The Best High-End Center Channel Speaker For Optimal Sounds

The Pioneer Elite SP-EC73 Andrew Jones Center Channel Speaker

Enjoying various types of music at home has not been a problem for me in spite of the ever-changing sound technology industry.

In the previous decade, the stereo-surround audio speakers dominated my home theater experience, separating the recorded sound featured in music and movies into two channels.


If you’re short of time and just want the results, here are our 3 best high-end center channel speakers:

These huge right and left channel speakers delivered stereo-surround sound beside my TV right at the heart my living room.

But as technology evolved and consumer preferences change, innovations yielded the center channel speaker.

With the desire to heighten my music entertainment and home theater viewing experiences, I adapted to this shift and availed one of the best high-end center channel speakers.

This high-performing sound device does not disappoint, considering the crystal-clear details, impactful bass, and fast natural mid-range it delivers.

Hence, house parties have been more enjoyable as my guests and I enjoyed DJ Paul Oakenfold and DJ Tiesto’s electrifying electronic dance music.

The Pioneer Elite SP-EC73 Andrew Jones Center Channel Speaker

Furthermore, my family members and I have relished classic films’ prize-winning cinematic themes.

Among them are Ennio Morricone’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” Disney’s animated musical, “Frozen,” and other action-packed movie series such as “James Bond,” “Mission: Impossible,” and “Indiana Jones.”

As I no longer use my previous audio speakers, I still get to enjoy the immersive, room-filling surround sound, though this time, it is much more seamlessly blended, thanks to the best high-end center channel speaker.

Here are three of today’s highly-rated pieces of sound equipment that consumers will also find worthy of purchasing:

The Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker

The Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker

The Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker 

As a music and cinema consumer, I have always desired to stay updated with the latest in sound technology.

I discovered the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker as among the most dependable.

This best high-end center channel speaker delivers high-fidelity and more vibrant music and sound experiences.

Product Description

I found the tall and slim design of the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker attractive, and I am confident that other buyers will also feel enticed with this attribute.

It makes this premium piece of sound equipment easily fit in spaces that other center channel speakers cannot.

Furthermore, this product features several drivers. It has six pieces of three-inch, round mid-range, mica-reinforced polypropylene cones. Plus, it has a one-inch, circular Terylene tweeter.

With an overall frequency of 53 Hertz to 40 kiloHertz, this product measures 6.1 inches in diameter, 24.4 inches wide, and 4.1 inches high.

I appreciate how the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker brings the huge surround sound theater and music encounters at the comforts of my cozy living room.

Quality of Sound

I tried using the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker by playing some acoustic guitar songs like the famous “Change the World” by Eric Clapton and some ’90s throwback music like Babyface’s “When Can I See You.”

It surely amazed me with its delivery of clear, detailed, and high-end sounds. I felt as though I was in the actual concert hall or studio with these legendary artists singing right in front of me and strumming their guitars passionately.

Plus, with minimum support of 40 kiloHertz, the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker perfectly reproduces the latest high-resolution music files with the optimized audio extension.

Costing of the Center Channel Speaker

The Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker’s price is not unfriendly to the interested buyers’ budget. It falls right below the $200-price range.

I must say that, with its versatility, the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker is worth its price.

Customer Feedback

I was curious about what the customers who availed the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker think about their purchase.

They find its slim appearance gorgeous the same way I did. Moreover, they felt wowed by the clarity this speaker system offered, mainly when used for movie-viewing purposes.

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Some buyers felt inconvenienced by the static sound that the model they bought came with, but I think these were factory defects.

The seller did not intend them and, so, these negative comments do not tremendously impact the worthiness of this center channel speaker.

Advantages of the Center Channel Speaker

What I appreciate the most about the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker is that it is undoubtedly all-around.

Its Dynamic Balance acoustic array benefit offers optimized sounds for TV, music of various genres, and films.

Therefore, aside from acoustic music, I also appreciate its optimal delivery of cinematic themes.

For instance, when I watched classic films “Indiana Jones,” and listened to the provocative cantata, “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff, I admittedly felt awed with the fantastic sounds.

My movie nights are, indeed, perfect because of the crisp, lucid, and home theater-filling sound the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker delivers.

