KEF Q950 Review (2022 UPDATED)

Are you looking for the best speakers that require little space and provide incredible sound? The perfect product for you is the kef q950 floorstanding speaker. In this kef q950 review we will answer all your questions and tell you why this is the best product for you.

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speakers

Top Rated
KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speakers
  • Amazing three-dimensional sound
  • Elegant, well-built cabinet
  • Two 8” auxiliary bass radiators
  • Kef’s uni q driver array
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It brings you a wide range of premium features, including incredible sound and a perfect finish. You will enjoy your music like never before as it livens up your house.  The strongemKEF Q950/em/strong floorstanding speaker is a fantastic and marvelous speaker that you can place anywhere in your room or on the floor near your audio playing system. You do not have to think about the availability of space.

This is a refreshing break from bookshelf speakers because tower speakers are designed to be placed on the floor. It is by far the best product in this series! It is the 3rd product in the q series of floor standing speakers and appears to have some major changes in this iteration with better aesthetics and music setup.    

Being the most recent and best addition to the famous q series, these speakers bring several of kef’s qualities at a very affordable price.

KEF – The Company

The company provides an amazing line-up of speakers for all music or home theatre fans. The q series lineup includes three fantastic floors standing speakers, the q950, q750, and q550. In addition to these excellent loudspeakers, kef offers the q150 and q350, both being the best bookshelf speakers, the center speaker Q650c, and the Dolby Atmos module, the q50a.

The q950 floor standing speakerstands prominent with some fantastic technologies including kef’s high-quality audio components, the uni q driver array, and a meticulously designed cabinet, all reflective of the premium standards of the manufacturer.

Audio company kef requires no introduction particularly if you are a music lover who is familiar with HiFi equipment. The company is famous globally for creating several exceptionally amazing speakers. Their previous speaker in the same series was the kef q750 towerspeaker, another fantastic product that was very successful and very popular.

In this review, we will look closely at the biggest, most recent floor standing model by kef in the q series.


  • Amazing three-dimensional sound
  • Elegant, well-built cabinet
  • Two 8” auxiliary bass radiators
  • Kef’s uni q driver array


  • It may be unsuitable for a small room
  • Just two color options
  • You have to buy the grilles separately
  • A bit on the heavier side

Things to Consider Before Buying the Kef Q950 Floorstanding Speaker

If you are a music or movie lover, adding HiFi speakers to your studio or living room will enhance your experience in an unbelievable way. Among the various kinds of HiFi speakers, floor standing speakersare the best kinds for you if you want to enjoy your high-quality music on the best equipment.

This is because these loudspeakers are designed to generate sound with more impact than all other kinds of speakers. Their dedicated driver array can produce high, mid-range, and low frequencies. As a result, you will get the same qualities that a HiFi speaker has but without having to spend a fortune.

As someone who is an audio enthusiast and music lover, looking for a powerful device, you need to ask yourself what you really expect from your speakers. You can choose between floor standing speakers or other kinds of loudspeakers, but which one really meets your requirements? Make a list of the features that are high on your priority list. Take a few minutes to narrow down your category by answering these five questions:

How much can you spend?

If you are looking for speakers that are a good bargain, bookshelf speakers would be the right choice. This is because it is very difficult to buy high-performance speakers at a lower price. Your problem can be solved by finding something that fits within your budget. 

Do you have enough space?

The second question is the space you have for your new speakers. Floorstanding speakers will definitely need more space than other kinds. While you can place them with their back next to the wall, to enjoy their high-quality sound, you have to place them a little into the room.

How loud can you play your music?

If your living room is huge, you surely need the larger sound-producing speakers. The smaller ones will surely not do. Simply turning the volume to the highest point will simply overwork your smaller speakers. You need more powerful speakers.

Are you a movie or music lover?

If you plan to use your speakers with your amazing home cinema, it is definitely good to go big. The sound effects do come alive with the right sound system. Floor standing speakers will give you a powerful performance and a memorable experience each time you watch a movie in your living room or home theatre.

How do your speakers look?

While audio quality is the primary concern, the aesthetics of your choice of speakers is something that is equally important. Because of aspects like lack of features or poor build, you may ignore the outstanding sound quality. There are of course many speakers that look just fabulous and produce equally amazing sound, and that is what you need.

Features and Benefits

To find out all the incredible features and benefits that this floor standing speaker has to offer, let us go through a detailed review of this amazing product.

In addition to the several advantages, these speakers also bring amazing quality features, including a stylish outlook, upgraded features, and the latest manufacturing techniques. You will get natural high-quality sound with the uni q drivers, and be entertained with some heart-pounding action. 

