Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker with Two 5-14 Drivers ? Best for House Parties

Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker with Two 5-1/4″ Drivers – Best for House Parties

I cannot call my house party the best unless I have the most reliable floor-standing speaker. These speakers are also called "tower speakers" because of their height. There is no doubt that these speakers are the heart-pumping anchor in throwing ...
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Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing Loudspeaker - Best for Bass Lovers

Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor-standing Loudspeaker – Best for Bass Lovers

It can be challenging to find a floor-standing speaker that can meet our overall requirements. Therefore, I took my time to review dozens of floor-standing speakers to see the best overall with the highest quality and durability. I was surprised ...
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Dayton Audio T652 Dual 6-1/2″ 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair – Best for All Kinds of Music

We, audiophiles, have high standards. We want to hear crisp and clear music. Fortunately, with the use of advanced technology, there are dozens of speakers that can accommodate different genres of music. Trying to find the perfect powered speaker for ...
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Yamaha NS-F210BL Review: Slim yet Impressive by Performance

Floor speakers are still one of the most bought speakers, especially by audiophiles. Even though it’s not as convenient as portable Bluetooth speakers, more buyers prefer this speaker-type because it makes an excellent addition to a home’s interior. After switching ...
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Polk Audio tsi500 Floorstanding Speakers

Polk tsi500 Review (floor standing speakers)

Slim Style yet Prevailing Sound When it comes to appliances, speakers are one of my necessities. I can live without televisions or video games, but I can’t end the day without listening to my speakers. I play music through these ...
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Onkyo skf-4800 floorstanding speaker

Onkyo skf-480 Review (floor standing speakers)

Stunning by Look and Sound! I’ve been a music lover for as long as I can remember. I started appreciating music from radios until my father gifted me a music player. Hence, I frequently use my music player and wear ...
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Mica ON3 bookshelf speaker computer speaker review

Micca ON3 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Budget audiophiles are more often than not ignored by big brands, which is a huge problem, considering that many of us music lovers cannot afford high-end products. Thankfully, several brands provide some quality products that won’t blow a hole in ...
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Micca mb42x bookshelf speakers review

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speaker Review

Many audiophiles believe that it’s impossible to find a bookshelf speaker capable of delivering impactful sounds under 100 bucks, but Micca proves them wrong with the MB42X. Now, manufacturing quality budget bookshelf speakers is not new to Micca, but the ...
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Fluance Signature Series Review – HiFi Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker

There’s no sense denying it; the Fluance Signature Series Bookshelf Speaker is a cheap audio device. Did that stop it from getting rave reviews from audiophiles that have tried way more expensive speakers? Nope, it didn’t. Although finding a set ...
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Klipsch R-14M review - bookshelf speakers under 200

Klipsch r-14m Review

The Klipsch r-14m Bookshelf Speakers are a low cost audio solution that allows hobbyists to save cash while still acquiring a sound vibrant enough to heighten the senses and own a room with authority.  They execute exquisitely whether their primary ...
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