The Best 4000 Watt Amp in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you someone who loves to play music during long drives? Are you a self-proclaimed audiophile? Or are you someone who just wants to improve your car’s audio system? Look no further; we reviewed the best 4000 watt amp in the market for you!

What to Look For in the Best 2000 Watt Amp
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There are several different amplifier brands and models; they also come in different sizes and price tags. A 4000-watt amplifier is enough to upgrade your regular speaker by increasing its voltage and volume. You also do not need to be an expert when choosing a sound system. However, you have to be well-informed at least. Moreover, you have to know which amp best suits your car to avoid making costly mistakes.

Choosing which amp to buy could be challenging, especially if you are new to this and have no prior knowledge. For this reason, we have done the task of rounding up the best car amps and sorting the list down to the most efficient and popular models today.

What to Look For in the Best 4000 Watt Amp

What to Look For in the Best 4000 Watt Amp
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There are several factors that you have to consider before you decide to cart that 4000-watt amp in your shopping bag:

Output Power:

An amplifier’s compatibility depends on the speaker and vice-versa. If an amplifier produces lower power than what your speaker requires, it could distort the signals. Moreover, if it exceeds the power requirements of your speaker, it could damage it. That is why it is essential to look at the electrical power of an amplifier. Additionally, check how much power it can supply so you know which one best suits your subwoofer and protect it from damage.

Signal to Noise Ratio:

The contrast between noise and output signal levels is measured in decibels. Moreover, the higher the parameter, the lower the noise levels and the better the sound quality.


Many make the mistake of thinking that the more expensive the amp, the better it is. Furthermore, others blindly buy it due to the brand. We want to find the most affordable amplifier and compare it with higher-priced ones. However, we want to ensure that you get the best 4000 watt amp that offers value for money regardless of the cost.

Material Construction:

Different amps are made from different materials. An amplifier should be durable and should last you for several years. Also, you do not want to buy an amp that will wear out in a few months. What is worse is getting a damaged speaker days after hooking it up to your sound system. Additionally, check the material used for the speakers you are eyeing. Moreover, having speakers with fail-safe features is a plus.

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The 7 Best 4000-Watt Amplifiers for Your Car

We are on to the best part! You will see a list of seven of the best car amps from different brands in the market. Moreover, we have identified the top three of the best in different categories:

  1. Planet Audio AC4000.1D Class D Car AmplifierBest Value
  2. Hifonics BXX4000.1D Brutus Class D Amplifier Best Overall
  3. BOSS Audio AR4000D Class D Car Amp
  4. Lanzar Amplifier
  5. Rockville RVA-M3Best Budget
  6. Massive Audio E4 Car Amplifier
  7. Power Acoustik BAMF1-8000D Class D Monoblock Amp

1.  Planet Audio AC4000.1D Class D Car Amplifier – Best Value

Planet Audio AC4000.1D Class D Car Amplifier

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Planet Audio AC4000 is a Class D monoblock amplifier. The name monoblock comes from the fact that each channel has its power supply. This does not mean it is a single amplifier; it is a stereo amplifier with two identical amps. Also, being a Class D and among the best 4000 watt amps, it significantly reduces power loss, making it efficient. It is also small and lightweight. Moreover, it has compact circuitry and a smaller heat sink, leading to lesser power wastage.

The company designed the AC4000 for car speakers that require a power load of up to one ohm. Additionally, this amplifier comes with a strapping cable that you can use to co-join two amps, giving double power to your car’s subwoofer.

Have you been worried about your car subwoofer busting? Planet Audio AC4000.1D amplifier takes care of that with its variable subsonic filters. This subsonic filter extracts frequencies below the recommended minimum frequency of your subwoofer, allowing the subwoofer to produce quality music.

The AC4000 amp also has a variable low-pass crossover that the subwoofer uses to generate sound depending on various low-range frequencies. In addition, this enables you to set sound that matches the bass frequency reproduction.


