Polk Signature Series S15 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Polk Signature S15 Bookshelf Speaker reveiwPolk Audio has been introducing terrific budget loudspeakers for years, and the S15 bookshelf speakers are no exception.

These units are passive, which means that they’ll need a receiver to work.

In other words, they’re not the best option for those looking for a plug-and-play solution. However, if you do need passive speakers, the Polk S15 won’t disappoint, and our review will show you why.

Polk S15 Bookshelf Speaker: Pros and Cons


Review Pros
  • Great overall build quality
  • Sleek design with excellent fit and finish
  • Decently deep bass thanks to the Power Port
  • Crisp sounds in the midrange and high regions


Review Cons
  • Although deep, the bass may seem lacking sometimes

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Exterior Design and Build Quality

The Polk Signature Series S15 bookshelf speakers look as good in real life as they do in the fancy web pictures, with a flawless cabinet finish and premium drivers. Each cabinet features a highly efficient 5-1/4-inch Dynamic Balance woofer along with a one-inch high-resolution Terylene dome tweeter to cover the full sound spectrum.

If we’re to classify bookshelf speakers within this price range according to how good they look, we’d definitely place the Polk S15 on the very top of the list. They also come with a magnetic front cover. You can either use that or leave the drivers exposed.

Polk S15 Sound Quality


As with most home theater bookshelf speakers, the Polk Signature Series S15 are optimized for midrange and high-end. The one-inch Terylene dome tweeters are certified for Hi-Res audio, and they can deliver up 40 kHz in frequency for well-detailed high-end and smooth, clear high-frequency sounds with a lot of attack.


The S15 bookshelf speakers feature what the company calls a “Power Port,” which is a port at the rear over which there’s a plastic baffle that spreads the bass frequencies in a broader manner. The Power Port allows the S15 speaker to have a louder bass than what you’d expect from audio devices of this size, all without being neither sloppy nor muddy.

Of course, this is quite subjective, but that’s the case for most sound specs, isn’t it? Also, don’t expect the world from speakers of this size, and you should be okay.

Overall, we’re really impressed by the bass that these bookshelf speakers are capable of producing, especially for the price. In most cases, you won’t even crave for a subwoofer to get the ever-desired bass.


The midrange region is where the S15 speakers truly shine, thus making for a full sound spectrum that’s more decent than most devices in this price range. The midrange resolution bypasses any expectations, and tweeter proves to be the real start of the show in the S15 bookshelf speakers.

For watching movies

As we mentioned above, the S15 bookshelf speakers are capable of producing crisp-clear sounds, which means that they can give you a great experience when watching movies and TV shows. If you’re looking for a pair of speakers for your TV, the Polk S15 might just be what you need.

Packaging and Accessories

In the delivery package, you’ll find the speaker pair along with the necessary accessories, including a couple of grilles, 8 feet of self-adhesive rubber, a wall-mounted template, and the user manual. As we mentioned above, the S15 bookshelf speakers are passive, which means that you need to hook them up to a receiver rather than plug them to your computer or TV.


Polk’s S15 bookshelf speakers aren’t the only devices in this category, but they can definitely be the best within their price range. For the occasional movie buff, budget seeker, and/or non-demanding audiophile, Polk Signature Series S15 Bookshelf Speakers are all you’ll need to enjoy the clear sounds of when listening to classical beats or enjoying good movies.

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