These benefits make it deserving of the high-resolution certified rating.

Disadvantages of the Center Channel Speaker

I was expecting a reasonably decent delivery of bass sounds from the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker.

When I listened to Destiny’s Child’s high-bass song, “Lose My Breath,” I discovered some undesirable boominess with some voice ranges.

Thus, I think that those looking for enhanced, bass-boosted sounds for their Beyoncé and Jay-Z music-listening experiences might not get what they are expecting from this speaker.

Overall Impressions

The Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker is a recommended purchase for music and film aficionados.

Aside from its strikingly bold and stylishly dramatic design ideal for cozy home settings, this high-quality speaker allows consumers to listen to various music genres in a whole new way.

Its cost may be a little higher than other models, but I think it is still worthy of buying.

It is because consumers will surely love its delivery of huge, dependable surround sound that optimizes their home theater and sound systems.

Therefore, with its reliability and versatility, I believe the Polk Audio Black Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker deserves a rating of 98/100.

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The Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker

The Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker 

The Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker

As a movie enthusiast, I must say that I received the best home theater experience from the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker.

This best high-end center channel speaker is small and compact. It is among the most affordable center channel speakers, perfect for movie-viewing purposes.

For instance, hearing the opening song of the critically acclaimed James Bond film “Spectre” by Sam Smith titled, “Writing’s on the Wall,” made me experience a genuinely cinematic feeling.

Product Description

The Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker measures 9.1 X 16 X 5.4 inches. It is rectangular, and I found it a little bit heavy at 12.57 pounds.

Nonetheless, it was not a significant issue for me since I was after the delivery of no-comprise audio encounters.

Quality of Sound

Listening to upbeat pop songs like “Loyal” by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Tyga, and French Montana was fun with the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker.

At high volume, I noticed the minimum distortion. Chris Brown’s pronunciation of the lyrics was crisp and lucid that I could rap with his every word.

Watching the famous 1997 movie, “Jerry Maguire,” was also quite entertaining because, through this speaker, I viewed the cast speaking their lines very intelligibly.

It made me chuckle out loud to watch the scene featuring the hilariously famous “Show me the money!” line that Tom Cruise’s character exclaimed.

Aside from the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker’s delivery of exceptional clarity, I also experienced superb booming bass and engaging soundstage.

Costing of the Center Channel Speaker 

Buyers will not frown with the product cost when purchasing this best high-end center channel speaker, especially if they choose the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker.

Most of these devices fall above the $150-range and below the $300-level.

The Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker is a good buy because I guarantee that it will not cause a severe dent on the audiophile’s budget.

Customer Feedback

Clarity is the primary advantage that buyers of the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker praised about, and I could not agree more.

I gathered that they heard a much clearer and fuller sound with this piece of sound equipment as compared to their previous speakers.

Some buyers used the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker with their other speaker systems, yielding more fantastic sounds.

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I read that these customers experienced these advantages, primarily when they used the speaker to watch 4K films, soccer games, and their favorite TV programs.

Advantages of the Center Channel Speaker

At any volume, the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker is efficient, seamless, and delivers clear sounds. The lucidity is, indeed, the principal plus factor here.

The main theme of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” which interpolates Giacomo Puccini’s timeless “Nessun Dorma” aria, sounded terrific that I think I was in an actual movie theater when I watched the famous Tom Cruise film.

I found my eyes glued to my high-definition TV as I loved how the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker made the music fill my living room with zero-distortion sound. 

Disadvantages of the Center Channel Speaker

I gathered that what buyers did not appreciate about the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker is its size.

This piece of listening equipment, indeed, fills up a large space in living rooms.

Nevertheless, I believe that interested buyers who are after sound clarity and depth will not find this issue too troublesome at all.

Overall Impressions

Cinephiles and audiophiles alike will enjoy having the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker.

This piece of sound device makes the consumption of movie themes and music unquestionably worthwhile. The price is not onerous on the budget as well.

Above all, its delivery of clear sound of movie themes and dialogues is among the primary reasons why this product is a must-have.

The Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker is, indeed, the best high-end center channel speaker for watching movies, giving a delightful home theater experience.