Speaker Maximum Output Power: 7
Power Range: 6
Cost: 5
Material Construction: 6

Product Specs

Total Power Output: 4000W
Dimensions:15 × 10 × 2.4 in (L x W x H)
Weight: 11.2lbs
Technology: Class D
Remote Subwoofer Control: Yes
  • It is cheap
  • Easily powers two 10-inch kicker subwoofers
  • Produces smooth, natural resonance
  • It does not overheat
  • Resets itself to protection mode if the volume is increased

What We Liked About the Amp: Even though the Planet Audio AC4000.1D amp does not have high-level inputs, it has RCA inputs and preamp outputs. It is also effortless to install.

2.  Hifonics BXX4000.1D Brutus Class D Amplifier – Best Overall

Hifonics BXX4000.1D Brutus Class D Amplifier

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Hifonics BXX4000.1D Brutus is a monoblock Class D amp designed for car audio systems. If you are looking for good quality sound for your car speakers, the BXX4000.1D Brutus is the best 4000 watt amp to purchase. Though the amplifier is quite pricey, it makes up for its incredible features and versatility. Moreover, it is fitted with low-level RCA inputs but has no high-level inputs. Additionally, its compact size and weight make it a perfect match for small vehicles.

The BXX4000.1D has subsonic filters and a low-pass crossover. It has an Ultra-Fi MOSFET power supply that pushes power and volume to your car’s speakers. What if your speakers require more power, and a single BXX4000.1D is not enough? The answer is simple! You can combine two amps using the straps in the package. However, you have to ensure that your car’s electrical system can withstand that much power.

The Hifonics Class D amp has a total output of 4000 watts. The amp also has a variable bass boost of 0 to 10 dB. The BXX4000.1D is made of a heavy-duty aluminum alloy heatsink. In addition, the amp has a signal-to-noise ratio of less than 95 dB, ensuring your speakers perform to your liking.  Moreover, it is also fitted with RCA outputs and has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 250 Hz.


Speaker Maximum Output Power: 8
Power Range: 7
Cost: 4
Material Construction: 7

Products Specs

Total Power Output: 4000W
Dimensions:23.1 × 9.2 × 2.5in (L x W x H)
Material:Heavy-duty aluminum heatsink
Signal to Noise Ratio: >95dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz-250Hz
  • Does not overheat
  • Works as expected
  • Produces clear and loud sound
  • No high-level inputs
  • No gauge power

What We Liked About the Amp: The Hifonics BXX4000.1D has three-way protection: overload, overheat, and short circuit. Also, with its strapping capabilities, you can connect two amps and have more power supply.                                                                        

3.  BOSS Audio AR4000D Class D Car Amp

BOSS Audio AR4000D Class D Car Amp

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The BOSS Audio AR4000D car amplifier is hard-wearing and built to last. Also, BOSS Audio has invested in technology to make the amplifier durable, lightweight, and portable. Also, the weight is suitable for small cars, and you do not have to overload it. Even more incredible, the AR4000D amplifier has a dual coil voice design. So, you can pair it with two subwoofers.

The digital amplifier protection is designed to keep the amplifier from overheating. Moreover, the BOSS Audio AR4000D amp has a quarter-inch input that allows compatibility with CD, MP3, and satellite radio. Additionally, this amp also has an RCA input so you can use it with DVD players and video game consoles.

The amplifier comes with hardware for easier installation. It has a variable bass boost that lets you adjust the low bass to your liking. Also, it has a variable subsonic filter to protect your speakers by allowing the max recommended power into your subwoofers. Additionally, the variable low-pass crossover in the BOSS AUDIO AR4000 amp enables your speaker to release sound on various low-range frequencies. With this, you have the liberty to set precise specifications of resonance for the reproduction of bass frequency.


Speaker Maximum Output Power: 8
Power Range: 6
Cost: 6
Material Construction: 5

Product Specs

Total Power Output: 4000W
Max Power Output:1ohm: 4000W × 1 channel, 20hm: 2000 W × 1 channel
Dimensions:14.4 × 6.5 × 2.8in (L x W x H)
Technology:Class D
  • Does not overheat
  • Good choice if you are on a budget
  • Durable, built to last
  • Installation is easy
  • No high-level inputs
  • Power output is overrated

What We Liked About the Amp: One feature that stood out for us is that the RCA inputs and screw terminals are nickel-plated. The Boss Audio AR4000D amp is modified with LED power protection indicators which are green and red, respectively.

