Mica ON3 bookshelf speaker computer speaker review

Micca ON3 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Budget audiophiles are more often than not ignored by big brands, which is a huge problem, considering that many of us music lovers cannot afford high-end products. Thankfully, several brands provide some quality products that won’t blow a hole in ...
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Micca mb42x bookshelf speakers review

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speaker Review

Many audiophiles believe that it’s impossible to find a bookshelf speaker capable of delivering impactful sounds under 100 bucks, but Micca proves them wrong with the MB42X. Now, manufacturing quality budget bookshelf speakers is not new to Micca, but the ...
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Fluance Signature Series Review – HiFi Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker

There’s no sense denying it; the Fluance Signature Series Bookshelf Speaker is a cheap audio device. Did that stop it from getting rave reviews from audiophiles that have tried way more expensive speakers? Nope, it didn’t. Although finding a set ...
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Klipsch R-14M review - bookshelf speakers under 200

Klipsch r-14m Review

The Klipsch r-14m Bookshelf Speakers are a low cost audio solution that allows hobbyists to save cash while still acquiring a sound vibrant enough to heighten the senses and own a room with authority.  They execute exquisitely whether their primary ...
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Polk Signature S15 Bookshelf Speaker reveiw

Polk Signature Series S15 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Polk Audio has been introducing terrific budget loudspeakers for years, and the S15 bookshelf speakers are no exception. These units are passive, which means that they’ll need a receiver to work. In other words, they’re not the best option for ...
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Kilpsch R15M review

Klipsch r-15m Review

Capable of servicing spectacular quality whether its primary purpose is for surround, left, right, or center sound, the Klipsch r-15M Bookshelf Speakers represent a worthy solution for consumers seeking a marriage between crystal clear audio and affordability.  With a reputable ...
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Audioengine P4 best bookshelf speakers

Audioengine P4 Review – Bookshelf Speaker

Audioengine is no stranger to manufacturing high-quality loudspeakers capable of producing clear sounds and good beats that are music to anyone’s ears (you see what we did there?). The P4 bookshelf speakers are on the cheap side of the company’s ...
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Polk TSi200 Bookshelf Speakers review

Polk TSi200 Review – Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

Loudspeakers aren’t hard, but making great budget-friendly bookshelf speakers is a science that Polk has perfected. The TSi200 has a sweet spot in Polk’s bookshelf lineup, offering many of the company’s unique technologies and features without the high price tag ...
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Edifier R1280T active Bookshelf Speaker review

Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speaker Review (Active Speaker – Best Under 200)

When you’re on a budget, getting an audio device that offers good performance for your PC or home stereo may seem impossible, but that couldn’t farther from the truth. Don’t believe us? Check Edifier’s R1280T active bookshelf speakers. The beautiful ...
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Klipsch RB 61 II Review

When it comes to audio, Klipsch has got to be one of the legends out there. With some of their products coming from as far back as the old school days of hi-fi, it seems as though Klipsch has been ...
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