Best 8 Inch Subwoofer in 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

What is Bass?

Bass consists of different types of low frequencies that can each contain different properties. This may not be evident when listening with low-quality audio equipment. One thing to take away from this is that bass is a sound that has a relatively wide frequency range.

If you get an excellent subwoofer, that subwoofer is capable of producing a bass’ full range. That’s why subwoofers elevate the listening experience. It provides depth to the audio and even gives more options when it comes to sound customization.

Producing bass requires so much power. That’s why the bass moves the cabinet and produces a pounding movement. This is because of the large drivers that are inside the subwoofer. Subwoofers may come in 8, 10, or 12-inch drivers.

What to Look for in a Sub?

Buyers’ Guide What to Look for in a Sub?
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It’s important to know what you want from your 8 inch subwoofer to choose the right one for you. Several important factors may affect your decision-making.


– To identify the power a sub produces, pay attention to RMS power ratings, not the peak power. The RMS power rating measures continuous power handling output and is closer to the actual listening experience than peak power.


– Power and sensitivity work together to achieve the maximum output. Remember that a sub with a high sensitivity rating needs less power to produce loud sounds you can get from other subs with a lower sensitivity rating.

Frequency range

– This is what tells you how low or deep the bass can get. Even an 8 inch unit can have an impressive frequency response. Take note of the Hz ranges of these different 8 inch subwoofers. Usually, the lower the Hz, the more bass you will get from your unit.

Enclosure type

– The enclosure affects the sound quality. There are two types: a ported or sealed enclosure. If you want to get accurate, deep bass, go for the sub with a sealed enclosure. If you want a louder sound with thunderous bass, go for one with a ported enclosure.

Single or dual voice coils

– There’s a single voice coil or SVC and dual voice coils or DVC. A single voice coil unit only supports one specific ohms rating, so it is not as versatile as a dual voice coil unit. On the other hand, dual voice coils give you more wiring options to connect your subs with amps allowing you to hit the correct impedance loads you need for the best sound possible.


– This is an important factor when sub and amp matching. There are correct matches that will give you the best possible sound quality.

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Best 8 Inch Subwoofer

An 8 inch subwoofer is a good choice because of its affordability and size. This is for those working with tight spaces and who have a limited budget. In this article, you’ll know which of these is the best 8 inch subwoofer, has good power handling and delivers a punchy bass despite its small design.

The products included have been proven and tested by bass lovers and are known for their quality. Expect them to be reliable in doing their job in giving superior sound production. Build quality and long-term durability are also factored in. The recommendations in this article are all made with high-quality materials that will surely last a long time.

1. Best Overall: Polk Audio PSW111 Compact Powered 8 inch Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW111 Compact Powered 8 inch SubwooferCheck Latest Price

Polk Audio PSW111 Compact Powered 8 inch Subwoofer Product Specs

Power output:150 Watts RMS/300 Watts peak power
Weight:21 lbs
Materials:Dynamic Balance composite cone driver, solid MDF cabinet
Dimensions:14 x 11 x 12.2 in


  • Performance: 10
  • Sound: 9
  • Value for Money: 10
  • Product Quality: 9

This is the best 8 inch subwoofer for home theaters or audio systems. Polk is a reliable brand for loudspeakers, and their 8 inch subwoofers, the PSW111 models, hold the same reputation. This compact subwoofer has a beautiful design. The design feels luxe and the materials used are high quality. It will definitely look good with your setup.

Its best features are its automatic open and off feature and the customizable audio controls. It works well with other loudspeakers. Expect that there will be no distortions in the sound, even in higher volumes. Some cons include the bass not being as punchy, but it’s still a good bass boost. The frequency response is not low.

Both cons are also mostly unnoticeable, especially for an average user. Overall, this is the best of the best 8 inch subwoofer you could get for your home entertainment setup. It is good to use for casual movie watching and music listening.

  • compact and punchy
  • loud and clear sounds
  • high-efficiency
  • good looking build
  • sleek design
  • good connectivity options
  • The capacitors are known to break
  • Polk does not have the best customer service should you have an issue

Polk’s a reliable brand overall. You can expect excellent craftsmanship when it comes to this subwoofer. Furthermore, it comes at a good price that is just right for the quality and performance you will get from the unit. Finally, it is stylish but functional.

