How to Turn on Sanyo Soundbar Without Remote

turning on a sanyo soundbar without using a remote

If you’ve lost your remote and find yourself unable to turn on your soundbar without a remote, don’t worry. We are here to help make sure your Sanyo soundbar can still be turned on, so you can keep using it.

Sanyo soundbars are neat products, allowing you to boost the sound of your TV, or play your music loudly while you are cleaning the house. Unfortunately, what isn’t nifty is that the remotes are often very tiny.

Thankfully, depending on your soundbar, there are a few options, from using your phone to finding a code for your universal remote.

Keep reading to learn more about how to turn on the Sanyo soundbar without a remote.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

things you will need to turn on sanyo soundbar without remote
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Depending on which option you use, you won’t need much.

Besides having power and the soundbar, all you will need is a phone, the number for Sanyo’s customer service, and a universal remote, at most. By using these, you have the option to use a different remote instead of the remote they come with.

The phone also allows you to contact customer service if needed. Whether by phone, email, or chat. This is to help you get a new remote if you so desire, or get the code of your device to place into a universal remote.

How Do I Turn on My Soundbar Without the Remote?

How Do You Manually Turn on a Sanyo Soundbar?

Some Sanyo soundbars, but unfortunately not all, come with power buttons. The first step is to determine if yours has one. If it does, it will generally be on the right side of your soundbar. However, it can be anywhere, so check all of your buttons and make sure you know what each one does.

If you don’t have a button on your Sanyo soundbar, then you may not be able to manually turn on your soundbar. Instead, you might have to try other options, such as the ones we detail below.

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Is There a Remote App for the Sanyo Soundbar?

If there doesn’t appear to be a power button on your Sanyo soundbar, one option is to download Sanyo’s app. If you have a smartphone and don’t mind adding another app, then the TV Remote For Sanyo app is an option.

Again, just like the power button, not all Sanyo soundbars will accept this soundbar, but it is an option to try out.

Some other soundbars also accept Chromecast or have a voice assistant. With Chromecast, you may be able to send something to the soundbar via your phone or a tablet and get it to turn on your Sanyo soundbar that way.

If it has a voice assistant and you’ve set it on, it might be just in standby mode. If you wake it up with its command, it should work for you.

Can I Buy a New Remote?

newly-bought remote
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It is possible to buy a new remote. The best option if you decide to get a new remote is to contact Sanyo’s customer service. They can point you to the correct remote for your device.

Also, if the remote isn’t available, they can direct you to the next best option that will also work with your soundbar, even if it isn’t the actual remote that it should come with.

However, we understand that customer service can be a pain. So it is also possible to look online, especially on sites like eBay, to see if someone is selling a remote for the soundbar you have.

Other online stores like Amazon may have remotes individually for sale, though from our searches that seems to be unlikely.

Can I Use a Universal Remote?

downloading a universal remote app
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It is also possible to use a universal remote. There are both physical universal remotes and universal remote apps.

For the app, you can find a universal remote app that seems trustworthy. Most people appear to have the best results with the Google TV app. We recommend trying this first, especially if you don’t have a universal remote already lying around as you can search for a device instead of trying to input codes.

  1. Find the remote button. The first step is to find the remote button. This is usually in the bottom right of the app. 
  2. Scan for devices. At the top, there should be an option to scan for devices that are nearby. 
  3. Find your device. If you are lucky, your device should pop up in the list of available devices. 
  4. Pair to your TV and/or soundbar. If your soundbar responds to your TV, you can just connect to that, but otherwise, you may have to connect to your soundbar. The app should walk you through the steps you need to follow to pair the two devices. 
  5. Test out the remote. Once it has been paired, you should be ready to go. Give it a quick test to make sure everything is okay. 

If that doesn’t work, the next option is to use a physical universal remote. Unfortunately, if you can’t get your device to turn on without a remote, you will have to be lucky and get a code. Depending on your Sanyo soundbar, there can be a variety of options. Look online for some of the most common codes and see what works for you.

Also, if you don’t mind calling customer service, you can call them and see if they know the code for your product, and they should be more than willing to help. This can help reduce the trial process and get you to use your soundbar faster, and hopefully without the headache.


Hopefully, by the end of this tutorial, you are at least on the way

 to getting a soundbar that will turn on again. Whether you got it to work, or are waiting on a remote to come in, you should be well on your way to having your Sanyo product functioning as it should.

If you enjoyed this tutorial or found it helpful, please leave a comment below so we know that we were able to help you. You can also ask any questions you may have that are still unclear after this.