3 Best 3000 Watt Amp and How to Choose One

3 best 3000 watt amp and how to choose one

You have upgraded your car’s music system by installing that fancy new speaker made with cutting edge technology, yet your music still sounds dull. Such a thing happens when you forget to back up your sound system with a powerful amplifier. No matter how advanced your car’s music system is, you cannot get a noise-free sound with a thumping bass without a suitable amplifier.

3 best 3000 watt amp and how to choose one
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If your car has an extensive sound system that has a significant power requirement, you will need an amplifier with 3000-Watt power output to make the best out of it. In this article, we have made a list of the best 3000-Watt amps available in the market.

What We Looked For

What We Looked For

While making this list, we considered several parameters to ascertain the quality of the car amps. We focused on the following factors to choose the best 3000-Watt amps.

●    Power Ratings and Power Output

Power ratings for amplifiers are measured in two ways, RMS (route mean square) power and peak power. The RMS power is the amount of energy the amp can produce continuously without generating heat, distortion, or damage. The max power indicates the power the amp can deliver for a very short period before it gets damaged or breaks down.

Peak powers are often overrated and a marketing strategy that the manufacturing companies use. The actual power outputs of an amp depend on its RMS power measurement. While making this list, we checked for the RMS power.

●    Headroom

We ensured that it offers proper headroom while including an amplifier in this list. The headroom of an amp is the difference between the average operating level and the maximum level the amp can provide. That extra headroom enables the amp to perform better. It ensures only distortion-free audio signals can get into the receiver.

●    Easy Customization Options Including Variable Bass Boost

All the amplifiers in this list come with enough customization options. Different types of music require different settings to produce the best result. To get a clean distortion-free audio signal, you need to set the gain and the bass boost optimally.

Besides, variable subsonic filter, variable low-pass crossover, and switchable phase control are critical for optimizing the performance. We picked amps that have ample customization options.

3 Best 3000-Watt Amp for Car Audio System

1.  Boss Audio Systems PT3000 2 Channel Amplifier – Best Bass Amplifier

Boss Audio Systems PT3000 2 Channel Amplifier

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Boss Audio Systems is a full-range amplifier that lets you run your speakers and subwoofers. Its MOSFET power supply controls the output voltage optimally by eliminating the output current sensing loss. This electrical switch maintains sound by removing all secondary feedback.

In addition, this Class A/B amp comes with variable gain control. This feature enables you to regulate the amount of signals transferred between your receiver and amplifier. You can also control bass frequency response with its variable bass boost and raise it to 18 dB.

This amp made by Boss Audio lets you set your crossover mode to low, full, or high, depending on the speaker you are using. You can then select either low-pass or high-pass filters to match the mode.

It is a two-channel amp, and they are bridgeable. The amp is two ohms stable that enables you to power your speakers or subwoofers using all channels at a load of two ohms. It has thermal protection that shuts off the amp while it gets too hot. Besides, it also has short circuit protection.

The amplifier has a stylish design though it is a big bulky. Certainly, it won’t be a good fit for you if your car doesn’t have enough space.


Power Ratings and Power Output: 9
Headroom: 7
Customization Options: 9

Product Specifications

RMS power:563 Watts x 2 @ 4 ohms, 1125 Watts x 2 @ 2 ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD + N):0.010000000000000000208 %
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio):103 dB
Inputs/Connections: RCA and speaker-level inputs
Amplifier Class: A/B
Dimensions: 22″ L x 10.31″ W x 2.25″ H (approx)


  • It comes with short circuit protection and thermal protection
  • Variable gain control and bass boost
  • Both high-level and low-level input


  • The design is bulky, doesn’t fit all cars
  • Stability is disrupted if operated at one ohm

This amp provides a great listening experience with a high level of bass. It has RCA and speaker-level input, so you do not need any adapter.