2. KEF KUBE 8b Subwoofer

KEF KUBE 8b SubwooferCheck Latest Price

KEF KUBE 8b Subwoofer Product Specs

Power output:300 Watts RMS
Weight:24.6 lbs
Materials:acoustic suspension (sealed) cabinet design
Dimensions:11.6 x 11.6 x 11.6 in


  • Performance: 10
  • Sound: 9
  • Value for Money: 7
  • Product Quality: 9

With regards to power, this is may be an alternative to the Polk Audio PSW111. The only downside is that it is twice the price of the PSW111. However, it is a little bit punchier and louder. The KEF KUBE 8b is also good for watching movies and listening to music.

If you have a few hundred dollars more to spare and you want to upgrade your entertainment system’s sound quality, this might be for you. This is an active/powered subwoofer which means it has an amplifier built-in which is a good plus!

The KEF KUBE is a fairly good-looking subwoofer. It’s not that hard to blend it in your home to match the interior of your house. The only real con is the price.

It can be a little expensive for what it offers since the frequency response range is quite narrow, and although the amplifier is strong, remember that it is only an 8 inch. It’s still not comparable to subwoofers with larger drivers but is definitely one of the best 8 inch subwoofers.

  • It elevates how immersive the sound will be
  • Sleek and classy design
  • Easy to use because of the flexible connectivity options
  • High-end and well built.
  • One of the most expensive choices on this list

The KEF KUBE sub ticks off all the boxes on what a good subwoofer should be but at a cost. This sleek and stylish unit boasts impressive performance and amazing quality of sound as an active/powered subwoofer with its built-in amplifier.

3. Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer

Audioengine S8 250W Powered SubwooferCheck Latest Price

Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer Product Specs

Power output:125 Watts RMS/250 Watts peak power
Weight:30 lbs
Materials:anti-resonant steel frame and heavy-duty rubber speaker surround
Dimensions:11.25 x 11.25 x 11.25 in


  • Performance:8
  • Sound: 8
  • Value for Money: 10
  • Product Quality: 8

This is a great option for gaming purposes. This subwoofer shines with a separate speaker. If you spend a lot more time on your desk than on your TV set, it might be worth grabbing this sub. It will definitely add a more immersive experience when playing as it adds depth even if it is a softer sound.

Aside from gaming, of course, you could also use it when playing music or streaming movies and shows on your computer. It is a viable sub for gaming consoles, record players, and TVs as well. The multiple inputs make it easy to hook it up with any device.

A feature it has that shines is its auto sleep energy-saving function. Again, that’s why it’s perfect for desktop use. Its compact form also makes it perfect for any desk setup as it’s easy to keep in the background and keep your computer the star of the show. It’s worth mentioning that being a powered sub, the Audioengine S8 already has a built-in amp. The price isn’t too bad too.

  • Simple design but still amazing build quality
  • Provides low, tight, and smooth, and loud bass
  • Works with many devices such as turntables, powered or passive speakers, televisions, cd or DVD players, and video game consoles—basically all devices with a 1/8″ mini-jack or RCA outputs.
  • Audioengine is a trusted brand that builds quality speakers.
  • Too small for a whole-room setup

Compact and simple, this subwoofer is the answer to your prayers if you’re looking to perfect your desktop setup. It provides tight and smooth bass that will be the finishing touch to your gaming or editing workspace.

4. Best Compact Car Subwoofer: Pioneer TS-SWX2002 8 inch shallow mount pre-loaded enclosure

Pioneer TS-SWX2002 8 inch shallow mount pre-loaded enclosureCheck Latest Price

Pioneer TS-SWX2002 8 inch shallow mount pre-loaded enclosure Product Specs

Power output:150 Watts RMS/600 Watts peak power
Weight:5.17 Kilograms
Materials:IMPP – Composite cone, Elastic Polymer surround
Dimensions:21.31 x 37.31 x 32 cm


  • Performance: 10
  • Sound: 9
  • Value for Money: 10
  • Product Quality: 9

Now, this car subwoofer is no doubt one of the best 8 inch subwoofers. This unit has an oversized cone structure and is perfect for a shallow and compact sub. It is also fairly easy to install since it does not require any specific modifications. The quality is certainly good enough to blast music for hours and hours during a road trip.

Do note that the Pioneer TS-SWX2002 only performs extremely well in smaller cars. It may lack power and volume when placed in bigger cars. However, you can modify it to gain more volume, but it defeats this sub’s quick and easy cob. Another downside, compared to other models in the same price range, it’s not the most powerful one you can find. But it’s still up on the list.

