Micca ON3 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Mica ON3 bookshelf speaker computer speaker review

Budget audiophiles are more often than not ignored by big brands, which is a huge problem, considering that many of us music lovers cannot afford high-end products. Thankfully, several brands provide some quality products that won’t blow a hole in your wallet, including Micca.

The Micca ON3 is an excellent Powered bookshelf speaker in the sub-100 price range. The pair is both compact and powerful, and it can certainly produce some good sounds, for the price that is.

Micca ON3 Bookshelf Speaker: Pros and Cons


Review Pros
  • Very cheap!
  • Powerful and clear reproduction of the sound
  • Extremely compact
  • Beautiful design


Review Cons
  • Struggles with intermodulation distortion

Exterior Design and Build Quality

The Micca ON3 Powered bookshelf speakers, despite their low price, boast a beautiful design. The speakers are covered in a stylish dark walnut vinyl with a front, removable grill that’s made of textured grey fabric. Nothing that screams fancy here, but the devices won’t ruin the overall decor of your room and would definitely blend in with any environment. The right speaker measures 4.8 x 9.3 x 8.4 inches, while the left unit measures 4.5 x 9.3 x 7.9 inches. As you can see, both are very compact, which means that they can do their job even on the smallest of bookshelves!

Sound Quality

There’s more to the Micca ON3 than meets the eye, as behind the bold look, the pair is full of surprises in terms of performance. Remember that this is a budget device though, so don’t expect the world out of it.

The Micca ON3 speaker pair sports a couple of built-in 24W amplifiers with front and rear jacks so that you can connect it to any analog source. It also comes with a DSP processing circuitry that works with the driver to provide full sound over any frequency within the 50Hz-20kHz range. Here’s the thing, this model offers a couple of DSP settings; a neutral setting, and one with an enhanced bass boost to give the device more power in low-end frequencies.

The neutral setting is pretty good, and the bass is decently even, but the DSP feature doesn’t live up to its potential as there is a slight hump at around 100 Hertz on both settings. The drive is small, and being a full drive handling all the frequencies doesn’t help, as the device struggles towards low-frequencies, especially when listening on high volumes.

The Micca ON3 struggles with what we call “intermodulation distortion” in the audio lingo. Intermodulation distortion is when a full-range speaker – such as the Micca ON3 – is trying to produce multiple frequencies at once and end up sounding distorted as the lower frequencies – which require more energy and more movement of the cone to produce – affect higher ones.

On the bright side, using a single drive comes with its perks, mainly eliminating the issue of time alignment, acoustic lobbing, and potential phase problems that crossover circuits can cause. The end result is a pure listening luxury with natural, life-like sounds.

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The Micca ON3 speakers aren’t for hardcore audiophiles, which is totally understandable considering their price. Nevertheless, they’re more than enough for someone who’s looking for some background music at the computer or basic media consumption, especially considering the great looks they boast as they’ll blend in with your setup quite nicely. For the price, we believe that the Micca ON3 deserves the 86% score that we’re giving it.

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