Therefore, with its reliability for home theaters, I believe the Klipsch RC-42 II Black Center Speaker deserves a rating of 96/100.

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The Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker

  The Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker

The Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker

For budget-conscious audiophiles, I am sure that they will feel enticed to avail the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker.

Along with its affordable price, I believe they will also reckon it as giving good value for their money because it does not fail in delivering premium-quality sounds.

Product Description

 The Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker’s elegant finish is undoubtedly eye-catching.

Buyers will find it perfectly complementary to the interior layout of their living rooms. I find the slim design of this piece of sound equipment awesomely matching to my flat-panel TV.

With measurements of 5.2 X 13.4 X 4.2 inches, it is effortless to place this sound device anywhere in my living room as well.

The Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker is lightweight at 4.4 pounds, so moving it around my home theater was not taxing at all.

Quality of Sound

Blu-Ray discs and digital broadcasting are now the norms, and I appreciate how the maker of the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker has adapted to these new technological developments.

I discovered that this premium-quality speaker offers a high-quality sound that complements high-definition or HD music and movie sources.

It surely did not disappoint me with its delivery of clear sounds.

The new aluminum woofers and the balanced dome tweeters of the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker reproduce extra-rapid response as well.

I feel convinced that it assures cinephiles and audiophiles the best possible, full, and dynamic HD sounds.

With a frequency response from 65 Hertz to 45 kiloHertz, this two-way bass-reflex center speaker delivers a sound that is clean and detailed.

Thanks to its magnetic shielding advantage, watching Rod Stewart’s acoustic performances of the songs from his album, “The Great American Songbook,” delighted myself and my family because of the more realistic sound staging this speaker offered.

Costing of the Center Channel Speaker

Money-savvy consumers will consider the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker worth purchasing. This top-class speaker system’s price falls right below the $100-range.

This costing makes it among the best high-end center channel speaker that is undoubtedly budget-friendly. I do not think it deserves to be overlooked considering these benefits.

Customer Feedback

I learned that the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker wowed buyers because of its small dimension, making it fit appropriately under a TV with limited space.

 They also appreciated how the dialogues in movies were soft and delivered without the harsh treble.

On the other hand, some of the customers experienced inconveniences that this product entailed, like an unpleasantly boomy mid-range and having a cheap look.

Nonetheless, I found very few of these complaints.

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Overall, I learned that the buyers loved this high-quality speaker’s delivery of exceptionally lucid and sonorous sound, giving the buyers zero fatigue on their ears.

Plus, at around 50% less $$$ than the others, its costing is undoubtedly friendly on their budgets.

Advantages of the Center Channel Speaker

I consider the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker as among the best high-end center channel speaker because, first of all, it is not that expensive enough to be called “high-end.”

Hence, with its affordable price, I get two values, which are more savings and more quality.

The sound I have received is also very clear, genuine, and clean. Therefore, when I listened to Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande’s perky music, I automatically got my needed mood boost.

Disadvantages of the Center Channel Speaker

I do not feel anything negative about the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker, considering that it is budget-friendly.

The full and dynamic HD sound does not disappoint as well. I did not encounter any of the defects and inconveniences that some consumers voiced out about this product.

Hence, I believe this speaker is worth buying because it certainly works to optimize one’s home sound and entertainment systems.

Overall Impressions

For cinephiles and audiophiles who are money-savvy and looking for great value for their money, I highly recommend the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker.

Its costing is certainly not harmful to one’s budget, and its figure is ideal for various home designs.

Therefore, with its budget-friendliness, I believe the Yamaha Black NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker deserves a rating of 95/100.

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Purchasing one of these best high-end center channel speakers did not disappoint me, considering the value they delivered.

I guarantee the buyers that they will enjoy their favorite music, TV programs, movies, and other entertainment content more if they make the right choice with the speakers, and this guide will help them.

Happy shopping for the best high-end center channel speakers (on a budget!)!

Yamaha NS-F210BL Review: Slim yet Impressive by Performance



Floor speakers are still one of the most bought speakers, especially by audiophiles. Even though it’s not as convenient as portable Bluetooth speakers, more buyers prefer this speaker-type because it makes an excellent addition to a home’s interior.

