Klipsch r-14m Review

The Klipsch r-14m Bookshelf Speakers are a low cost audio solution that allows hobbyists to save cash while still acquiring a sound vibrant enough to heighten the senses and own a room with authority.  They execute exquisitely whether their primary function is left, right, center or surround.

Klipsch R-14M review - bookshelf speakers under 200

Introduction to the R14M

In conducting an in depth review of the Klipsch r-14m bookshelf speakers, one would be remiss not to mention the fact that the brand’s creator of the same name carved a valuable niche in the home audio industry, with over 70 years of innovative technology for the masses to consume and enjoy.  The label’s mission statement is to proudly bring passion and efficiency into your living room at an affordable price, while still delivering luxury and power, regardless of the size dimensions of the speaker.  So where does the r-14m shine, and where is it limited in its purpose?

Klipsch R-14M Summary


Review Pros
  • Provides a quality audio upgrade at an affordable price that will not break the bank
  • Unobtrusive display and presentation
  • Ingenious inclusion of compelling features like a high-output IMG woofer and tractrix horn
  • Black cabinet wards off most scratches unless handled carelessly


Review Cons
  • Ideal for only small to medium rooms

  • Speaker cones may blow out if not used appropriately

  • Basically, very few cons to speak of!

The Klipsch r-14m Bookshelf Speaker

Speaker Appearance

The aesthetic of the Klipsch r-14m bookshelf speaker marries the idea of simplicity with elegance.  It’s black finish is sleek and refined, and coming in at just under 10 inches in height and 7.5 inches of depth, does not take up a lot of real estate in your home.  This makes it a suitable accomplice to additional electronic components, and one that fits in seamlessly with the overall feel of your entertainment setup.  The Klipsch logo is proudly displayed on the front, however subtle, and the veneer cabinet is adorned with a stylish black polymer (occasionally available in cherry), that is pleasant to the eye.  The speaker is rounded out by its high output IMG woofer that is copper-spun and 4 inches wide.


Like every bookshelf speaker available on the market, the Klipsch r-14m’s success is entirely dependent upon the area with which the pair are placed.  When situated in small to medium sized rooms, the design is conducive to the square footage and as such exhibits a robust, healthy sound that is the pinnacle of peak performance.  The audio travels generously in enclosed spaces to create an immersive, captivating atmosphere.  The larger the square footage, the more the effect begins to wane negatively, however slight.  The speakers also handle the reverberation of high ceilings and wooden floors well, still emitting an abundance of sound that is not significantly hindered by its surroundings.

Performance & Key Specs

Natural sound is at the forefront of the r-14m’s goals, and this is accomplished through the integration of the 90×90 tractrix horn that is combined with a tweeter made of aluminum.  Its incorporation accounts for notable high-end response with fluent extension.  The dynamic of enhanced imaging is directly related to the audio sounding as clean and pure as possible.

The linear travel suspension tweeter is integral in minimizing distortion in accordance with the injection moulded graphite woofer whose copper-spun components actively work to provide performance that is detailed and employs minimal cone breakup.

In addition to the spun copper IMG woofers being light in weight, they are indispensable in how they relate to inducing low frequency response.  Together with the tractrix horn-loaded linear travel suspension tweeter, they unilaterally immerse every room with pristine audio.

The rear-firing port completes the assembly of the Klipsch r-14m model, with 5 way binding posts offering a level of flexibility other competitors in this space cannot match.  Moreover, even at low frequencies, turbulence is minimal at best.

Klipsch r-14m Price

Falling at the cheaper end of the bookshelf speaker price spectrum, the budget-friendly Klipsch r-14m model is still a marvel for audiophiles in its ability to blend measured quality with profound efficiency.  It is a bargain shop for anyone who is seeking a more visceral experience at home, and serves as a logical starting point for enthusiasts who are just beginning to expand their audio horizons.

Final Verdict

It is a myth that effortless sound and a high price tag are mutually exclusive, and the Klipsch r-14m pair of bookshelf speakers prove this misconception in spades.  Though it is not overly decked out in nuanced technical specs and frivolous features, its bang for your buck is clearly represented by how far consumers can stretch their dollar while still obtaining clear, crisp audio.  It is an added bonus that it is frequently highlighted as an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ on the large online marketplace.

Our Rating 7/10

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