Speaker size

These speakers are good-sized speakers with their dimensions being 30 x 17 x 14 inches. Among all the speaker products by the kef q series, these are the most prominent among the floorstanding speakers. They are of course the biggest speakers in this series!

Due to their large size, these speakers need suitable space in your room so they can produce good-quality sound without any distortion. Wherever you decide to place your the speakers, they will provide balanced, equal sound in every corner. 

These speakers do require some breathing space for peak performance. They are designed for large spaces such as large living rooms and home theatres. However, as they come in a sealed cabinet design, the placement does not affect their performance even if they are placed close to a wall.

Outrigger feet

These floor-standing speakers have special outrigger feet that are quite like the ones used in other products in the Q series. Sturdy, good quality materials have been used to make the feet and they fit very well with the minimalistic design of the speakers.

Although the framework is fantastic, it does make the speakers’ footprint quite big. Make sure you have sufficient space in your selected room to place your new q950s.

They can be placed on soft surfaces such as carpets or on hard floors with no effect on their performance or sound. The spikes on the speakers’ lower surfaces help with their placement on carpets or matting. 


The slim grilles add to the elegance of their design. They are attached magnetically to the speaker’s front baffle. The speakers have a beautiful look with these grilles.

In addition to adding to the looks of the speakers, the grilles also have the advantages that the holes are not revealed, which would otherwise make the design unappealing to the eyes. The way they are at present is perfect, a highly sophisticated and incredibly nice look.

The grilles can be attached to cover the front face completely. This is one of the very few situations where the speakers are preferable without the grilles because the driver looks much nicer when exposed.

It is important to note that the speakers do not come with grilles when you buy them. In the case that you prefer your floor standing speakers to have grilles, you will have to purchase them separately. You will feel the need to buy the grilles only if you do not like the uni q drivers exposed, and that is quite unlikely.

Cabinet design

The speaker cabinet has a very important role to play in maintaining high-quality sound. The cabinet is the box that the speakers are fixed in. In certain ordinary speakers, the cabinets are somewhat very inert. Because of this, the cabinet’s movements disturb the sound waves, resulting in a poor sound effect.

They feature a redesigned, highly advanced cabinet. Because it is more inert, the speakers focus on sound textures and quality, avoiding possible disturbance that may be created by undesirable vibrations of the cabinet. The cabinet is positioned below the front-facing grille.

The sharp corners and straight lines of the speakers give it a very distinctive boxy look. A similar look has been applied to several designs by kef, and q950 is similar in this respect. Your sound system will surely be something anyone who enters your room will notice.

When you see the speakers initially, you may get the feeling of looking at a dark pillar, and the redesigned cabinet is really one of the most attractive visual features of this kef product series. All three floorstanders in this series have a similar design and layout, with the differences being only in the cabinet sizes, driver sizes, and driver improvements.

Additionally, the beautifully designed speaker cabinet is flashy and elegant, adding to their stylish look. This look makes this product more popular with music lovers who find the appearance of their products to be an important deciding factor for their purchases.

Uni q driver array

Ordinary or usual speakers have a tweeter and a woofer. The tweeter is a small drive that produces the high notes, while the woofer is a large drive unit that provides the low notes. The tweeter is often at the upper end of the speakers.

One of the best features of the these speakers is its advanced array. The array places the tweeter precisely in the acoustic center of the mid-range woofer. With this placement, there is an effect of the frequencies all coming from a single point in time and space. The sound is more appealing and real.

Another advantage is that it spreads the sound even and wide. So wherever you are in your room and irrespective of the room size, you get to hear an amazing stereo sound.

They have a sealed cabinet which is where the Uni Q driver is installed. The driver decreases the cones’ load and helps in increasing the sonic clarity, quality, and sound performance. The presence of the enhanced driver improves sound clarity in the mid-range.

8 inch bass drivers

Loudspeakers have woofers that have the bass driver producing the bass or the low-frequency sound. These loudspeakers have built-in bass drivers to bring an additional tinge into the sound and music. 

The 8 Inch bass driver produces the perfect bass performance response at the lowest ever frequencies. This feature adds immense quality to your theater parties due to the clear-sounding bass and excellent sound peformance.

Two 8 inch auxiliary bass radiators

You would want to play the best music for your parties. And if the party is outdoors, you need an excellent sound system to play some amazing music. This is only possible with auxiliary bass radiators that will ensure sound dispersion in the open-air environment for the party to rock.  