After switching to floor standing ones, the performance and quality was not a disappointment at all. I enjoy listening to music and watching movies because the sound is more detailed as compared to other types. Out of the numerous brands I tried, the Yamaha NS-F210BL was a standout among others because it’s inexpensive and impressive.

Yamaha NS-F210BL Pros & Cons


Review Pros
  • Easy to Use
  • Slim Style
  • Lightweight
  • Detailed sound quality
  • Cheap


Review Cons
  • The subwoofer lacks a bit of oomph
  • Has limited mounting options

How the Yamaha NS-F210BL Looks: From Construction to Styling

A lot of buyers nowadays, including me, prefer modern designed-speakers. The minimalist look makes a room more attractive, and it’s one of the best points of the Yamaha NS-F210BL. It measures 9.4 inches by 9.4 inches by 41.4 inches, which makes it space-saving. I admire how the shiny finish complements its white or black color because it keeps the dust invisible. Furthermore, this pair makes it hassle-free whenever I move it from the living room to my room since it only weighs 16.09 pounds.

The Yamaha NS-F210BL comes with a front-ported-subwoofer, a 160-millimeter side-firing-woofer, and a 100-watt on-board amplification. Another thing I appreciate most about its structure is the easy-to-navigate volume knob and power switch. Moving over to the speakers, it has a 22-millimeter balanced dome-tweeter and 80-millimeter cone mid-drivers.

Performance at its Finest: Why the Yamaha NS-F210BL is a Top Pick

The Yamaha NS-F210BL produces exceptional and detailed sound, thanks to its drivers. It provides midrange quality which projects female and male vocals well. Moreover, this speaker-type is versatile enough that it’s suitable for any music genre.

Despite its small structure, the Yamaha NS-F210BL also features a 210 system for a weighty sound that can reach at the end of a room. It’s one reason why I enjoy using it every time my friends and I set a movie night. Furthermore, the five speakers have an excellent tonal collaboration.

Best Cheap Bookshelf Speaker for Your Room

Summing Up the Yamaha NS-F210BL Review: The Final Verdict

Cheap yet impressive is the final verdict for the Yamaha NS-F210BL review.

The Yamaha NS-F210BL will undoubtedly fit an audiophile’s budget, especially if the fund is below $500. Despite its affordability, this speaker doesn’t compromise its sound quality. It’s very remarkable because its surround speakers provide ample weight around the area.

The Yamaha NS-F210BL is also competitive when it comes to convenience. It’s lightweight, and it doesn’t consume too much space in the area, no matter where I put it. Aside from the typical black color, it’s also available in white, which is ideal for minimalists and, it’s easy to use.

With the specs and features of the Yamaha NS-F210BL, I’ll give this speaker a score of 94/100.

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3 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 That’ll Turn You Up


In our daily lives, people never missed out listening to music. From the time you get up from bed or while going on your way to school or work. All of us have our favorite playlist in our phones or music players that we often play, which is why listening music is inevitable.

While some people enjoy the pleasure of listening to good music through headsets or earphones, most are admiring how speakers play their favorites. They like playing music on speakers because of the vibe it provides to listeners. Also, these devices can relieve stress from massive school works or undesirable work-overtimes.

As technology progress day by day, the market continuously introduces new devices. People are hooked on wireless and portable speakers because of these devices’ convenience. Despite these competitive devices, some still prefer to use floor standing speakers. Out of these old school-users, I’m one of them.

3 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500

The market offers numerous floor standing speakers, which made it difficult for me to decide what to buy. Some are impressive by quality, some are reasonable by price, while some are exceptional because of both quality and price.

As a music lover who prefers to listen to loud music without feeling uncomfortable, I always consider quality. However, choosing quality can also be practical. Here are the best floor standing speakers under 500 that are worth the investment.

Onkyo skf-4800

UPDATE: this product has been discontinued – keep an eye out for 2nd hand bargains!


The Onkyo skf-4800 is one of the most suggested speaker brands because of its exceptional frequency response from 55 Hz to 35 kHz. It’s a two-way speaker-type, and it comes with extraordinary woofers and tweeters. Also, it prevents undesirable vibration due to its MDF stabilizer.