  • Tight bass even from a shallow compact design
  • Fair pricing
  • Reliable performance
  • Excellent build quality that features carpeted, non-slip, and scratch-resistant enclosure surface.
  • It may not be strong enough for larger cars
  • Not as powerful as other subwoofers

Elevate any road trip you go on starting today with this car subwoofer. Its compact design makes it unobtrusive in smaller spaces. If you’re a casual music listener, this will be the best choice to bump up your experience as a beginner.

5. Skar Audio Dual 8-inch SDR Series

Skar Audio Dual 8-inch SDR SeriesCheck Latest Price

Skar Audio Dual 8-inch SDR Series Product Specs

Power output:700 Watts RMS/1,400 Watts peak power (pair)
Weight:53.2 Kilograms
Materials:Premium Vented Enclosure Made of 5/8″ MDF and Finished in Black Carpeting
Dimensions:18.5 x 14 x 27.5 in


  • Performance: 10
  • Sound: 9
  • Value for Money: 10
  • Product Quality: 9

Now, if you want the best car subwoofer to really elevate the quality of your car audio systems to the next level, this might be for you. This beast is mighty. Expect high performance because this dual voice coil unit boasts up to 700 Watts RMS power and peak power handling as high as 1400 Watts. You will definitely get enough bass boost to shake your car.

If you want a subwoofer that is chest-thumping and hard-hitting, you need this installed in your car ASAP! There will be minimal distortion in the sound produced because of the wide frequency range. Whatever song you listen to, it will be clear, and it sure sounds amazing. It is a worthy entry in our list of the best 8 inch subwoofers on the market.

This subwoofer is boxed in a wooden enclosure. This sub is beautiful and incredibly easy to install despite its size. All you need is an amplifier that you can connect it to, and it works. You can also buy this sub with an optional amplifier kit which makes the buying process really easy—no need to look for other amplifiers.

You skip the part where you have to research what amplifier works with your sub. Tasks like that are boring, especially to those who aren’t that techie and too specific with their equipment. Since the Pioneer TS-SWX2002 is the recommendation for compact cars, the Skar Audio Dual 8 inch, on the other hand, is what you want if you have a big car such as an SUV.

  • a really powerful sub
  • easy to install
  • premium build
  • attractive design
  • compact in size despite being having a superior bass output
  • May have too much power for smaller cars
  • It is better for those who have more space and may be unnecessary for smaller vehicles

If you want s sub that’ll blow you away, this is the one. This unit is not only a powerful one but a stylish one as well. Boasting its wooden enclosure, it really is a unit that will live up to its name when it comes to performance, as well as big cars are no problem for this subwoofer.

6. Best Overall Car Sub: Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 8 inch subwoofer

Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 8 inch SubwooferCheck Latest Price

Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 8 inch Subwoofer Product Specs

Power output:400 Watts RMS/800 Watts peak power
Weight:17.9 lbs
Materials:Copper voice coil, custom tooled basket, competition-grade paper cone, high roll foam surround
Dimensions:9.50 x 9.50 x 8.00 in


  • Performance: 10
  • Sound: 10
  • Value for Money: 8
  • Product Quality: 9

For overall best car audio subwoofer, this is what you want. This subwoofer can cater to different needs. It is high-powered and well made. With 400 Watts RMS power, you’ll be getting big bass and big volume. Extremely reliable for that bass boost that you want and need. The Skar Audio VVX-8V3 is well made. Expect to use this sub for a really long time. Definitely worth your money!

One of the unique features it has is its advanced cooling system. You can’t find that in any other sub in the market. You don’t have to worry about overheating, blowing out, and being worn out. You can use it whenever you like without having to think about ruining your audio gear.

Play loud music for as long as you like! This is the number one 8 inch car audio subwoofer available right now. The only downside is that it might not be a good option for beginners since it needs a custom-built enclosure. But, if you have the resources, this is a good car subwoofer, especially for advanced audio enthusiasts.

  • high performance
  • competition grade
  • well made
  • compact size
  • highly efficient cooling system
  • Simplistic design
  • Requires a custom-built enclosure

If you’ve got a trained ear and you’ve been in the audiophile game for some time, this is the car subwoofer for you. You don’t have to worry about damaging this subwoofer due to overheating or blowing out, but the quality of sound is superb and powerful with 400W RMS.