4.  Lanzar Amplifier

Lanzar Amplifier

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The Lanzar car amp has a regulated MOSFET power supply that controls power over a battery frequency. Its frequency response is comparable to other 4000-watt amps. Also, the amp has RCA outputs and input jacks to easily connect numerous amplifier systems without using splitter cords.

The Lanzar amp is a high-powered amp that uses the company’s latest technology that makes it stand out. Another feature that makes it the perfect car amp is the Bluetooth connection. Amazing, right? Yes, you can connect almost every Bluetooth device you have and play your favorite music from your playlist, Spotify or YouTube through a wireless connection.

Moreover, it has additional safety and security features. The amp also has surge protection and power LED  indicators that protect the amps from short-circuiting. Additionally, it has a soft turn on and off and balanced thermal overload. Experience a safe connection between your subwoofer and the amplifier without worrying about it overheating. Thus, you can enjoy the distortion-free sound with the aid of its RCA connection and speaker screw-down terminals.


Speaker Maximum Output Power: 5
Power Range: 4
Cost: 4
Material Construction: 5

Product Specs

RMS Output Power:4000W × 1ohm
Dimensions:19.29 × 8.81 × 2.24in (L x W x H)
Variable Bass Boost: 18dB
Variable Low-Pass Crossover: 50Hz-250Hz
Variable Subsonic Filter: 15Hz -40Hz
  • Easy to install
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth connection feature
  • Price is pocket friendly
  • Distortion-free resonate
  • Amazing customer service
  • Regulated MOSFET power supply
  • Sometimes the amp heats halfway to the max volume

What We Liked About the Amp: Thanks to its strapping capabilities, you can connect two Lanzar amplifiers to increase the power supply. This way, you can upgrade the performance of your car speakers.

5.  Rockville RVA-M3 – Best Budget 

Rockville RVA-M3 - Best Budget 

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The Rockville RVA-M3 is a one-ohm mono car amplifier with a metal bass remote. This 4000-watt amp powers at four-ohm and 2.5-ohm. The settings are CEA compliant and have speaker protection. The speaker protection disables the amp when a speaker blows or is disconnected. Additionally, the CEA compliance ensures that the amp has industry-standard wiring. Moreover, the amp has a radiation cooling feature that keeps the amp’s temperature balanced even in high volume without overheating.

This monoblock Class D amp features 2500 watt RMS of power and 500-watt speaker output. Also, the amp has a total harmonic distortion of less than one percent at 14.4 volts. Furthermore, the IC fully controls its protection circuitry, and you can easily adjust the bass equalizer between zero to 18 dB.

The Rockville RVA-M3 is not your ordinary amp when it comes to power conservation. It is made of a high-quality extruded aluminum heatsink. This way, the amp hardly overheats since the heatsink helps cool off the entire system. The heatsinks also provide adequate surface area for the distribution of coolant fluid.


Speaker Maximum Output Power: 7
Power Range: 6
Material Construction: 5

Product Specs

RMS Output Power:4000W
Dimensions:14 × 8.5 × 2.24in (L x W x H)
Sound to Noise Ratio: >90dB
Damping Factor: >150 at 100Hz
  • Does not heat up
  • Easy installation
  • The quality of bass produced is superb
  • Comfortably runs two 10-inch kicker subwoofers
  • Comes with different wiring options
  • Deliver clear and natural audio resonance
  • Customer service response is impressive
  • Amp suddenly turns off; it could be a manufacturing issue

What We Liked About the Amp: We liked the Rockville RVA-M3 amp because it has a bass boost knob for control. Also, it has a level remote to increase bass levels in your car audio system to your liking. Moreover, its price is also pocket-friendly, with many stores selling it below $200.

6.  Massive Audio E4 Car Amplifier

Massive Audio E4 Car Amplifier 

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The Massive Audio E4 is one of the best 4000 watt amps from the nano block series. The E4 has low-level inputs but with no high-level inputs. However, it can receive high-level signals. Unlike other 4000 watt amps, the E4 does not have RCA preamp outputs or RCA port pair amps. Additionally, the amp has a variable subsonic filter of zero to 60 Hz and variable low-pass of 60 Hz to 220 Hz.