The sound performance of the shows enhanced sound performance. It increases the lower treble performance dramatically. This is one of the times that you will be glad you chose the kef-q950.

Its two 8” ABRs add a spin to its amazing audio. These sealed ABRs make their sound even better in the outdoors.

The ABRs have a structure similar to a piston that moves to and fro, with air movement inside. This outstanding technology performs very well and plays a fantastic low-frequency bass performance that will liven up your home or party with some great music.

Gold plated terminals

The newly designed gold plated terminals provide superior quality contact that allows for terminations of banana plug and wire spade. The bi-wire terminals are very useful and an excellent feature in these speakers.

The rear of the speaker cabinet is beautifully designed in a simplistic and clean manner. According to KEF, the introduction of the new low-distortion inductors makes the need to use bi-wire connectors pointless. The floorstanding speakers come with just one pair of speaker connectors as is the case with lower-tier designs.  

KEF Q Series Woofers

The larger roll surround of the low-frequency driver and the new spider suspension work together to produce clean bass at higher volumes. The new con structure enhances the midrange sonic clarity. The bass is more impressive and better controlled with the enhanced auxiliary bass radiator, new rear suspension, and surround.

Stylish music

While buying your HiFi speakers, you are sure to look at different products in your search for the one that is perfect for your sound system. You would want it to have all the required features and an attractive look that will add elegance to your home.

If you are a music lover, floorstanding speakers are an important component of your music paraphernalia and they will also be prominent due to their size. Because of this, you want to choose a product that produces excellent sound and also attracts the attention of your friends.

These speakers win great popularity in this regard as it has an extremely well-built and stylish outlook that adds to the elegance of your room. These amazing speakers serve to furnish your room with its classy appearance and well-designed structure.

Three-dimensional sound image

As a music enthusiast, you must have enjoyed various sound systems and observed that sound image is three-dimensional.

It has an amazing three-dimensional sound image. You can sense the sound image from three dimensions; below, above, and behind. This is one of the best features of this speaker. Listeners can hear the sound with clarity and enjoy the sound image even when they move around.

This features stamps the worth of this incredible speaker as it makes the sound image more clear and audible despite the position of the listener.

Color options

These floorstanding speakers are available in two beautiful finishes; satin white and satin black. Among these options, you are sure to find the one that either blends into your living room or stands out prominently.

You can also opt for the color finish that coordinates with other components in your sound system. Both the finish variations are extremely elegant, though a few more color options to choose from would be good. You may have a problem if neither color option works for you.

Social Proof

A product review cannot be complete without finding out what other users have to say about their experiences with the floor standing speakers. I scoured the internet for kef q950 reviews and found some very interesting and useful ones.

Not only did several people have positive things to say about the floorstanders, but some also provided additional information that I found very useful.

Incredible sound

One of the reviewers has used these speakers for a few months and says they are ‘simply incredible’.  What he really liked is the way everything is matched in these speakers and meshes well.

Even when he turns up the volume very, very loud, the speakers function very smoothly, with no sign of any strain or distortion at higher sound pressure levels. The reviewer says he will only buy kef q series speakers whenever he needs to next.

Good value for money

According to another customer review, although the kef q950 speakers are a bit expensive, they are worth every penny. She goes on to say that they are the most accurate and articulate home speakers she has ever heard, and the clarity was her favorite aspect.

When the user compared the q950 to competing, leading brands, she found them competitive yet at a fraction of the cost. These speakers do not need subwoofers, EQ, or loudness control, and are simply awesome.  

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Excellent for movie viewing

The most interesting and detailed review came from a reviewer who tested the them with movie and music testing using specific channels. To check the loudness, the reviewer chose Saving Private Ryan with their Dolby Atmos sound mix and Lord of the Rings.

While viewing selective scenes with a diverse range of rich sound and effects, the effect was outstanding without losing either power or detail. In the scene with intense machine gun firing, they could really feel from where the bullets came. The two front channels did an amazing job with channel precision and directionality.

When it came to the dialogues, the absence of a center speaker did nothing to affect the system’s overall performance. Both front floorstanders covered the dialogue so well that the sound appeared to come from the center. The dialogues were distinct and clear and the it was brilliant.

Good compatibility

One review recommended that the q950s can also be paired with any type of surround speakers or center channel speakers for a fantastic surround experience. Their sound definition and clarity are amazing.

Multi-layered sound

The powerful speakers don’t just go loud but they give you lots of details and a multi-layered performance that creates a very deep, high-quality performance. Their mid-range is also spot-on, providing sufficient control and good balance, while the high-end was never bothersome or over-powering. Everything is just as it should be.