I admire the Onkyo skf-4800 because of its space-saving feature, and it only weighs 13 kg. It’s a standout with its classy black color with Décor-Enhancing Natural finish. Moreover, it provides a full-range power, which is ideal in the living room or entertainment room. My friends and I relish every beat of the music we play during get-together events, thanks to this speaker.

Polk Audio tsi500


When it comes to realistic and distortion-free sounds, the Polk Audio tsi500 doesn’t disappoint listeners. Aside from the clarity of the sound it produces, it also features an exceptional bass-reflex design. Even if the volume is turned up to its maximum, it always pleases me because I get to enjoy any genre I play.

What I love about the Polk Audio tsi500 is its slim structure. It adds ease on my end every time I arrange my speakers and television in the living room. It doesn’t consume too much space at home, and it only weighs 45 lbs. Furthermore, it uses a sturdy wood grain material, and it’s available in black or cherry color.

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Yamaha NS-F210BL (best value for money)


The Yamaha NS-F210BL is the ideal floor standing speakers for space-saving. It features a minimalist style that adds appeal anywhere I place it in the room. Its slim style is a perfect match for flat televisions. Furthermore, it’s available in two colors with a shiny finish, wherein buyers can choose between white and black.

When it comes to sound quality, the Yamaha NS-F210BL will undoubtedly not disappoint. It features a midrange clarity that provides a superb vocal projection for both female and male. Despite its tiny drivers and lean subwoofers, it’s worth the try because of its sounding. Moreover, it’s cheaper compared to the Onkyo skf-4800 and Polk Audio tsi500.

At around $150 each, these are great value for money.


Floor standing speakers are a few of my expensive investments, yet I get the worth of what I paid because I enjoy listening to my favorite playlist every day. Regardless if it’s a sad song or a funky one, my speakers at home bring color to all the music I play. Moreover, it adds better appeal in my living room because of its minimalist vibe.

I’ve tried the Polk Audio tsi500 and the Yamaha NS-F210BL in the first three years, ever since I started purchasing floor standing speakers. These two types provided a satisfying music experience as I plug my music player in, and the durability not questionable. However, I preferred the Onkyo skf-4800 when it comes to performance and features….but seeing it is now discontinued and the Yamaha is such great value, that’s where I’d spend my money.

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Onkyo skf-4800 12 x 11.6 x 40.7 in 37.48 lbs. Black Woofers, Tweeter 55 Hz – 35 kHz 6 ohms 98/100
Polk Audio tsi500 15.75 x 11.03 x 38.58 in 45 lbs. Black, Cherry Mid/Woofer, Tweeter 28 Hz – 25 kHz 8 ohms 96/100
Yamaha NS-F210BL 9.4 x 9.4 x 41.40 in 16.09 Black, White Tweeter, Woofer 50 Hz – 45 kHz 6 ohms 97/100


Differentiating Floor Standing Speakers from Other Types

It’s an excellent thing that some companies didn’t stop improving these types of speakers because up to now, people are still looking for these devices. Some of the commonly used speakers nowadays are bookshelf speakers, bipolar speakers, and floor standing speakers. If you want to know more about how these types differ from each other, here are meek explanations.

Bipolar Speakers


Bipolar speakers have two speakers that produce sounds in various directions. The drivers are on the speaker cabinet’s opposite sides, which helps in making Omni-directional resonance. Furthermore, the best place to put this speaker-type is two feet higher than the listener.

Superb Best Bipolar Speakers for Music and Home Theater

Bookshelf Speakers


Bookshelf speakers may not be as handy as portable speakers, yet this speaker-type is compact enough to fit in bookshelves or on top of desks. These speakers are small but terrible because of their better low-frequency comeback. Moreover, these devices have a high-powered subwoofer, and some of these types have amplifiers.

This type of speaker never fails to give a nostalgic feeling from my teenage life. It’s one of the best speakers for movies at home.

Why Should I Use Stands on My Bookshelf Speakers?

Floor Standing Speakers


One of the best speakers for me is the floor standing speaker-type. I admire these speakers because they make an exceptional display at home.

Floor standing speakers are ideal for music-listening because of their high-frequency capacity and adaptability. These devices also have many speaker drivers, and some have passive radiators. Furthermore, this speaker-type is space-saving because there’s no need for extra speakers, yet it produces the sound well.

