Fluance Signature Series Review – HiFi Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker

Fluance-Signature-Series--bookself-speaker-review-under-200There’s no sense denying it; the Fluance Signature Series Bookshelf Speaker is a cheap audio device.

Did that stop it from getting rave reviews from audiophiles that have tried way more expensive speakers? Nope, it didn’t.

Although finding a set of decent bookshelf speakers that don’t cost a fortune may seem like an impossible task, it’s actually quite feasible, and Fluance’s Signature series bookshelf speaker is the best example of that.

Interested in knowing more about this loudspeaker? View our pros and cons, then, read on!

Fluance Signature Series Bookshelf Speaker: Pros and Cons


Review Pros
  • Well-detailed highs
  • Attractive exterior design
  • Excellent value for the money


Review Cons
  • The low end is a bit poor

Exterior Design and Build Quality

Despite its low price point, the HiFi bookshelf speaker from Fluance looks pretty attractive with a nice fit and finish. According to Fluance, this loudspeaker can be used either as a stereo pair in a traditional HiFi setup that can fit on any shelf or desk with ease or as part of the Signature Series Package. It measures 8.3 inches tall by 7.9 inches wide by 12.8 inches deep. If you’re not too good with numbers, those are perfect dimensions for any small room, even a cramped one.

The design resembles that of other loudspeakers in the signature series, with a bright yellow woofer and a smooth neodymium tweeter just above it. Additionally, these loudspeakers boast 5-inch midrange drivers that are made of woven glass fiber with a black pointed dome center, which adds to the fun, modern look of the pair. In a nutshell, no matter which HiFi setup or room décor you have, these bookshelf speakers will fit in just nicely.

Fluance Signature Series Sound Quality

Let’s address the screaming elephant in the room; how good is Fluance’s bookshelf speaker underneath all the fancy looks?

As it turns out, it’s pretty good, which is to be expected from a product coming from Fluance, the big Canadian HiFi company.


The detail in the high-end in this speaker is just impressive, unlike most budget bookshelf speakers that offer an aggressive, overly-bright treble. Granted, these speakers have a certain level of brightness, but they’re far from being harsh or aggressive, no matter the genre you prefer. If you’re a folk and classical person, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed, as that’s where these speakers show their big guns.


Unfortunately, these speakers aren’t as competent when it comes to low-end. As you know, delivering impactful bass requires a well-thought cabinet design coupled with powerful components, which is why it’s hard to find low-priced speakers that put out perfect bass.

Fluance’s bookshelf speakers, despite their size, don’t have much space inside the cabinets, which is why the remarkable detail that you find when playing high frequency will almost vanish when you switch to low ones. As it turns out, the 5-inch woofer and the piddly bass ports on the front panel aren’t that capable when it comes to the bass.

Don’t let that discourage you though, as it’s a matter of expectations. As we mentioned, it’s hard to find speakers that deliver impacting bass within this price range, and for the clarity and well-detailed high-end that these devices offer, they’re a real bargain.


As for the mids, these speakers deliver prominent vocals, though without the bright detail of the treble. The soundstage and sweet spot are also quite wide, which makes up for the lagging when it comes to bass. Again, it’s a matter of expectations, and in this price range, it’s hard to beat (yep, pun intended) the performance of the Fluance Signature Series HiFi Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker.

For watching movies

Movie and TV-show enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that these loudspeakers handle dialogue pretty well, with clear, lifelike paroles that really engage you in the content you’re watching.

Packaging and Accessories

As expected, the packaging of these bookshelf speakers is simple. You get the main units, a couple of mounting brackets, two sets of stick-on feet for sound isolation, and a couple of magnetic grilles for the front of the speaker. As Leo Da Vinci says, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


Sure, the Fluance Signature Series HiFi Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker has a bit of a dull name (and a long one too), but it definitely lives up to Fluance’s name and outshines other bookshelf speakers in this price range. If you’re on a budget and looking to build your first system or simply enjoy good beats in a small room, such as your man cave, this pair of bookshelf speakers are worth a listen.Check Latest Price
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