Best Tower Speakers for Music Listening – the Best Addition for a Heart-Pumping Music

best tower speakers for music listening

For a complete setup, there have to be the best tower speakers for music listening. Floor standing speakers completes an impressive home theater system.

Whether it’s for a small room or an entire house for a party, a great quality tower speakers make for heart-pumping music. Check out some excellent choices for the best tower speakers for music listening that fit any room.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Review

pioneer sp-fs52

Our Rating: 98/100


  • Efficient and durable construction
  • Attractive and slick design
  • Excellent high-end articulation
  • RF molded curved cabinets
  • Eight element complex crossover


  • No dedicated midrange driver

Pioneer’s collaboration with Andrew Jones, a renowned speaker expert, resulted in an impressive floor standing tower speaker, the Pioneer SP-FS52. It comes at a very affordable price, but with a robust set of specs and features. It’s one of the best tower speakers for music listening that offers affordability and functionality at the same time.

These speakers, as a pair, are optimized for great music experience and are enough to cover from small to medium-sized rooms. They are not the most advanced-looking towers in the market, but they are the slickest available. The cabinet features an impressive convex curved design on the sides. Plus, this speaker can produce remarkable audio quality and incredible bass with its 5-1/4-inch woofers with oversized magnets. The Pioneer SP-FS52 is about three inches taller than most floor standing speakers in the market, and that adds to its overall better sound quality.

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Onkyo SKF-4800 Review

onkyo skf-4800

Our Rating: 94/100


  • Sleek and light speakers
  • Simple but classy design
  • Produces fast and crispy high-frequency effects
  • Space-saving
  • Pocket-friendly and affordable


  • No crossover

Listening to music with tower speakers dramatically improves the experience, especially with the Onkyo SKF-4800 speakers. This floor-standing speaker is designed with a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter that can cut through and eliminate the rumbling bass without any problem. It’s quality hardware also makes this speaker excellent when it comes to project the most concise and precise high-frequency effects.

Although the build and construction of the Onkyo SKF-4800 speakers are a little bulky, it was designed as such to ensure that all tones it projects are low and impactful. This speaker produces the most natural sounds, which is excellent to be placed next to the television when listening to classical music of chill songs.

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Polk TSI300 Review

polk tsi300

Our Rating: 88/100


  • Loud enough for house parties
  • Produces punchy and compelling sound quality
  • Attractive price tag


  • A bit big and heavy than most floor standing speakers

The Polk TSi300 is a 3-way floor standing tower speaker that works perfectly well when loud music to fill the house is required, like house parties. The speaker is equipped with a 5 1/4 inches diameter bi-laminate cone woofers and a 1-inch composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeter. And with these features, the Polk TSi300 is a monster when it comes to bass. It can project even the low notes and without any rattling sound.

The speakers come with a simple but sleek design. It is also built to be durable and high-quality to last for a long time. The overall build and design of the Polk TSi300 are very versatile that it pairs very well with any furniture or room design.

What makes this speaker even greater, aside from quality features and affordability, is it is also straightforward to set up.

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What to Consider When Buying Tower Speakers

To get the best out of tower speakers, here are a few things to consider when buying one.


One of the first things to consider when buying floor standing speakers is their overall build quality and durability. Most quality speakers in the market are built strong and durable to last for a long time.

Frequency Response

The frequency response is the measure of how much the speaker can produce from the 20 to 2000Hz range. Tower speakers that feature a higher frequency response than most others have a more extensive range and can produce very detailed and clean highs and lows.


The aesthetics or design of the tower speakers is also another feature to consider, especially when looking for speakers that perfectly fits the mood or how a room looks and feels. Simple yet classic design for speakers usually works very well.


Tower speakers come in different sizes. Choosing the perfect size for tower speakers mainly depends on the available space in the room. Also, it is essential to note that bigger speakers are more likely to produce louder sounds compared to compact and smaller speakers.


The rating of sensitivity for tower speakers defines how well it converts its power into volume. The higher the sensitivity the speaker has when it’s played at a specific power, the louder the sound it can produce. To put it simply, the more sensitive tower speakers produce louder sound at lesser power.


Finding quality and affordable tower speakers can be a challenge. But, knowing what to look for before buying is one step towards looking for the best tower speakers for music listening.

Onkyo skf-480 Review (floor standing speakers)

Onkyo skf-4800 floorstanding speaker

Onkyo skf-4800 floorstanding speaker

As a music lover, a low-quality sound is one thing that I dislike most. Whenever I hear speakers that create too much noise due to poor performance, it makes me want to sleep instead of listening to it. These devices can make a modest music impressive, which is why I need to determine which brand is worth the try.

The market is introducing different speaker-type nowadays, and one of the most bought types is the Bluetooth speaker. While some fancy this portable device, I stick with the old-school ones like the floor standing speakers. On the brighter side, some companies are continuously improving this speaker-type. One of the best brands I admire most is the Onkyo skf-480.

Onkyo skf-480 Floorstanding Speaker: Pros and Cons


Review Pros


  • Modest yet Classy Design
  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Vibration Protection
  • Excellent High and Mid Sound Ranges
  • Reasonable Price
  • Space-Saving


Review Cons
  • No Crossover
  • No Other Colors Available

Admiring the Onkyo skf-480’s Technical Features and Performance

The Onkyo skf-480 features a 2-way crossover-type, and it works on a 130-watt power. It comes with two 16-centimeter cone woofer, and a 2.5-centimeter soft-dome tweeter, which offers excellent levels of definition and details to sounds. Furthermore, it has an impedance of 6 ohms.

As part of my Onkyo skf-480 review, I admire how it features an MDF stabilizer, which is excellent in preventing vibration. The woofer equalizer provides precise and prompt response wherein it ranges from 55 Hz to 35 kHz. It never fails to produce natural and full sound, even if I turn the volume up to its maximum level.
Another thing I love about this speaker is the banana speaker posts, which are plug-compatible.

Style and Build of the Onkyo skf-480

The Onkyo skf-480 weighs 13 kg, yet it doesn’t cause me too much burden as I move and arrange it from one place to another. It’s suitable next to any television as it measures 12 inches by 11.6 inches by 40.7 inches. Pairing it with any wall background or other living room-stuff is hassle-free because of its classic black color, which has a natural finish.

Since it produces natural sounds, I prefer to put the pair on the sides of my television and use it while watching movies. Sometimes, I also place this pair of speakers inside the bedroom when I’m the mood for chill songs or classical music. Moreover, I didn’t have to worry about carrying and moving it from one place to another because it’s guaranteed durable.

The Verdict: What I Can Say about the Onkyo skf-480

The Onkyo skf-480 may be a 2-way speaker-classification, yet this floor-standing speaker brings joy to everyone in the room as soon as it provides a full-range sound. I love how it produces clear sounds, which draws the attention of my guests every time I arrange get-togethers or celebrations.

The Onkyo skf-480 may not be as cheap as other brands, but I’m extremely satisfied with its quality and durability. It doesn’t look as grand as other speakers, yet I love its meek style that lets me arrange it anywhere around the room without worrying how overpowering it might seem. For quality and performance, I’ll rate the Onkyo skf-480 a score of 98%.

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