2.   Planet Audio TR3000.1 Amplifier with MOSFET Power Supply-Best Budget Option

Planet Audio TR3000.1 Amplifier

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This Monoblock Class D amplifier offers high-quality sound with stable and powerful bass. The TR Series amps provide the best sound quality and max power in its class. Additionally, the device comes with a robust MOSFET power supply that helps it deliver 3000-Watt maximum power.

Its variable Low Pass Crossover, Variable Subsonic Filter, and switchable Phase Control allow you to adjust the sound quality as desired. It also has an adjustable bass boost to set the bass frequency response between 0 and 18 dB. A wired bass level remote is supplied in the package to control the bass level.

If you play bass-heavy tracks, it may cause temporary overloads. However, this Planet Audio amp can quickly overcome the effect to offer consistent volume and sound quality.

The amp features shut-off protection that kicks in when the system gets too hot. It ensures that your amp and speakers remain safe if there is any short circuit in the wiring.

This car amplifier comes in a simple and elegant design. You can install it easily with the mounting screws included in the package.


Power Ratings and Power Output: 9
Headroom: 7
Customization Options: 7

Product Specifications

RMS power:563 Watts x 1 @ 4 ohms
Inputs/Connections: RCA inputs (2 channel)
Amplifier Class: D
Dimensions: 13.2″ L x 9.5″ W x 2.13″ H (approx.)


  • It comes with remote dashboard subwoofer control
  • Has shut-off protection
  • Has RCA preamp outputs for strapping


  • No speaker level inputs
  • Overheating is an issue

This product comes with some great features at a reasonable price. The design is compact and fits into any car, and it offers a consistent sound quality with high bass.

3.  DS18 GEN-X3000.1 With Super Class D Technology – Best Monoblock Class Amp

DS18 GEN-X3000.1 With Super Class D Technology

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This Mono amp uses class D technology and a MOSFET power supply. According to the product specification, it has the following RMS power: at 1 ohm 1000 Watts / at 2 ohms 700 Watts / at 4 ohms 430 Watts. The minimum Total Harmonic Distortion at rated power is 98 dB. It has both under-voltage protection (10 v) and over-voltage protection (15 v).

This 3000-Watt amp uses cutting-edge technology, and its molded power terminals have the highest capacity in the industry to draw current. The amp features an octave crossover with differential circuitry. It has a low pass filter, subsonic filter, and bass boost that is adjustable up to 12 dB. Its delay soft start system ensures the system does not get stressed by sudden voltage surge with the initial current flow. It helps in protecting the amp from a short circuit.

This amp only has RCA input. So, you cannot connect a factory receiver without an adapter. It also has RCA bridge-in and bridge-out ports so that you can strap another amp if you need more power. It features a dashboard subwoofer control and comes with a bass remote.


Power Ratings and Power Output: 7
Headroom: 8
Customization options: 8

Product Specifications

RMS power:430 Watts x 1 @ 4 ohms, 700 Watts x 1 @ 2 ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):– 0.01%
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio):98 dB
Inputs/Connections: RCA
Amplifier Class: D
Dimensions: 13 x 7.5 x 2.14


  • Quality controlled in the US
  • It comes with a bass remote
  • Molded power terminals have the highest current draw
  • Has over-voltage protection and under-voltage protection
  • Has led indicator to show protection status


  • It doesn’t have high-level inputs
  • The package does not include a wiring kit

As this amp is quality controlled in the United States, you do not need to worry about quality issues. The over and under-voltage protection and the delay soft start system make it one of the best 3000-Watt Monoblock amps available.

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How to Choose an Amplifier for Your Car – Buying Guide

How to Choose an Amplifier for Your Car - Buying Guide
Photo by Frank Albrecht on Unsplash

Choosing the suitable amplifier for your car’s audio system can be tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. While buying an amplifier, you need to consider all the features to ensure that you pick up the best for your car. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind.