7. Best Budget Car Sub: Bazooka BT8024DVC BT Series Subwoofer

Bazooka BT8024DVC BT Series SubwooferCheck Latest Price

Bazooka BT8024DVC BT Series Subwoofer Product Specs

Power output:400 Watts peak power
Weight:15.45 lbs
Materials:passive bass tube enclosure with dual voice coils
Dimensions:19 x 8.6 x 10.1 in


  • Performance: 8
  • Sound: 8
  • Value for Money: 8
  • Product Quality: 9

Unlike other car subwoofers in this list, the enclosure of the Bazooka BT024DVC BT is tubular in shape. That design is to improve the sound pressure to produce powerful sound no matter what you play. The con of the design is that not everyone digs the shape.

It is slightly heavy, however, it is effortless to mount. The price point is also the reason why this sub is on the list. This sub is incredibly inexpensive. It’s also versatile as it is suitable for almost any vehicle—definitely a decent choice in its price range. The immersive surround sound experience is decent. Do note that this is a passive sub.

  • Includes mounting straps for easy installation and secure mounting
  • High efficiency
  • Passive Bass Tubes enclosure with dual voice coils
  • Corner-loading optimization provides maximum bass performance
  • Is a passive subwoofer that still needs to be powered by an amplifier

The Bazooka subwoofer is a budget-friendly option for those who want powerful sound without spending a powerful amount. It is one of the more innovative entries on the list with its unique design to perform and provide loud bass.

8. JBL Stage 810 8 inch Subwoofer

JBL Stage 810 8 inch SubwooferCheck Latest Price

JBL Stage 810 8 inch Subwoofer Product Specs

Power output:200 Watts RMS/800 Watts peak power
Weight:2 lbs
Materials:polypropylene woofer cone with hi-roll rubber surround
Dimensions:10.63 x 10.63 x 5.51 in


  • Performance: 9
  • Sound: 8
  • Value for Money: 10
  • Product Quality: 8

This is the best option for those on a budget. The build quality on this 8 inch sub is amazing. JBL as a brand itself has a good reputation–you know that they’re reliable. Expect loud and clear sound with this bad boy. It’s unbelievable how inexpensive it is for the performance it brings. You can use this sub for both cars and an entertainment system!

You do need to provide your own enclosure since it doesn’t come in one. There is something good about that, though. It makes the JBL stage 810 a good replacement for stock factory speakers and worn-out audio components. Just take out the old one from your old subwoofer box or cabinet and then install this sub. It is a good upgrade because it fits a high-quality polypropylene cone and rubber surround.

This is unlike any factory set that you can get. That material makes the sub last longer compared to others. You won’t be thinking about damage or burnout for a long time. This thing sounds amazing. You do not need a premium amplifier with this. Distortion is basically non-existent when listening to any music or when watching any show. You can enjoy anything with it.

  • Produces high output with minimal distortion
  • Power handling capability of up to 800 watts peak power or 200W RMS
  • Sleek design
  • It needs a custom enclosure
  • Not the most powerful output

The JBL stage 810 is your go-to when you need to replace any stock audio components. It’s an east-to-install subwoofer that is a step up from components that come with your vehicle because of its improvement in materials. Even if it may seem like a glorified replacement part, it still has great output with minimum distortion and powerful handling at 200W RMS.

9. Boss Audio Systems Elite BE8D 8 inch car subwoofer

Boss Audio Systems Elite BE8D 8 inch car subwooferCheck Latest Price

Boss Audio Systems Elite BE8D 8 inch car subwoofer Product Specs

Power output:600 Watts peak power
Weight:‎4.47 lbs
Materials:Aluminum dual voice coils, Polypropylene cone, Butyl Rubber surround
Dimensions:9 x 9 x 4.3 in


  • Performance: 8
  • Sound: 9
  • Value for Money: 8
  • Product Quality: 8

Another good option for those who are looking for an affordable 8 inch car subwoofer. This dual voice coil sub provides decent performance and builds quality. Not as good as the JBL Stage 810, but it will still get the job done. It’s just weird that it’s a little bit more expensive than the JBL, but it’s still mighty for its price range. It’s still an improvement compared to a stock car sound system.

  • Well made and high-quality build
  • Made with durable materials
  • Attractive design
  • The voice coils can withstand high temperatures while maintaining their strength.
  • More expensive but less powerful than other entries on this list

The Boss subwoofer highlights its high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a sub that will allow you to enjoy your music better while on the road, this is a great choice because you’ll be able to enjoy it for far longer, thanks to the time and effort put into its construction.