The Massive Audio E4 is a two-channel amplifier that you can pair with another E4 for even more power. You can boost the bass levels up to 12 dB using the amplifier’s bass knob or a separate remote. Moreover, the amp has a five-way protection feature. It has four speaker outputs, which feature PWM technology, ensuring zero distortion and a more accurate bass response.

The E4 car amplifier features a MOSFET power supply, which means you get 50% more power efficiency and less heat. Additionally, the amp senses DC offset and automatically activates the Auto Turn-On (ATO) and the next generation five-way protection circuitry.


Speaker Maximum Output Power: 6
Power Range: 6
Cost: 4
Material Construction: 6

Product Specs

Dimensions:14.3 × 5.9 × 2.1in (L x W x H)
Bass Boost: 0-12dB
  • Small in size
  • Offers great bass with zero distortion
  • Can be paired with big speakers
  • Extra protection from overheating
  • Does not come with a wiring kit
  • No high-level inputs

What We Liked About the Amp: The Massive Audio is easy to install due to its small size, and it can fit in many places inside the car. It is more powerful than you would think if you judge it by its looks.

7.  Power Acoustik BAMF1-8000D 4000W Class D Monoblock

Power Acoustik BAMF1-8000D 4000W Class D Monoblock 

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Power Acoustik BAMF1-8000D is a Class D technology monoblock amp. This amplifier is easy to mount since all its inputs and controls are on one side. It is made of aluminum alloy die-cast and features a surface board circuit. Moreover, the die-cast material absorbs the heat produced by the amplifier and protects it from overheating.

The BAMF-8000D has a modulated MOSFET power supply with audiophile-grade IRTM transistors. However, if you feel the power supplied by one amp is not enough, you can increase it by pairing it with another amp. Also, you can take advantage of the amplifier’s RCA preamp outputs to pair the amps and double the power.

The amplifier has angled wire terminals to ensure safety when connecting wires. The amp has RCA low-level inputs and no high-level inputs. Furthermore, the adjustable bass boost and bass frequency give you control over your music’s bass level and loudness.

Moreover, it has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 200 Hz and a signal ratio of 100 dB. This ensures that the vibration from inside does not affect the quality of tunes produced by the amp. 


Speaker Maximum Output Power: 7
Power Range: 5
Cost: 6
Material Construction: 5

Product Specs

RMS Power Rating:4 ohms: 1800W x 1 channel, 2 ohms: 2700W x 1 channel, 1 ohm: 4000W x 1 channel
Variable low-pass filter:40Hz-200Hz
Variable Subsonic filter: 20Hz-50 Hz
Dimensions: 20 x 10.75 x 4in (L x W x H)
Material: Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy Heatsink
  • Another amp can be added to increase power
  • Amazing bass boost
  • Features several fuses for protection
  • Has two power and two ground terminals
  • Occasionally resets itself to protective mode
  • Barely overheats even in high volume
  • Occasionally resets itself to protective mode
  • No high-level inputs

What We Liked About the Amp: The one-sided controls and inputs are impressive and make mounting easy, so you can do it yourself. It also has angled wire, enabling you to hook it up so effortlessly.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best 4000 Watt Amp

What to Look for When Choosing the Best 4000 Watt Amp
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Buying the best 4000 watt amp for your car audio systems is easy. You can buy one from a store or order one from your favorite online shopping site. However, finding one that matches your car speakers could be confusing.

It is crucial to verify the features of the amp you want to purchase. Do not make the mistake of buying an amp that is incompatible with your sound system. So, save yourself from the disappointment of buying the wrong amp. Below are some of the essential features to keep in mind before buying an amp.

●    Sound to Noise Ratio

Amplifiers have a tendency to create noise. It can be due to increasing heat or stray magnetic fields. Thus, a decent 4000-watt amp should have a high sound-to-noise ratio. That way, the background noise is almost unperceived, giving you clear and uninterrupted music.

●    Power Rating

Amplifiers have two power rating measurements, the peak power, and the Root Mean Square (RMS) power rating. The peak power measures the amount of energy produced by the amp over a short time. The RMS measures how much continuous power an amp can comfortably produce without getting damaged. Moreover, look at the RMS power rating, not the peak power, when choosing an amp. That will give you the actual power rating of the amp.