Why Floor Standing Speakers are Worth the Investment


I decided to switch to floor standing speakers because of the sound quality it provides despite any music genre. This speaker-type may not have the appeal of portable Bluetooth speakers, yet this type is worth the investment because of the following reasons:

Floor standing speakers provide a sophisticated look to your room.

Different companies offer full options of competitively designed speakers for determining which brand suits the room more. The vibe that floor standing speakers provide is one of the main reasons why I love this type. Its minimalist look makes the area more appealing, especially at home. Moreover, it doesn’t consume too much space, especially in the living room.

Floor standing speakers offer extra connectivity options.

Another thing to admire about floor standing speakers is the availability of vast options on how to connect to different devices. Aside from usual cables, I can also connect through Bluetooth. It can play music from USB flash drives as well. Moreover, it connects via an SD card.

It’s indeed a good thing that this speaker-type nowadays is progressing because it provides further convenience to listeners, especially when connecting.

Floor standing speakers produce excellent bass output.

One of the things I consider most when it comes to speakers is the bass output. I enjoy hearing an exceptional bass sound, which I always get from floor standing speakers.

This speaker-type has drivers that are suitable for loud music. Despite the high volume, it doesn’t compromise the sound quality and bass.

Useful Points to Consider in Buying Floor Standing Speakers


Nothing gives me more joy than buying speakers for our living room. Looking at how differently speakers are designed makes me want to collect everything. However, when it comes to floor standing speakers, I considered these are crucial points in selecting before buying a set to assure that it’s worth my money:

Construction Quality

It’s essential to guarantee a floor-standing speaker’s quality when it comes to construction because it will not have any base. It should be sturdy enough that in case I accidentally hit it while cleaning, it will not easily fall and break.

Attractive Design

The design may be optional for others, but buying the speaker with the most beautiful design is significant. I want to make sure that my speaker matches the television in the living room. It will make the room more appealing, which adds positive vibes to my guests and me.

Multiple Drivers

I always make sure that my floor-standing speaker can cover different ranges that’ll bring all smoothly. It produces sound excellently, regardless if it’s a three-way, four-way, or two-way model. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider this point because it provides extraordinary dynamics for movies or music.

Flat Frequency

It’s also significant to check how floor standing speakers work on frequency ranges. I make sure that my speaker offers the flattest response, from audible frequencies of 20 to 20,000 Hertz. When there’s a flat frequency, it produces the precise sound.


Floor standing speakers may require a particular area where no one can hit these during house parties or gatherings. It’s a good thing that my speakers fit in the living room, next to my television. Moreover, nothing should block the drivers for exceptional sound quality.

Aside from this checklist, I also consider this speaker’s configuration. These devices have a different number of drivers, which also impacts on the sound quality. Here are the three classifications:

Four-Way Speakers

These speakers have a “super-tweeter,” and these devices need more intricate crossover networks. Sound enthusiasts enjoy debating the differences between this type and three-way speakers, yet not everyone can tell the variance. Moreover, it has a woofer, midrange, and a tweeter.

Three-Way Speakers

This classification works in its range. It lets the extremes focus on providing in-depth highs and lows, respectively. Regardless of the volume increase, it doesn’t compromise its performance. Furthermore, it comes with a midrange, a woofer, and a tweeter.

Two-Way Speakers

These speakers are the least competitive among the two classifications because these devices only have a woofer and a tweeter. These two components share the mid-range load. On the brighter side, horn-loaded two-way speakers can take on mid-range responsibilities sometimes. These devices free up the lower and higher parts to produce better sound quality.

Before I hit the road to our nearest department store and buy speakers, I use these points in searching for the right speakers at home. It may sound too technical, but since these devices are not cheap, it’s best to know the product that I’m about to buy before spending.

Yamaha NS-F210BL (best value for money)


At around $150 each, these are great value for money.