Meticulous sound for music lovers

Several people wrote in their reviews that the outstanding clarity and meticulous sound provided by the the speakers was perfect for their taste in music.

Another review commented on the natural tone of the bass drivers, which provided the required sound for all frequencies. The kef q950 performed so well without a subwoofer, and adding one would surely enhance the amazing overall performance.

Whether you are a movie enthusiast, a music lover, or simply a customer looking for a set of speakers that could fall in the HiFi category, the q950s are simply perfect and at this price, a must-buy.

Good customer service

Kef’s customer service was appreciated for the promptness of response particularly for follow-up on the product warranty.


In this section of the, we will look at some of the best alternative floors standing speakers available currently and see what they have to offer.

Klipsch RP-8000F Floorstanding Speaker Pair

#1 Recommended Alternative
Klipsch RP-8000F
  • Impressive design
  • Great sound
  • Competitive price
  • Rather large and heavy
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Klipsch offers some of the best tower speakers in the market and comes with a distinctive look. The RP-8000F is one of their best products with some very interesting features.

This loudspeaker comes in a very elegant ebony color and a sophisticated design. The speaker is well-sized at 17 x 10 x 43 inches and weighs 60 pounds. The two-way design of the speaker cabinet is complemented by some outstanding features.

The two cerametallic woofers and a titanium tweeter provide detailed and accurate sound. The clean and crisp bass has extensive natural depth. Its Tractrix port is a Klipsch specialty that provides quick air transfer and stops any turbulence from entering the port.

The elegant speaker cabinet design with aluminum feet minimizes the contact between the speakers and the floor for reduced resonance. The grilles are magnetically attached and can be removed easily. These are very good speakers with impressive performance and aesthetics too.

These Klipsch speakers are priced reasonably though slightly higher than the kef q950.


  • Impressive design
  • Great sound
  • Competitive price


  • Rather large and heavy

SVS Prime Pinnacle 3-Way Tower Speaker

#2 Recommended Alternative
SVS Prime Pinnacle
  • Good materials
  • Great sound
  • Attractive price
  • Understated design
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The SVS Prime Pinnacle is a floor-mounted speaker.

The separate enclosures for each of the three bass drivers are one of the interesting features of this speaker. Each enclosure has its own port too which is an unusual feature for this price range. The terminals are gold plated and you can use these for pin connectors, banana plugs, or other wires.

The internal structure has angled braces that create a solid rigidity, while the rubber feet on the speaker cabinet provide good stability. The bass driver configuration is quite interesting with a mid-range driver, a one-inch tweeter loading tube, and three 6.5 inch woofers.

The dimensions of this product are 41 x 14 x 8 inches. The Prime Pinnacle is an impressive speaker with several fantastic features. 

The only problem is that the front grilles aren’t magnetic. If you take them off, there will be some empty holes. This is a single speaker product and is reasonably priced.  


  • Excellent build
  • Innovative design elements
  • Impressive sound performance


  • Non-magnetic front grilles
  • Poor customer service

Jamo Studio Series S 807-WL Walnut Floorstanding Speakers

#2 Recommended Alternative
Series S 807-WL
  • Good materials
  • Great sound
  • Attractive price
  • Understated design
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The Jamo Studio Series floorstanding speakers are very elegant and have excellent sound quality. Its smooth and accurate high frequencies are delivered by the one-inch dome tweeter that works perfectly with its woofers.

The speakers are stable and well-built with the use of dense MDF. The protruding metal feet emphasize the design’s stability. The grilles are magnetic and your speakers will look equally good with or without them.

The speakers’ dimensions are 36.02 x 7.52 x 9.92 inches. You can place this speaker cabinet right next to a wall with no interference to the sound. However, the design of the Studio S Series is somewhat understated.

These are fantastic speakers and their superb quality and design come at an attractive price.


  • Good materials
  • Great sound
  • Attractive price


  • Understated design

Do check out these tower speakers before you reach your decision about the ones that are the best fit for you. 


To end this discussion following the detailed look of the Kef q950 and similar products by leading competitors, these speakers appear at the top of the list. The social footprint of this product is very positive with several people recommending it strongly.

This is because of the numerous features that it offers at a very moderate and reasonable price. Its amazing look, outstanding sound, its uni q driver array, all make it the best among the top performing floorstanding speakers.

Your q950s will be the best features of your living room and make your music and movie times the most memorable. Finally, your parties will stand out among all others.

So, get your kef q series q950 speakers right away before it is too late.

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