●    Durability

The durability of an amp would be determined by the material used to construct it. An amp made from aluminum alloy could last longer than one made from steel. Also, heatsink material will protect your amp from heating by trapping in heat, thus producing more power.

●    Quality Over Price

Price does not always determine the quality of the amp. Most 4000 watt amps are expensive. However, you can get a cheaper model with high power ratings to power your car’s speakers. Also, depending on how much you are willing to pay for the amp, get yourself a superior quality amp within your budget.

●    Warranty

Enquire if the amplifier model you want to purchase is under warranty. Get an amp that has a warranty period of at least one year. Moreover, some brands also have a return policy on their amps. It will guarantee you repair services if the amp develops a problem. Also, you can get a replacement if the amp does not work as promised.

●    Size

Choose an amp depending on where you plan to place it in your car. Amps come in different sizes; some are wide while others are compact. Some models are too big that they can only fit in the trunk. In addition, go for the smaller models if you want an amp you can quickly fix under your car seat.

●    RCA Preamp Outputs

Consider an amp with RCA preamp outputs if your car has multiple speakers that require more power. Thus, pairing two amps gives more power output for your speakers. If you are unsure which amps to pair, you can always ask the store or head to forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided answers to questions you will most likely encounter when looking for an amplifier for your car.

How many batteries do I need for a 4000-watt amp?

A 1000-watt amp requires one 12-volt battery. Therefore, a 4000-watt amp will need four 12-volt batteries.

How many RMS is a 4000-watt crunch amp?

A 4000-watt crunch amp has three RMS power ratings: 4 ohms at 1000 watts by 1 channel, 2 ohms at 2000 watts by 1 channel, and one ohm at 4000 watts by 1 channel.

Why do you need a car amp?

A car amp upgrades your car’s audio system. These amplifiers send car audio signals to the speakers, letting out high-quality bass. Cars have speakers, but they are not as efficient as an external amp in producing superior sound.

What do you do with old stereo equipment?

You can dispose of the equipment in hazardous waste designated areas. If the equipment is in good condition, you can donate it to an organization or an individual that may need it. Also, you can take it to the recycling plants for recycling. Moreover, you can also sell the stereo equipment to a pawn shop near you.

What is the difference between analog and digital sound?

Analog audio is produced by converting electric current into magnetic imprints on a magnetic tape. In contrast, digital audio is produced by recording different audio wave values multiple times per second.

What is the best wiring kit?

Wiring kits come in various forms and types. Moreover, a good wiring kit can transmit and receive signals from your stereo. A wiring kit should also have a pre-out to help you connect RCAs to transmitters. If it does not have the pre-outs, it should have inputs to connect with other wire speakers.

What wattage soundbar do I need?

Regular soundbars use 20 watts to 50 watts on their own. The wattage will increase if you add speakers and subwoofers. Additionally, the wattage soundbar you need will be determined by the number of speakers or subwoofers you add.

Where can I mount my amp?

Two of the safest places to mount an amp are in the trunk or under a car seat. These two places are most suitable because an amp requires an airy space to prevent overheating.

What wiring do I need for my amp?

Amps do not come with the necessary wiring. However, you can purchase an amp wiring kit from the stores to hook your amp.

How can I increase my amp’s wattage?

You can increase the wattage by pairing two amplifiers, thus doubling the power supply.


Audiophiles would agree that a good amplifier gives life to your music. Surround yourself with superior-quality sound, better audio, and deep bass with an amp. What other better way to do that than getting yourself the best 4000 watt amp?

Car amplifiers have gained global popularity because of their versatility and efficiency in creating better audio. Also, the main requirement for a great amp, which sounds excellent and is highly transparent, is not lots of power but high-efficiency loudspeakers. This is because the output voltage obtained is high while the output current remains low. Moreover, the more an amp uses its power supply to boost loudspeaker efficiency, the more power it gets.

Expert Tip

To avoid frustrations while connecting an amp to your speaker, ensure you get the right type and dimensions. You do not have to pay more to acquire a high-quality amp. Thus, buy the one within your budget, provided that it is a perfect match for your speakers.

Did You Know?

Did you know that most RMS amp ratings are overrated? You will only know this if you perform a dyno test. You will realize some amps do not come close to the RMS advertised. Furthermore, it would be wise to test your amp against your speaker to ensure it will work.

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