Onkyo skf-4800 12 x 11.6 x 40.7 in 37.48 lbs. Black Woofers, Tweeter 55 Hz – 35 kHz 6 ohms 98/100
Polk Audio tsi500 15.75 x 11.03 x 38.58 in 45 lbs. Black, Cherry Mid/Woofer, Tweeter 28 Hz – 25 kHz 8 ohms 96/100
Yamaha NS-F210BL 9.4 x 9.4 x 41.40 in 16.09 Black, White Tweeter, Woofer 50 Hz – 45 kHz 6 ohms 97/100


Polk TSi500 Review (Floor Standing Speakers)

Polk Audio tsi500 Floorstanding Speakers

Slim Style yet Prevailing Sound

Floor standing speakers can be an expensive investment, yet this speaker-type can satisfy its buyers’ ears. From performance to durability, these speakers earn their spot as the most purchased type for home use.

Furthermore, a lot of people are switching from portable speakers to this type, and I’m one of them. Despite the convenience of other types of loudspeaker, there’s something about the Polk TSi500 loudspeakers that just caught my eyes and my ears.

Polk Audio TSi500 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Black)
  • Single versatile high performance floorstanding loudspeaker
  • Equipped with 1 Inch silk/polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome...

Selecting which floor-standing speaker to purchase can be a burden, especially for audiophiles. If the buyer doesn’t know what specs and features to consider before buying, it will undoubtedly be challenging to tell which is which.

On the other hand, if the buyer is picky, same as me, it’s also hard to decide whether to buy it or not. I tried several speaker brands, and the best one among those is the Polk TSi500. If you wish to know more about why I consider this one of the best from the TSI series, read on for my Polk Audio TSI500 review.

Polk Audio TSi500 Review Floor Standing Speaker: Pros and Cons


Review Pros
  • Can work without a pair
  • Available in two colors
  • Movie-like Sound
  • Bass Reflex Design
  • Reasonable Price


Review Cons
  • No crossover

Polk TSi500 Specifications

Speaker typeFloorstanding Speaker
Mounting TypeFloorstanding Speaker
Sensitivity(1W@1m) 91 dB
Impedance8 ohms
Frequency Range28 Hz to 25 kHz
Dimensions8.3 x 44.4 x 14.8″
Weight45.0 lb

The Polk TSi500 Sound: An Exceptional Music Experience

Polk Audio tsi500 Floorstanding Speakers

There is no doubt that Polk Audio is one of the best in the business. When you want quality audio equipment with the best prices and design, you can find one

The Polk tsi500 lets me enjoy listening to a different genre of music, thanks to its equipped four cone woofers that measure 6.5 inches each. It produces a powerful sound that can jangle the walls of my neighbors. It’s indeed ideal for house parties.

Aside from playing music, the Polk tsi500 is also perfect for watching movies in the comfort of my house. I love how it produces a surround sound as if I’m part of the scene. This

Another factor that makes the Polk tsi500 when it comes to sound quality is how it provides distortion-free and clear audio. Moreover, it features a compelling bass-reflex design, the frequency response is from 28 Hz to 25 kHz, and it has an impedance of 8 ohms.

The Polk TSi500 Look: Simplicity with Elegance

How the Polk tsi500 caught my attention at first was its modest style. It’s available in black and cherry color, and it uses sturdy wood grain materials. It compliments any item in the room, regardless if I put it on the sides of the television or the bed.

The Polk tsi500 measures 15.75 inches by 11.03 inches by 38.58 inches, which is the ideal size to pair with televisions or cabinets. It’s also easy to arrange anywhere in the house because it only weighs 45 pounds, and it comes in a slim style.

Alternatives to the Polk Audio TSi500

For listeners who are not yet able to buy their own Polk TSI500, here are some pretty good choices that can still give a quality performance for your home audio needs.

1. Yamaha Audio NS-F150 Floor Standing Speakers

Yamaha Audio NS-F150

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This is perfect for those who want something that is less than the price of the audio tsi500. This floor-standing speaker boasts a 2-way bass-reflex with a piano black mirror finish. It has a soft dome tweeter that measures 1″ while the dual cone woofers have a diameter set at 6-1/2″. Take note that for the price stated. you are only getting one speaker.

2. Klipsch Reference R-0610F Floor Standing Speakers

Klipsch Reference R-0610F

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Another product that costs less than the TSI500, but you can be assured of the quality of these products because the manufacturer is none other than Klipsch. The rich sound comes from the exclusive Tractrix Horn Technology. To lessen distortion and have a more accurate sound, they have the Linear Travel Suspension, the tweeter responsible for this feat.