●    Class Type

Amplifiers are classified based on their power and signal combinations. Only four class types are commonly used: A, B, A/B, and D. Class type A produces high-fidelity distortion-free sound. However, they are least power-efficient and generate excessive heat. Class B amplifiers are much more power-efficient than Class A; however, the fidelity is significantly low.

Class A/B is a hybrid of Class A and Class B. It strikes a balance between fidelity and power efficiency. This amplifier is more efficient than the Class A type and creates less distortion than Class B. Class A/B amplifiers produce quality sound suitable for car audio systems.

The latest entrant in the market, Class D type, is made to be highly power-efficient. Superclass D technology works great in low frequency. However, it distorts while used in high frequency. A low pass filter eliminates the distortion. These amplifiers are small and compact.

Most mono amps use Class D technology, while the multi-channel amplifiers are mostly Class A/B. You can decide between these two classes based on your need and preference.

●    Channels

You also need to decide on the number of channels you need. Consider how many speakers and subwoofers you are going to use. If you want to connect only one or two subwoofers, you do not need a multi-channel amp; a mono amp will work just fine. However, if you use an audio system with four speakers, you should buy a 4-channel amp to meet the requirement.

You can also combine two amps to get the required amount of power. In that case, you will need to buy an amp with RCA preamp outputs that will enable you to connect the two amps.

●    Additional Features

Once you finalize the basics, look for the other features to ensure they match your requirements. Amplifiers use two types of inputs, low level, and high level. Low-level inputs are called RCA, and high-level inputs are speaker level. Some amps come with RCA and speaker level inputs, while the others only have RCA inputs. If your car’s audio system does not support RCA output and your chosen amp has only low-level input, you will need to get an adapter with the required number of channels.

In addition, you might also want to consider preamp outputs. Additional RCA outputs enable you to connect the amplifier to another amp.

Besides, you should also ensure your amp features a MOSFET power supply. MOSFET or the Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor is more efficient than the other Field-Effect Transistors. As a result, it consumes less power to process the signals. Almost all car amplifiers use a MOSFET power supply to provide a better experience.

Another feature that you should check for is crossover filters. The multichannel amps usually come with high and low-pass crossover filters. These filters help in eliminating unwanted frequencies. Therefore, it allows you to choose the group of frequencies that you want to send to the speaker or subwoofer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    How many amps are 3000 Watts?

Amp is a unit to measure electrical current, and a Watt is a unit for measuring power. You need to multiply the current by the voltage to obtain the power value. The unit of voltage is volt, and you need to know the voltage to calculate the amp. For example, 3000 Watts at 250 volts is 12 amps.

2.    How many amps are 3000-Watt alternators?

There is no straightforward answer to this. Your alternator will not only power your audio system, but it will also be responsible for powering the other accessories of the car too. You can use the following formula to estimate the amps.

Amps = Watts/volts

If the nominal voltage is 13.5 V, a 3000-Watt amplifier will add around 220 amps on demand.

3.    Is a Monoblock amplifier a good amplifier?

Monoblock amps have only one channel with dedicated power. In a Monoblock amp, a single unit amplifies a single channel. Since the power is not shared between channels, it produces better sound quality with superior power amplification.


To sum up, once you know the basics and estimate how many Watts you need, it shouldn’t be hard to find a suitable amplifier for your car’s audio system. Besides the 3000 Watt amps mentioned in this list, you may also look for other reputed brands. For example, Rockford Fosgate offers some quality products. However, they are a bit pricey. You can also look for a Hifonics multichannel amp that uses ultra fi MOSFET. However, remember to check the RMS power output capacity, not the max power. As mentioned earlier, they are often misleading.

Expert Tip

Using an amplifier is much more than just adjusting volume. Remember to adjust your gain correctly before using a bass boost. Else it will stress out your amplifier.

Did You Know?

You need an amp that can produce twice as much power to increase the audio output only by 3 dB. That means, if you get 90 dB from 100 Watts, you will need 200 Watts to increase to 93 dB.

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