Best All in One Stereo System with Turntable – Classic and Modern Altogether

Old school turntables are having a comeback, and the best all-in-one stereo system with turntable brings the best of both worlds.

These all-inclusive turntables come with a couple of excellent features like built-in speakers that can produce concert-quality sound without having to use an external speaker. Plus, they are now available in a gorgeous and vintage build, but also a compact construction to offer great portability.

Check out some of the best affordable record player with built in speakers available hot in the market right now.

Audio Technica ATLP120USB

Audio-Technica ATLP120USB

Our Rating: 88/100


  • Impressive overall performance and quality
  • High-quality sound
  • Upgradeable cartridge and stylus
  • Includes software and a removable dust cover


  • Only plays with one speaker sometimes

Audio Technica is famous for its quality stereo systems, and this Audio Technica ATLP 120 offers a professional stereo quality unlike any other. This one of the all in one stereo system with turntable is built with a high-torque motor and a direct drive mechanism. This manual turntable has excellent quality at playing 33, 45, and 78 RPM.

What’s even more excellent about this turntable is it offers a direct output connection to the computer for easy and quick plug-and-play use. It’s an overall excellent choice for a turntable upgrade that can produce concert-quality sound from a professional-looking cast aluminum platter. Plus, it comes with a lot of playback control features like forward and reverse operation, quartz speed lock, variable pitch control, and a stroboscopic platter with a speed indicator. This is definitely one of the best affordable record player with built in speakers.

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Teac LP-R550 USB Record Player

Teac LP-R550USB

Our Rating: 82/100


  • Bluetooth capable
  • With digital radio and multiple presets
  • Alarm and playback features through the LCD screen
  • Great built-in speakers


  • no recording functionality

Teac is excellent when it comes to incorporating modern and vintage features, especially in this Teac LP-R550 USB Turntable. It can provide an all-in-one, and exclusive experience with its sapphire tipped stylus and diamond needles. This turntable can play all vinyl record players without any problem at all.

This turntable also comes with a fully digital CD and radio players, plus a built-in LCD screen. But more than that, it comes with a hoard of other impressive features as well, such as shuffle options, programmable repeat, and both 20 AM and 20 FM stations for the radio.

The built-in speakers for this all-in-one stereo system with turntable come with excellent sound quality, and with Bluetooth capabilities.

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Crosley CR704D-PA Turntable

 Crosley CR704D-PA

Our Rating: 80/100


  • Supports three different rpm speeds
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Beautiful vintage hardwood exterior
  • Versatile turntable
  • Compatible with an auxiliary cable


  • no built-in audio recording
  • The stylus is not replaceable

Crosley is excellent when it comes to combining gorgeous vintage design with impressive modern features, especially in this Crosley CR704D-PA turntable. It is one of the best all-in-one stereo systems with turntable in the market that can play to 7, 10, and 12-inch records and with built-in speakers to boot.

One of the defining features of this turntable is its gorgeous exterior. It has a shiny hardwood build and sheen vintage Paprika veneer and comes with a diamond stylus. But more than that, it is equipped with two built-in stereo speakers for a full-bodied and high-quality sound. The quality wooden frame of this stereo system also helps how perfectly the tenor comes out. The turntable also features a built-in CD and cassette player.

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Buying Guide:
Finding The Best Affordable Record Player with Built-in Speakers and Turntable

All-in-one turntables come in different designs and build quality, as well as price range. Depending on the budget and personal preferences, here’s a simple guide in choosing affordable and the best all in one stereo system with turntable.

Manual vs. Automatic

Turntables can either be manual or automatic when it comes to the method in placing the needle on or off the record. Manual turntables require to have the needle places on the record before it can play. Automatic systems, one the other hand, will only require a push of a button and not placing the needle yourself. There is also a semi-automatic system that requires manual setting of the needle, but it automatically lifts off when the record ends.

Analog vs. Digital

All-in-one stereo systems with turntable can also either be analog or digital, in reference to the features it comes with. Check out some digitized features like Bluetooth compatibility and USB ports. Some turntables might also feature download cards, which allows them to record playbacks in real-time.

Rotational Speeds

The rotational speeds for turntables are measured through their RPM rates or revolutions per minute. Most all-in-one turntables have the capacity to play in three different speeds; 45 RPM for 7-inch records, 33RPM for 12-inch records, and 78 RPM for 10-inch records.

An affordable record player with built in speakers is an excellent choice for listening to old school but favorite vinyl records. It’s the best of both worlds, combining a gorgeous vintage system equipped with modern and digital platforms for convenience. When choosing for the best all-in-one stereo system with turntable, it is important to consider its overall quality, especially in build and the quality of sound it can produce. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to