10. Most Powerful Car Sub: CT Sounds 8 inch car audio subwoofer

CT Sounds 8 inch car audio subwooferCheck Latest Price

CT Sounds 8 inch car audio subwoofer Product Specs

Power output:600 Watts RMS/1,200 Watts peak power
Weight:‎25 lbs
Materials:Competition mega foam surround, 5% carbon fiber reinforced cone, signature CT Sounds chrome low carbon iron bottom plate
Dimensions:11 x 11 x 11 in


  • Performance: 10
  • Sound: 9
  • Value for Money: 10
  • Product Quality: 8

Suppose you want the best of the best for your car. Here it is. This is what you want to get. This is by far the most powerful 8 inch subwoofer on the market. It’s so good that it can outperform other subs that are dual-preloaded enclosures. It can produce the same volume output as many 18-inch subwoofers. What else would you want?

A really powerful sub in a really compact size. The price isn’t that bad too. Some subs that aren’t as good are more expensive than the CT Sounds, which says a lot. The only con for his is that it is prone to overheat, and it’s heavy. But for all the pros it offers. It’s certainly worth it and the best.

  • A really powerful sub
  • Competition grade
  • Excellent and superior looking design
  • Great sound
  • Heavy and prone to overheating

From the materials to the sound quality to the power output, the CT Sounds subwoofer may confuse you because it performs like a much larger subwoofer. However, this has great value for money and would definitely not be a wrong purchase should you make this your choice of subwoofer.

Buyer’s Guide

Where do you place a subwoofer?

Buyer's Guide for the best 8 inch subwoofer

A subwoofer can elevate the sound quality of your audio system. However, the positioning or where you place your subwoofer also affects the performance, so sound adjustments and experimenting with audio frequencies are necessary.

Bad placement may cause a problem called room modes wherein the low frequency is amplified in your room, making it more prominent than the other sound layers. This often happens if the subwoofer is too close to a corner or even a wall. Another problem is called bass traps. Bass traps mean the bass that your subwoofer produces appears to be “thin” because of where it is located in the room.

Subwoofers send sound in circles, and it’s dispersed in all directions, so theoretically, it can be placed anywhere. There are just some locations that can make the output a lot better. This is because the bass sound will remain clear until it reaches your ears, but it affects the audio signal and causes distortion in the sound if it encounters obstacles or passes interference.

A good tip in positioning your subwoofer is to avoid setting it in corners or placing it by a wall. It is not advisable to hide it inside a cabinet, shelf, or console table. Some people don’t like how it looks or additional wire clutter, so it might be tempting to hide it away. Don’t do it!

By putting it somewhere that encloses it, you’re adding another extra box that is unnecessary to the subwoofer’s performance. It hinders the signal from arriving at you undistorted. Blockage or interference distorts the bass sound! The cabinet that houses the subwoofer is designed for music and positively influences the sound. Subwoofers tend to cause vibrations. You don’t want stuff on your shelf, cabinet, or console table moving around.

An easy and simple way to tell you where to place your subwoofer is just to place it in front of the room or at the back of the room. You can use calibration systems and measuring systems which can be complicated, but that’s how to figure out the placement professionally. Newer and more advanced subwoofer models now have their own measurement and equalization system!

Sometimes the room may be the problem or what you can improve on. If that’s the case, then that’s what you call an acoustically poor room. The quality of the subwoofer to produce clean and accurate bass can also be ensured by having a room with acoustic treatment. You can put acoustic panels, diffusers, and bass traps to improve your room’s acoustics.

What kind of subwoofer should you get?

Best Subwoofers Under 200 USD
Photo by Con Se on Unsplash

There are two main types of subwoofers. Passive and Active/Powered. A passive sub is a subwoofer that does not have a built-in amplifier, and a powered sub is subwoofer is a sub that has a built-in amplifier. Whether or not you have an amplifier, this is a good place to start. Aside from that…

If you’re buying a subwoofer for a car’s audio system, there are a couple of different types to choose from.

Component Subwoofer

-A component sub is just the speaker itself. It still needs to be mounted or installed in a subwoofer box, and you need an external amplifier to power the sub. Component subs come in a range of sizes and also vary with the power rating it has. Building a component sub allows you to pick different impedance and voice coils setups.

Enclosed Sub

– This is a sub that already comes in its own sealed enclosure. There’s no need to build a system, so you save time and effort. The downside of getting an enclosed sub is that you only have a limited option to choose from. You also need an external amplifier to power the sub.

Powered sub

– This is definitely what you want if you want to save space. It’s compact because it already has a woofer and amplifier built-in. It’s easy to install since you’re only dealing with one thing. Powered subs are reliable in producing decent bass and a quality subwoofer. Still, their smaller drivers and amplifiers my not provide the loud sounds that some look for in a car audio system. If you want thunderous bass, this may not be for you.

