Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker with Two 5-1/4″ Drivers – Best for House Parties

Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker with Two 5-14 Drivers ? Best for House Parties

Polka-Audio-TSi300-Speaker-ReviewI cannot call my house party the best unless I have the most reliable floor-standing speaker. These speakers are also called “tower speakers” because of their height. There is no doubt that these speakers are the heart-pumping anchor in throwing a big house party. Additionally, these products are also narrow enough to fit into tight spaces.

I took my time to search for the best floor-standing speaker for house parties. I came across the Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker with Two 5-1/4″ Drivers. This floor-standing dude has dozens of positive reviews from its previous buyers. They said that it’s an absolute best for house parties.

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Polk Audio TSi300 Sound Quality

What I love about this product is its 1-inch silk and polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeter and two 5.25-inch diameter bi-laminate organic fiber cone woofers. These features exceeded my expectations when it comes to bass. It does not have any rattling sound, and I can still hear the low notes. Its size is also narrow enough to fit tight spaces while still producing excellent music.

If you have a small room, this product is perfect for you. It only has a dimension of 11.8 x 8.2 x 36.3 inches.

With these value price speakers, we can also enjoy acoustic music and spectacular theater experience at home with our friends.

Moreover, these bad boys also aim to solve our problems in playing music and videos at house parties. It promises to make our music come to life!

Polk Audio TSi300 Price

You can have Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker with Two 5-1/4″ Drivers for $298 only! This price is perfect if you’re on the hunt for ‘budget’ speakers. Additionally, this product comes in pair (two units). So, you don’t have to purchase another one to have two units.

Polk Audio TSi300 Reviews

For this product’s audio goodness and affordability, there is no denying that many people will consider this product. Its Dynamic Balance drivers are absolutely booming. These products are also easy to set up. I would not hesitate to repurchase this as a gift.

According to the previous buyers, this speaker solved their problems with movie dialogues. It gives the receiver fully-powered audio which really brings music to life.

As for my opinion, I was blown away with their sound quality. It has super clear mids and super-crisp highs at its highest volume. It does not have too much bass that can get me in trouble with my neighbours.


These products may be cheap, but they definitely can get loud for house parties. This is my new favorite party speaker. I can finally enjoy my favorite music with my friends without resorting to headphones.

What I like about this product is its compelling and punchy sound quality. This is also perfect for my readers who don’t want to smash their piggy banks.


This product is a little bit heavier compared to other floor-standing speakers in the market. It weighs 26 pounds each which is too massive for my liking. But then, this product is still perfect if the weight is not a requirement for you.


The Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker with Two 5-1/4″ Drivers is suitable for people who love to throw house parties. It comes with a meager price, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to impress your friends with awesome music. Its design is also versatile enough to complement with other colors and furniture. I rate this speaker with a 95% score.

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Dayton Audio T652 Dual 6-1/2″ 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair – Best for All Kinds of Music



We, audiophiles, have high standards. We want to hear crisp and clear music. Fortunately, with the use of advanced technology, there are dozens of speakers that can accommodate different genres of music.

Trying to find the perfect powered speaker for music enthusiasts can be daunting. So, I decided to do my research to find the best speaker for all music genres. I want to help people like me to have a worthy speaker without losing a fortune.

By good luck, I stumbled upon the Dayton Audio T652 Dual 6-1/2″ 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair. Many experts said that this speaker is sincerely the best for all kinds of music.

Sound Quality

I am so stunned how this awesome dude meets all our audio needs. I love its dynamic range control that prevents any undesirable distortion. As a result, it delivers an overall balanced and full sound. This product also comes with a bass driver that keeps high and low frequencies’ crisp quality.

Moreover, I was really amazed by its Ported Bass-reflex Design. This feature can deliver a super bass, power, and punch for up to 45 Hz. It can do well with both acoustic and electronic musical elements.

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As a result of its sturdiness, this product weighs 28.3 pounds which is a little bit heavy for me. However, its heaviness is worth it for its powerful performance.


You can have this Dayton Audio T652 Dual 6-1/2″ 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair for as low as $135. This product comes in pair. Therefore, you don’t have to repurchase to have another.


According to the previous buyers, this stunning dude delivers smooth and pleasant music that is easy on the ears. It also has a pretty good punch because of its woofers. As far as I experienced, there’s no harsh and ear-bleeding sound screaming from the speaker. It might not be the best speaker for movies, but musically, it performs very well.


Honestly, the audio quality it delivers blows my mind. It can perfectly play classical to rock music. The manufacturer also paid enough attention to its design. The speaker looks sturdy and good looking with its meager price. It does not look cheap, actually. I would recommend this dude to anyone looking for something simple, but with a loud sound.

We can blind test this speaker with tower speakers from well-known brands. I am sure that audiophiles would not be able to tell the difference.


Based on previous buyers, these products work excellent in music but not so much in movies. Therefore, if you want to have the best speaker for movies, this might not be your best choice. But then, this topic is actually about speakers for music. Not movies.

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A great company with a great product with great sound at a fantastic price.  Anyone would not be sorry choosing this stunning dude. It’s stunningly beautiful, impressively powerful and very versatile! This product may not be as powerful as super high-end speakers, but it is definitely worth it for its price. I would rate this product with a 94% score.