As for the design, the dimensions of the speakers are 40 x 17.5 x 12 inches and it weighs around 90 pounds. It has a black finish, making it perfect for any space.

3. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

Sony SSCS3

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Last but not the least for our alternative products is the Sony SS-CS3. Sony has introduces a series that focuses on real audio experience. With the CS3, you can have your soundstage bigger through the use of tweeters made of polyester fiber. The new woofers will also give you better lower end frequencies, perfect for those who are big fans of a deep, stable base sound.

Verdict for the Polk Audio TSi500: Why It Made The List

The Polk audio tsi500 is a standout because of its versatility, which I love most. You can buy these speakers separately without having a compromised sound quality. I bought one initially, and it works fine.

However, I still wanted a pair for a complete music experience, so I bought the second one afterward.

Another thing that makes it a standout is the balanced sound it provides, regardless if I’m using one or both. The woofers and the tweeter offer exceptional music that soothes the ears. These high performance speakers are truly a good investment to have.

As part of my Polk tsi500 review, I’m going to score this speaker 96%.

Polk Audio TSi500 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Black)
  • Single versatile high performance floorstanding loudspeaker
  • Equipped with 1 Inch silk/polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome...

Onkyo skf-480 Review (floor standing speakers)

Onkyo skf-4800 floorstanding speaker

Onkyo skf-4800 floorstanding speaker

As a music lover, a low-quality sound is one thing that I dislike most. Whenever I hear speakers that create too much noise due to poor performance, it makes me want to sleep instead of listening to it. These devices can make a modest music impressive, which is why I need to determine which brand is worth the try.

The market is introducing different speaker-type nowadays, and one of the most bought types is the Bluetooth speaker. While some fancy this portable device, I stick with the old-school ones like the floor standing speakers. On the brighter side, some companies are continuously improving this speaker-type. One of the best brands I admire most is the Onkyo skf-480.

Onkyo skf-480 Floorstanding Speaker: Pros and Cons


Review Pros


  • Modest yet Classy Design
  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Vibration Protection
  • Excellent High and Mid Sound Ranges
  • Reasonable Price
  • Space-Saving


Review Cons
  • No Crossover
  • No Other Colors Available

Admiring the Onkyo skf-480’s Technical Features and Performance

The Onkyo skf-480 features a 2-way crossover-type, and it works on a 130-watt power. It comes with two 16-centimeter cone woofer, and a 2.5-centimeter soft-dome tweeter, which offers excellent levels of definition and details to sounds. Furthermore, it has an impedance of 6 ohms.

As part of my Onkyo skf-480 review, I admire how it features an MDF stabilizer, which is excellent in preventing vibration. The woofer equalizer provides precise and prompt response wherein it ranges from 55 Hz to 35 kHz. It never fails to produce natural and full sound, even if I turn the volume up to its maximum level.
Another thing I love about this speaker is the banana speaker posts, which are plug-compatible.

Style and Build of the Onkyo skf-480

The Onkyo skf-480 weighs 13 kg, yet it doesn’t cause me too much burden as I move and arrange it from one place to another. It’s suitable next to any television as it measures 12 inches by 11.6 inches by 40.7 inches. Pairing it with any wall background or other living room-stuff is hassle-free because of its classic black color, which has a natural finish.

Since it produces natural sounds, I prefer to put the pair on the sides of my television and use it while watching movies. Sometimes, I also place this pair of speakers inside the bedroom when I’m the mood for chill songs or classical music. Moreover, I didn’t have to worry about carrying and moving it from one place to another because it’s guaranteed durable.

The Verdict: What I Can Say about the Onkyo skf-480

The Onkyo skf-480 may be a 2-way speaker-classification, yet this floor-standing speaker brings joy to everyone in the room as soon as it provides a full-range sound. I love how it produces clear sounds, which draws the attention of my guests every time I arrange get-togethers or celebrations.

The Onkyo skf-480 may not be as cheap as other brands, but I’m extremely satisfied with its quality and durability. It doesn’t look as grand as other speakers, yet I love its meek style that lets me arrange it anywhere around the room without worrying how overpowering it might seem. For quality and performance, I’ll rate the Onkyo skf-480 a score of 98%.

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