speaker above also saves you from raising your arm or getting out of the chair whenever you change the channel.

No issues with blocked remote sensors:

When a soundbar is placed below a TV, especially if it is very close to the TV’s bottom bezel, it could get in the way of your TV remote and the TV’s remote sensor. However, you can solve this issue by putting the speaker above the television. If you want to put the soundbar below your TV, make sure the soundbar isn’t too thick or that the TV is high enough.

The TV’s placement on its stand can also be adjusted to tackle this issue. Or, you can place the TV on an elevated platform. However, if you can only move the TV vertically to a certain extent or you don’t want to mount the TV, you’ll need to pay more attention to the external speaker’s thickness.

Challenges With Soundbar Positioning

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There are many challenges associated with soundbar installation. For starters, you may experience some interference if the connector from the TV is closer to the bottom bezel or the wall mount below it. As a result, rather than putting it on the wall, it is preferable to place it on a table.

Some soundbar systems bounce sound off the walls to produce a surround sound experience similar to a movie theater. As a result, the wall layout and interior decorations may be obstructing the sound.

When you buy a soundbar, place it in front of the TV, and measure the infrared receiver’s height on the TV, as this is where the remote sends signals. If your soundbar is too high, it may obstruct the receiver, rendering your remote control useless.

That said, here are a few things to consider when buying and mounting your soundbar.

Things to Consider When Buying and Mounting a Soundbar

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To benefit from optimal surround sound effects, ensure you place your couch three meters away from the speaker. But you can take this distance up to five or eight meters if you’ve got more space in your room. Also, wireless soundbars should be much closer to the TV, so there are no video-audio latency issues.

Additionally, if both the devices are wall-mounted, make sure there is a gap of at least four inches between the TV and speaker. This setup will ensure the controls of either device and the different connectivity options are easily accessible.

Mounting equipment:

Though stands are convenient, the TV and soundbar should be attached to the wall if possible. If you’re not planning to secure your equipment, ensure the TV and soundbar are on the same or nearby stands.

Reduce reflections:

Use drapes and carpets to create a more genuine sound or reduce noise reflections. Also, it would help if you utilized echo foam pads to improve soundproofing.

Mounting surface:

The soundbar should not stand on glass, polished wood, or any other smooth surface. The soundbar’s vibrations could cause the speaker to move dangerously. As a result, it’s best not to place it directly on your table; instead, use a rubber mat for further stability and support.

Avoid power interference:

Check that the soundbar’s cords aren’t close to any electrical power cables. Doing this ensures that there is no or very little power interference.

Avoid placing behind TV:

Your soundbar should not be hidden behind the TV. If unsightly wires are the source of the problem, conceal them. If you can’t hide them, invest in a bluetooth soundbar. When a soundbar is hidden, it causes audio issues and makes it impossible to properly adjust its settings.


Soundbars help you improve your audio experience without having your room decorated with long wires and multiple speakers. However, if the soundbar is placed incorrectly, you will be forced to sacrifice audio quality. So, we’ve expressed our viewpoint, and maybe, after reading the post, you’ve discovered the perfect location for your soundbar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to