KEF Q100 Review

Are you on the quest of finding for the perfect bookshelf speaker? Well, search no more! Our KEF Q100 review will help you make that decision in no time. We do this because we, as audiophiles, understand the struggle you have to go through when you’re buying a bookshelf speaker. Luckily for all of us, products like the KEF Q100 exist, and it even made #2 on the list of our top rated bookshelf speakers under 500.

After the release of the Q series in 2011, now even people with lower budgets can enjoy high-quality speakers like the Q100. After all, they were even claimed to have set the sound benchmark for compact loudspeakers very high. Luckily for us, ever since it came out in 2011, the Q series has constantly been improving. Today, some of the most modern and best-sounding speakers are made by KEF. So, keep on reading our KEF Q100 review to see if you this beast of a speaker can satisfy your needs.

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KEF Q100 Summary


  • The Single best thing about the KEF Q100 would be its two-bass reflex design which ensures that the device delivers a rich sound which is both clear and detailed
  • Its sensitivity is top-notch, so you can listen to any genre of music on it, and enjoy them all
  • The Uni-Q driver extends the frequency spectrum while keeping stereo balanced, making the sound have perfect clarity regardless of where you are in the room
  • It’s small size may be more suitable for some environments.


  • If there was something bad about the KEF, it would be its weight. At 13lbs, the KEF Q100 looks like it could be a rather basic, lightweight, every-day speaker. The manufacturer could’ve added some materials that make the speaker look and feel sturdier.However it should be remembered that this is one of the smaller bookshelf speakers in this under $500 price range.

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Other Important information about the KEF Q100

The KEF Q100 are the speakers that will never cease to amaze us. They have a great variety of features which simply change the speaker game. For instance, they have a Uni-Q driver array. This part was initially engineered with the purpose of producing accurate sound. As expected, it lived up to its purpose, since the sound it makes is exceptionally clean and accurate, and mimics a three-dimensional soundstage. The sound is evenly distributed to any part of the room, regardless of its size. While the Q100 are sold in pairs, one thing is sure -you will feel as if you are listening to music coming from a professional stereo sound system.

In addition to all of this, the Q100 also have a 5.25-inch Uni-Q driver array. This part also has a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter in its acoustic center. Moreover, this means that the driver has the power it needs in order to provide a clean midrange response. This is all thanks to the braced magnesium and aluminum alloy cone. Moreover, the KEF also features a Z-flex surround which smoothens up the transition to the front panel, ensuring perfectly clean sound comes out. Also, the large dome tweeter makes sure that the speaker has enough sensitivity and handles power in a manner that minimizes distortion. All of this adds to the overall impeccable performance of these amazing speakers.

Most important features of the KEF Q100

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