Vehicle-specific sub

– This is either powered or unpowered. A vehicle-specific sub is designed to blend with your car’s interior. The sub will be installed strategically so that it matches well with the car. Again, not the best for bass lovers out there who wants a big bass with intense sound. But like the powered sub, it definitely improves the audio performance car’s sound system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a speaker and a subwoofer?

What are Subwoofers and Why Do You Need One? | Klipsch

Speakers are designed to be an output for the sound or audio that your device produces. Unlike speakers, subwoofers are only able to produce bass. As discussed earlier, the subwoofer takes care of the low-frequency side of the audio while speakers only deal with mid and high tones. That’s why you need a subwoofer with your speakers because these are made to work together.

Regular speakers can never FULLY reproduce everything. Pushing it to the limit causes stress which is bad for your equipment.

Where can you use subwoofers?

Many people actually avoid using subwoofers because they can be big and clunky. Some may also think that these add to wire clutter they’ll have to deal with. But the pros of getting a subwoofer are far greater than its cons.

Listening to the music itself is a form of entertainment, and to some, they even consider it a form of relaxation. You can also add it to your workstation or home office, especially if you like to work with music or listen to music to relax during breaks when you work. If you constantly listen to music, upgrading your setup will no doubt make your listening experience better.

Using subwoofers can also allow you to utilize your audio equipment to its maximum potential. And if you have a budget to mid-range setup, a subwoofer can stretch its capacity and produce even better sound.

Adding a subwoofer can definitely improve a car’s audio system as well. The factory speakers that come stock in cars are often not the best, especially when producing low frequencies because car speakers are small and cramped in a small space.

The waves that the bass creates are really long and can produce high-quality sound, but there should be enough space for it behind the drivers. That is the reason why subwoofer cabinets are really huge, and that’s why most car speakers do not have subwoofers built-in.

Do you need a subwoofer?

Buying a subwoofer can be expensive. However, it is surely a worthwhile investment! You can get bass from speakers but subwoofers are the only equipment that can produce correct and clean bass. Getting a subwoofer relieves your speakers from necessary stress.

This prolongs the life of your speakers. If you have nice, high quality, and not to mention expensive speakers, don’t you want to take care of these and keep them in really nice working condition?

Sometimes it’s not a question if you need a subwoofer but rather how many do you need! Multiple subwoofers allow you to distribute the bass better. Positioning and placement are important when it comes to subwoofers but more on that later!

How does adding a subwoofer improve your audio setup?

Even though subwoofers are designed to solely produce low-frequency sounds, a high-quality sub will improve the overall sound quality even if it’s for your car’s stereo system. Therefore, use a subwoofer for optimum performance if you want your audio system’s sound production to be the best possible sound.


Using a subwoofer, even an 8 inch one, allows you to “feel” the deep end of the sound. Listening to music is one thing, but feeling it is a different experience! “Feeling” the music makes you want to dance to it, nodding your head with the rhythm, tapping your hand or foot to the beat. Music like hip-hop, rap, EDM, or pop is good but even better with good bass!

Even when watching movies, bass makes you “feel” the sound. Thriller, horror, and action movies are come alive with good bass! With this list of the best 8 inch subwoofers, you can a step closer to adding to the thrill, make what you’re watching scarier, and your action even more exciting.

Expert Tip

Get More Out of Your Bass

If you’ve opted for a subwoofer that may not be boasting the biggest frequency response numbers, there is a great way to get more bass. Experts will say that optimal placement is a few feet away from your walls or a tight space. This is because the sound becomes too “boomy,” but it may be a good idea to do just this if you want extra power and booming sound for little to no cost.

Did You Know?

Buyer's Guide for Best 8 Inch Subwoofer

For the movie Earthquake (1874), Universal Pictures made use of their model called Senssurround, which let film-goers experience more enhanced audio. The deeper bass and even the feel of these low-frequency sounds was a hit with the audience. This led Earthquake (1974) to become one of the highest-grossing films of that year and Sessurround winning a special Academy Award.

Bestseller No. 2
Skar Audio EVL-8 D4 8" 1200 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer
  • Peak Power: 1,200 Watts | RMS Power: 600 Watts
  • 2.5" Dual 4-ohm High Temperature 4-Layer Copper Voice Coil with Black...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Planet Audio AC8D 8 Inch Car Subwoofer - 1200 Watts Maximum Power, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually
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